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Money Saving Ideas

Money Saving Ideas

Updated on: Mar 24, 2024

Planning a party on a budget? We have amazing money saving ideas. You can save money with DIY decorations and party supplies. Whether you are hosting a baby shower, birthday party, wedding, or another type of event you can use these money saving ideas to make your ideal party come to life without hurting your wallet. We make party planning affordable!

DIY Party Decorations

Making Do-It-Yourself Party Decorations can cut down on the costs of party decorations for your party. This can include centerpieces, wall decor, and decorations that can be used for activities like pinatas. Pinatas are easy to make at home and are a lot of fun. Our 45 DIY Party Decoration ideas list is easy to create and can be altered to be specific to your event.

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Source: DIY Party Decorations

Cheap Paper Theme Party Ideas

A lot of cool cheap decorations can be created with paper. If you are creating these decorations for a kid's birthday party you could also make it an art and crafts activity with your child. Paper can be used to create flower arrangements, lanterns, origami pieces, chain streamers, paper planes, and more.

Paper Theme Party

Source: Paper Theme Party

17 Ideas for Cheap Baby Showers

You can host a great baby shower without having to spend a lot of money. Renting a venue can be expensive so save money by hosting your shower at home or at a parent’s house. You can also create invitations for free and save money on food and gifts.

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Source: 17 Ideas for Cheap Baby Showers

16 Best Cheap Kids Birthday Party Ideas

A fun kid’s birthday party can be planned on a budget. You don’t need to spend all your money on the best-themed party decorations. You can substitute some of them with comparable decorations that fit the theme’s color or pattern. For example, using yellow table cloths for a Beauty and the Beast theme party instead of splurging on a Beauty and the Beast theme tablecloth.

Avoid the big party stores if possible since their products tend to be more expensive. Take a trip to your local dollar store and get supplies you can use to create DIY decorations or cheap party favors for kids gift bags. Save on a venue by hosting your party at home and implement free entertainment.

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Source: 16 Best Cheap Kids Birthday Party Ideas

19 Cheap Bridal Shower Ideas

When planning a Bridal Shower use money saving ideas like using your backyard as the venue. Food can take up most of your bridal shower budget so using cheap ingredients will help the cost. Some of our food ideas include shrimp cocktail platters, sherbet punch, fruit salad, and much more. You could also make it a potluck theme bridal shower. Check out all our cheap food ideas in our cheap bridal shower ideas list.

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Source: 19 Cheap Bridal Shower Ideas

22 Unique DIY Edible Wedding Favors

Do-It-Yourself Edible Wedding Favors are fun and budget-friendly options. You can give your guests DIY Smore kits that they can enjoy at their backyard bonfire. It’s also easy to create homemade chocolates or chocolate-covered popcorn with chocolate molds and pre-made chocolate for baking.

Are you someone who owns bees or has a secret BBQ recipe? Maybe you totally ace making home-brew beer. Send guests home with a jar or bottle. Think about what you are great at baking and consider whether it would be easy to create for your guests and whether it would fit your budget. Check out our full list of DIY Edible Wedding Favors.

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Source: 22 Unique DIY Edible Wedding Favors

15 Cheap Wedding Ideas

A wedding can be a phenomenal experience without having to break the bank. Use these cheap wedding ideas to save on your wedding budget so you can save money for the best honeymoon experience. Choose a cheap venue like your local church, beach or backyard. Create DIY invitations using free editing tools like Canva. Narrow down your guest list to the most important people. Hire an art student photographer to save on professional photography. There are so many ideas that you can use to decrease your wedding spending. Check out our full list for more ideas.

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Source: 15 Cheap Wedding Ideas

25 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas on a Budget

There are so many fun activities to do for your wedding anniversary on a budget. Attend a Sip and Paint event. What’s more fun than drinking wine and creating a painting you’ll be proud enough of to hang on your wall? If it’s terrible outside, have a romantic movie or game night at home. Go to a romantic dinner and save money with a coupon deal on Groupon, Honey, or Make it a fun night with your partner with one of these budget-friendly wedding anniversary ideas.

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Source: 25 Romantic Wedding Anniversary Ideas on a Budget


Hosting an event does not have to hurt your wallet. Plan your party on a budget by implementing money saving ideas. We hope that our list of money saving ideas has helped you save money on your event. We are constantly updating our blog topics and may have more money saving ideas. Search on our blog page for your event to see if we have any more tips.
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Written by Jack Leduc