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37 Exciting Sonic Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on: Apr 18, 2023

37 Exciting Sonic Birthday Party Ideas

Are you planning a sonic birthday party but need ideas to pull the party together? You can rest assured that this blog will have easy and fun ideas to implement. Decorating is a pivotal element in setting the party atmosphere. However, if you are not set on decorating, hire some help or DIY. Nevertheless, we have gathered several ideas to help make your little ones' party a memorable day.

Sonic Birthday Party Menu

1. Mini Burgers

Burger sliders and onion rings would be a tasty addition to the buffet table. Stick a sonic topper in the sliders to make a cute impression.

2. Fruit Punch Bottles

Quench your little hedgehogs' thirst with an individual bottle of fruit punch. Don't hesitate to slap a sonic birthday label on the bottle. 

3. Popcorn Ball

Colorful popcorn balls could be the pop of the party. Form blue popcorn balls for a salty treat. Guest will love popping this treat into their mouths.

4. Cheese Snacks

Cheese snacks are an excellent method of balancing sugary snacks. Shape the cheese using a donut or star cookie cutter to elements correlated to sonic.

5. Sonic Birthday Party Cookies

 Sonic cookies are a yummy dessert to incorporate at any sonic party. Sonic cookies come in various choices that may contain the character's shape or other elemental themes. Serve cookies on a tray.

6. Blue Brownies

Add a pop of color to your brownies. Brownies look more inviting at a sonic party. If you want, you could stick some theme-colored m&m on top to symbolize emeralds. Serve the brownies in style by putting them in a tin baking pan.

7. Donuts

Rings are a common symbol used on sonic. Therefore donuts are a sweet treat to display on the dessert table. Donuts would fit perfectly on a donut wall. No one will want to toss this dessert.

8. Cake

The cake is an essential dessert on any birthday party menu. Have a baker make a themed sonic cake that matches the party's color scheme. Have the baker add fondant sonic characters and toppers. Cupcakes also make a tasty complementary dessert and serve the cupcakes on a sonic cupcake stand.


9. Cupcake

If your cake feels bare, try introducing themed cupcakes for a sugary treat. Cupcakes with blue or red icing wrapped in lighting wrappers to resemble sonic speed. Sonic toppers are also the perfect touch.

10. Candy

Leave an assortment of candy in guests' goodie bags. Consider choosing candy like a gummy ring pop or ring pops, gumballs, fruit snacks, etc. If you prefer gifting a chocolate bar, a sonic chocolate bar wrapper is a cute detail. 

11. Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is an excellent souvenir for little speedy hedgehogs attending said party. Attach a sonic label on a blue bottle to match the theme. 

12. Keychains

Your little ones will not lose any keys with these cute sonic keychains. Drop a themed keychain in each favor box or bag for guests to enjoy. Bonus kids can accessorize their favorite backpack, keys, or ring pop.

13. Notebook

A small blue notebook is a cute addition to gift guests. Who knows, they may begin to track their speed on these compact notebooks.

14. Sonic Birthday Party Favor Bag

Pile the gifts in a blue bucket, themed boxes, or bags. Both favor carriers allow one to decorate the outside with sonic thank you labels and party labels. Attendees will love carrying their thoughtful gifts home in sonic bags. 

15. Silly Straws

Gift sonic silly straws as a party favor. Silly straws can enhance the drinking experience. Plus, who wouldn't want to have a sonic character adornment on a straw?


16. Neon Sign

A neon sign of the celebrants' names would make a striking statement and brighten the party room. Plus, the celebrant will feel special having a neon sign for their celebration.

17. Danglers

Decorating the room with gold jump rings and sonic swirly will make the perfect decorative piece. String them up and resemble a sonic obstacle course. For an added touch, you may want to use yellow banners.

18. Honeycomb 

Tissue paper sonic honeycomb centerpieces are fantastic decorative pieces to display around the party room. Be sure to obtain paper honeycombs that match the color scheme.

18. Flower Arrangements

Grab a few clear vases and arrange a bouquet of sunflowers. Sunflowers are sure to spark the attention of attendees.

19. Additional Adornments

Sonic has several symbolic items to use as table decorations. For instance, sonic figures, red or blue jewels, and golden rings are stale items that could be an attention grabber.

20. Decals

Decals are significant decorative components. Place sonic decals on the back of each chair. The decals will appear more pronounced if you have clear chairs at your party.

21. Balloons

A sonic balloon garland is perfect for adorning a backdrop. Arrange balloons that mesh well with the theme. Add a few sonic foil balloons, and you have a lovely arch. You can build a balloon arch without a stand, but it is easier to use one. Also, a few giant balloons with streamers can unify the balloon atmosphere. Fill them up at home and use a balloon inflater or helium tank!

22. Sonic Cutout

You cant plan a sonic party without including the blue hedgehog himself? Integrate sonic cutouts as a decoration. You could use sonic cutouts within your backdrop as well.

Sonic Birthday Party Supplies

23. Glass Bottles

Instead of paper cups, you might prefer to provide guests with small glass bottles for beverage consumption. Sonic is a nostalgic franchise, so why not add a glass bottle to take a trip to the past? Jazz the look of the bottles by adding a sonic label on each bottle.

24. Straws

White and blue striped paper straws would perfectly complete the nostalgic look.

25. Dinnerware

Grab a dinnerware set that contains paper cups, napkins, and plates. You could also purchase a sonic dinnerware set with a plate and napkins if you don't want paper cups. Don't forget your plastic blue or red cutlery.

26. Party Headband

Set the mood by wearing these party headbands. Party hats are impeccable for a party that does not require attendees to dress up.

27. Tablecloth

A solid blue or sonic tablecloth can help the table look color a plain table. Plus, tablecloths offer easy clean-up.

Games and Activities

28. Pinata

Bashing a sonic birthday party pinata never gets old. Its an even more fun when you get the prizes from it. Fill a pinata with sonic prizes that any sonic fan would love.

29. Racing Game

Sonic the hedgehog loves to run fast. Thus racing games are ideal to have at this theme party. Set up a relay race with some yellow plastic cones and provide gold rings. The children will race around the cones and hand off the gold rings to team members.

30. Golden Ring Toss

A fun game of ring toss might entice an adult to join. Before starting, grab yellow glow sticks and cans. Then, spread the bottles out and see who aims the glowing rings around all bottles. Reward the winner with a sweet prize.

 31. Punch Prize Game

Are you looking for an alternative to a pinata game? Well, this might be a perfect game for you. Purchase a prize party punch game and cover the title with a giant sonic cutout or DIY using crafts. Fill sweet prizes into the game and have kids punch a box to claim a prize.

32. Game Truck

If you can stretch your budget, consider renting a mobile game truck. A truck will park outside your home while children can enjoy playing sonic games.

33. Hunt for Chaos Emeralds

Create a dig site for the little hedgehogs to uncover chaos emeralds. Build the dig site using a small pool, fill it with assorted jewels, and then cover the gems with sand or yellow confetti.

34. Photo Booth

Have your guest dress up as their favorite sonic character and capture the special day using a photo booth. Include a balloon arch, themed props, and a background to enhance the photo.

Sonic Birthday Party Invitations

35. Sonic 

Guest run to RSVP to your party with these supersonic invites. The invites are fillable and include envelopes. Stamp the invites close using the golden stickers and mail them off to guests.

36. Balloon Sonic Invite

These sonic invites embody the theme well with their elements and colors. You can edit the invites as desired. Save on printing by sending digital invites, or printing them out will suffice. A bonus to buying these invites is the thank you tags, which you can drop in favor bags.

37. Sonic and Friends

Sonic and his friends look even better on this invite. With an editable template, invites will display your party details well. Mail out this printable invite or send it digitally. The print store will readily print them for you. You could also print them in the comfort of your home.



A sonic birthday party is a lovely celebration for any sonic franchise fan. Guest will love every aspect of your party with these unique party ideas. Now that you had a look over these exciting and yummy ideas, enjoy the party!

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