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22 Questions to Ask - Hair and Makeup For Wedding

Updated on: Apr 10, 2023

22 Questions to Ask - Hair and Makeup For Wedding

If this is an important event for you, you will want to carefully choose your hair and makeup professionals. From products used to references, it's wise to get answers to some of your most important questions.


1. Do you do both makeup and hair? 

It would be much more convenient to hire one person instead of two. Finding an artist who can do it all could be convenient. If you do, however, be prepared for it to take them twice as long to get things done with some wait time for those who aren’t in the beauty chair.

2. What products do you use for makeup? Do you offer the choice of more than one brand? 

Some spas or beauty salons stick to only one brand that they use whereas other salons have many options. Find out what products they carry to see if they meet any special requests or allergy restrictions of your wedding party. 

3. Do you offer the option to use airbrush makeup? 

Not all stylists offer this, so if it is something you prefer you should ask for more information about what experience they have with using it.

4. How many makeup colors do you have for me to choose from?

You want to have as wide of a selection as possible when it comes to makeup, including foundation, powder, blush and eyeshadow. Different skin complexions call for different shades of makeup to get the best results so make sure the makeup artist is prepared!

5. Do you sell any cosmetic products?

There are pros and cons to an artist who also has a product available. The pros is they often have a wide selection of colors demo shades available. This works well if you have needs for many different types of skin. They also may offer a take-home basket of products in trial sizes for your party. The con may come in if they are heavy on sales pitches the day of your event. Just discuss this in advance and see where they fall on the spectrum.


6. What is the rate for your services on the day of the wedding? For the trial run?

It’s always best practice to discuss terms ahead of time with any vendor. Most will be happy to give you the price in advance. 

7. Is there a deposit required to reserve the date?

Your makeup artists, like many other wedding vendors, probably require you to pay a deposit to reserve the date of your wedding. Some may request payment in advance. This is a good discussion point with your artist in advance. 

8. What types of payment do you accept?

Cash, Credit, Check, Venmo, Apple pay? The options are virtually endless.

9. Do you offer any perks or discounts for large wedding parties? 

A lot of times when a salon or spa does business with a wedding party they offer additional things such as champagne or free manicures or even group discounts. See if your wedding stylist has any tips and discounts he/she can offer for your event.  This is something you should definitely ask about because it could save quite a bit of money.

10. Can you come to my venue? Do you require a travel fee? 

Find out the distance between your chosen hair salon and wedding venue well ahead of time.  If the two are not close to one another simplify the process by having your stylists come to the venue instead.  Ask the salon if they have any distance limitations or require additional travel fees before making this decision.

References and Back Ups

11. In case you can’t be there on the day of my wedding, who is available as a back-up? 

While this circumstance may seem unlikely, something unexpected could require your stylist to be unable to make it to your event--A reliable stylist has a plan in place for emergencies. 

12. How long will your services take? 

You should get a clear idea of the time window of your hairstylist’s services to ensure that they will be finished in enough time before your ceremony. 

13. What is the procedure for the trial-run?

This process works differently for every salon—knowing the specific details of yours will help eliminate any surprises on the day of your test-run.

14. Will you be working at other events on the day of my wedding? How many?

Ask if your hairdresser will need to leave for another event on the day of your services and ensure that this does not cut into the time required of you and your wedding party.

15. Can I call your last few clients?

This can give you a good idea of the stylist’s experience, style, and popularity amongst clients. If they can only give you people they worked with a year ago, that could be an indication that recent clients weren't happy or this isn't a sought-after professional.

Tips When Looking for a Hair and Makeup Artist

16. Come Prepared

Do your homework before your initial meeting with a hairstylist. Remember that you’ve never worked with the stylist before, so he or she has no idea what your style is. Bring clippings from magazines, online or pictures of your hair when it has been styled before to show different styles you like.

17. Hairstylist Doesn’t Equal Wedding Hairstylist

Even if you love your hairstylist that you use for your cut and color, you may want to think twice before hiring him or her to be your wedding hairstylist. Bridal hair and updos require different skills than your average hairstylist may know and practice frequently. Ask to see different examples of the updos that they’ve done at weddings and judge for yourself if you think your hairstylist will be able to do your wedding hair, too. 

18. Bride Whisperer

Hiring wedding hair stylists that are seasoned in wedding hair are must haves, but you also want to keep an eye out for a hairstylist that understands brides. Find someone that is calming and flexible around the normal delays or “emergencies” that are inevitably going to happen the morning of the wedding. If your hairstylist remains stress free, maybe you will too.

19. Pay Attention to Their Attention

Go undercover with a hairstylist before asking them about wedding hair by booking them for a normal cut and color. While he or she is working on your hair, notice whether he or she feels the need to ask you a million questions into your personal life, is a great conversationalist or completely ignores you and talks to the other stylists. You want to hire someone that listens to your ideas and makes you feel comfortable. 

20. Trendy

Ask questions that will test the stylist’s understanding of current trends in the world of wedding hair.  This is a hairstylist must-have for weddings. Can he or she make recommendations for you based on your style of dress, complexion and/or overall look you're going for? If not, find someone else.

21. Portfolio

Looking at their portfolio can give you a good idea of the types of styles the artist is familiar with. Look for recent pictures and ask if they have any showing the style and how it held up during the event.

Once you’ve chosen the perfect hairstylist, get your skin looking its best by reading our tips for great-looking skin here.

Written by Chelsea Jung, Katherine Frabotta, and Brittany Schmidt; Contributors: Marianne Vanderbeke.