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Party Food and Drinks

Party Food and Drinks

Updated on: Mar 24, 2024

Everyone cares about the food at a party. Using these ideas for creative party food and drinks will impress your guests and make your party #Foodstagram worthy. Whether you are hosting a bridal shower, wedding, kid’s party, backyard BBQ, or another event we have food ideas for your party. Get excited about your party and start brainstorming your menu with these great ideas.

63 BBQ Food Ideas

Hosting a backyard BBQ? Our complete list of 63 BBQ Food Ideas is all you will need to get ideas for your BBQ event. From appetizers, main courses, and desserts we have delicious ideas that will please your guests.

BBQ Party Ideas

Source: 63 BBQ Food Ideas

60 Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Make your bridal shower elegant with our bridal shower food ideas such as champagne cupcakes, mini quiches, white chocolate raspberry cheesecake bites, French toast bites, and more. All the ideas you could possibly need to plan the menu for your bridal shower are in our complete 60 bridal shower food ideas guide.

bridal shower food ideas

Source: 60 Bridal Shower Food Ideas

Top 13 Delicious Summer Dessert Ideas

The perfect summer dessert ideas are often sweet and refreshing. Some of our ideas include popular summer fruits and ice cream. Strawberry shortcake is a summer classic. We also have ideas for ice pops, both spiked and virgin as well as boozy ice cream floats. Enjoy a delicious treat and cool off in the hot summer sun with our delicious summer dessert ideas.

Summer Dessert Ideas

Source: Top 13 Delicious Summer Dessert Ideas

14 Great Ideas for Health Conscious Desserts

Whether you are trying to watch your waistline but have a sweet tooth or you or someone you know has a food allergy or other dietary restriction our list of ideas for health-conscious desserts will give you advice on ingredient substitutions. Substitutes to nuts, wheat, milk, eggs are included in this guide.

Health Conscious Desserts

Source: 14 Great Ideas for Health Conscious Desserts

Dessert and Beverage Pairings - 14 Strong Tips To Spice Up Your Drinks!

Certain types of wine and champagne pair with certain foods but not others. Zinfandel is a common wine to pair with food but whether it is light-bodied, medium-bodied, or full-bodied will affect its food pairing. Due to its fruity undertones champagne pairs well with charcuterie boards. Merlot pairs well with pasta or chicken that has tomato or pasta sauce. Non-alcoholic drinks also pair well with certain foods as well. Coffee or espresso goes well with sweet desserts. Tea goes well with bread-based desserts. You can see our full advice on food and beverage pairings in our guide.

Dessert and Beverage Pairings

Source: Dessert and Beverage Pairings - 14 Strong Tips To Spice Up Your Drinks!

6 Helpful Event Food Preserving Tips

If you are traveling with food to an event there are a number of ways to preserve it depending on whether it is hot or cold. For hot food use insulated containers and find out whether there is a way to heat up the food when you get to the event. For cold food pack, the food in ice-filled coolers. In this guide, we also discuss the main ways of preserving food long-term from freezing, drying, fermenting, canning, and infusing.

Event Food and Preserving Tips

Source: 6 Helpful Event Food Preserving Tips

49 Exciting Beach Party Ideas for Kids

If you are planning a beach party with your kids and their friends there are some great food ideas. Create starfish sandwiches with a starfish cookie cutter and sandal cookies with Nutter Butters. Make sand dollar sugar cookies by pressing the top with almonds to create the star-like shape on top. Bake some croissant crabs or an octopus veggie platter. You will be making waves with these exciting beach party ideas for kids.

Beach Party Ideas

Source: 49 Exciting Beach Party Ideas for Kids


We hope that this list of creative and fun food and drinks has made planning your party a fun and easy experience. Here at Easy Event Planning, we make party planning fast and easy but researching the best ideas for parties. These are just some of our ideas and we are constantly updating our blog. To find more ideas for your specific event search on our blog page.If you need further assistance with planning your event we would be happy to help you. With decades of experience in the event planning industry, we have expertise in the industry. Contact us today for a free quote.

Written by Jack Leduc