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9 Must-Have Baby Shower Decorations

9 Must-Have Baby Shower Decorations

Updated on: Apr 10, 2023

Searching for a baby shower venue and decorations can be one of the most fun or tedious parts of planning your event. Of course, you will want your decorations to be eye-appealing, to reflect the soon-to-be baby girl or new baby boy being born, and to celebrate the mother-to-be. We’ve put together some festive and memorable baby shower decorations you can purchase online or in-store. These decorations will help you decorate your venue yourself, or you can hire a local decorator to do most of the work for you. We can not only help with decorations but have some fun ideas for games and favors too. And if you want help staying organized, our baby shower checklist and expense tracker are great resources.

Unique Baby Shower Decorations

1. Banners

No baby shower is complete without baby banners. They are easy and decorative ways to enhance your venue! You can specifically find baby boy banners, baby girl banners, gender-neutral baby shower banners, or customized baby shower banners. These also make for great keepsakes after the shower is over to remember this special event in your life.

2. Confetti

If you’re looking to add a festive touch to your venue, purchasing baby shower confetti for tables is a perfect idea. If you know the gender of your baby, there are tons of options for baby girl confetti for baby shower tables and baby boy confetti for baby shower tables. If your baby shower is gender-neutral, you can also find gender-neutral baby shower confetti to sprinkle across your tables.

3. Paper Lanterns

Hang baby shower paper lanterns from your venue’s ceiling or from other objects to liven up your party space. There are many options to choose from, for either your girl-theme or boy-theme shower. If you are looking for gender-neutral paper lanterns, you can purchase both pink and blue paper lanterns, yellow paper lanterns, or green paper lanterns. 

4. Balloons and Streamers

The options for baby shower balloons are endless. Girl baby shower balloons, boy baby shower balloons, gender-neutral baby balloons, foil baby shower balloons, and custom script letter balloons are all great options to choose from. Tie them to chairs or attach them to pink balloon weights, blue balloon weights, gold balloon weights, green balloon weights, or silver balloon weights. The same goes for streamers. Hang pink streamers, blue streamers, gold streamers, green streamers, white streamers, or any other colored streamers that you like from chairs, tables, and doorways. 

5. Centerpieces

Purchase centerpieces to really tie the baby shower decorations together. There are numerous options for what you can do for baby shower centerpieces. You can fill glass vases with flowers that match the color of your other decorations. For real flowers, reach out to your local florist to see what their options are. For artificial flowers, you can get artificial plastic flowers or artificial silk flowers in the colors of your choice. Finding baby shower centerpieces for girls, baby shower centerpieces for boys, gender-neutral baby shower centerpieces, or animal baby shower centerpieces should not be too difficult with all the creative choices out there. 

6. Tableware

Whether your guests will be eating a classy meal or will just be bringing finger foods back to their tables, you want the baby shower tableware to resemble the theme of your shower. How much of and what kind of tableware items to purchase is up to you. Pink baby shower tableware, blue baby shower tableware, and gender-neutral baby shower tableware include everything you need to decorate your tables. Paper plates, paper napkins, and plastic utensils are some of the basic items included in these tableware sets. Choose the set that best matches your other baby shower decorations!

7. Florals

Colorful and Exciting  Florals will lighten up all parties. You do not need to focus on spending a lot of money or time with a florist to end with a beautiful floral arrangement—the key to creating a professional-looking floral layout for your baby shower starts with creativity. The essential tips to making the perfect vase are filling the base with greenery as the filler and then start adding flowers as statements while layering them.

8. DIY Backdrops

Not only is it fun to have a designated place for moms and friends to take excellent photos in front of. Creating your backdrop how you want to can be even more fun. DIY Backdrops are perfect for you if you are interested in a craft project. If you’re going to go the simple and cute way, you can start by hanging a bed sheet and lining it with balloons and streamers. You can be as creative as you want with this!

9. Food as Decor

Having food as decor has become a new guest favorite at mostly all parties and now baby showers. Beautifully decorated cakes, donuts, pastries, cookies are the perfect double as a baby shower decoration and a delicious treat for the guests. Plus its friendly to your wallet! People love food, but what they love even more is food that is visually pleasing. Often at baby showers, you don't serve full meals, so this would be the perfect alternative to please your guests. You want to keep your options simple and have simple serving pieces to go along with them.

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Baby showers consist of a lot of planning, but they are worth every second of it because they celebrate the amazing gift of life and the mother-to-be. it is truly amazing to see all the amazing ideas come together. We want to help make this day as stress-free as possible because it truly is a day you will never forget. For more ideas for anything from beauty tips for the mother to anything baby shower-related, check out other blogs by Easy Event Planning!

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