Bowling Theme Party

40 Fun Bowling Theme Party

Looking for a way to include fun activities into your party plans? A bowling themed party is a great idea for birthdays, company team building events, holidays and end of school celebrations. With our ideas for decorations, invitations, food, games and activities, your bowling party will be a perfect strike!

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Bowling Theme Party Decorations 

1. Garland

Create a bowling theme garland by cutting bowling-related items, such as bowling balls, pins, shoes and shirts, out of colored paper. Then, attach them to a length of string to add the perfect touch to your decorations.

2. Signs

Make some signs for your party with bowling theme phrases. Some options are “That’s How I Roll,” “Party at the Lanes,” and “Ultimate Bowling Bash.” Get creative with the bowling puns.

3. Placemats

Create bowling theme placemats by designing them to look like a bowling alley complete with bowling pins and a bowling ball. The ball can even be in mid-strike.

4. Centerpiece

Set up a miniature toy bowling set at the center of the table for a fun bowling-themed centerpiece. 

5. Balloons

Use a black sharpie to draw three holes onto marbleized balloons. They will look like bowling balls! You can buy a variety of these at many online vendors!

6. Banner

Create a banner for the guest of honor with a bowling theme design on it, such as a bowling ball about to knock over some pins.

7. Lights

Dress up the dark bowling alley with strings of Christmas lights. These can be plain white or colored, whichever you prefer. 

8. Bowling Pin

Purchase bowling pins, or ask the bowling alley for a spare pin they no longer need, and have all of the guests sign it with colored sharpies. This makes a great memento for the guest of honor. These personalized bowling pins make for the perfect accent to your party. 

9. Costumes

Supply your guests with bowling items to wear, like bowling shirts, argyle sweater vests, neck scarves and cat eye glasses.

10. Inflatables

Hang inflatable bowling pins from the ceiling or set them up on tables as centerpieces. These are surprisingly easy to find available online.

11. Wall Décor

Decorate the walls with bowling posters or wall decals. 

12. Do-It-Yourself Bowling

Create your own bowling pins and balls to decorate your party area. Simply spray paint 16 oz soda bottles white and paint a red stripe around the necks once they are dry. For the balls, simply paint foam balls black and punch out three finger holes. You can use these as centerpieces or you can hang them from the ceiling. You can also use them to line the walkway to the party area.

Bowling Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Bowling is such a fun thing to do with friends and family but it will hold more memories during a party and how you invite them should be special. Everyone loves bowling. It is a great way to just enjoy each other’s company but also be competitive as well. If you are having a party then look no further with this invitation found on this one is perfect for the birthday party as the color scheme is just perfect and who does not love the fun pun there. It is a simple invitation and it will save you time by editing what needs to be said to it as well. You can download this invite and just edit the important information that you will need to change and save so much time with design as this one is perfectly designed just for your special event that is coming up. Imagine your kids having a party and you want to showcase this wonderful invite. You will get people talking about the party no doubt about that. 

13. Phrases

Use plenty of bowling puns when writing your invitations. For example, make sure your guests can “spare” the time to come to your bowling party or invite them to come to have a “ball.”

14. Bowling Picture

Have the guest of honor draw a bowling theme picture. This can be a bowling alley, pins, balls, shoes, etc. Then, scan the picture onto your computer and add the event details to the invites. Print out several copies.

15. 3D Invitations

Paint a black plastic craft ball and add three finger holes in a different color so that it looks like a bowling ball. Then, write your party details on a colorful tag and tie it to the craft ball.  This creative idea is a great addition to bowling parties!

16. Score Cards

Bowling scorecards make for excellent bowling theme invitations. Simply print out several bowling score cards from an online template and write all of your party details on the back. Your guests can bring them to use at your party!

17. Bowling Pin

Cut the shape of a bowling pin out of white paper and add a strip of red paper to the neck. Write your party details onto the pin with a red pen.

18. Bowling Ball

Create an invitation shaped like a bowling ball! Simply cut out a large circle from black paper and three small circles from white paper. Glue the white circles to the black circle in the form of a triangle so that they look like bowling ball finger holes. Use a gel pen to write the party details on the back of your bowling ball. You can mail these in CD envelopes.

Bowling Theme Party: Party Favors

19. Photos

Make sure to take a photo of each of your guests as they are bowling. Have the photos printed and frame them for each of your guests to take home.

20. Magnets

Give your guests “bowling magnets” that have bowling images or bowling phrases on them. These are a great, practical reminder of all the fun they had while bowling.

21. Trophies

Let everyone be a winner by giving your guests miniature bowling trophies.

22. Bowling Bag 

Use cardstock to create a goody bag that looks like a bowling bag. Fill it with small candies.

23. Bowling Treats

Give your guests bags full of treats that look like bowling items. For example, Nutter Butter cookies resemble bowling pins while gumballs resemble bowling balls.

24. Scorecards

Let your guests keep their scorecards along with a photo taken of them in a mid-bowling stance.

25. Bowling Set

Give your guests a bowling alley to take home with them! Buy some miniature bowling sets as a parting gift.

26. Key Chains

There are many versions of bowling theme keychains. Some have miniature bowling balls on them while others have miniature bowling pins. They make perfect bowling theme party favors.

Bowling Theme Party: Menu

27. Pizza

A classic, delicious finger food that is perfect for your bowling theme events. Serve traditional cheese and pepperoni to satisfy a party of picky eaters.

28. Nachos

Bowling alleys generally serve easy finger food such as nachos.

29. Cake

There are many ways to create a bowling theme cake. You can serve a cake shaped like a bowling ball, a cake shaped like a bowling pin, or a cake shaped like a bowling ball and two pins. A rectangular cake can be made with a bowling theme by frosting it to resemble a bowling alley with candy bumpers, mini candy bowling pins and a candy bowling ball. You can also just make a traditional cake and decorate it with bowling pin-shaped cookies.

Pizza, nachos, and cakes may be a bit too sweet for some; luckily, we have recommendations on health conscious desserts as alternatives!

30. Hot Dogs

Another item often served in bowling alleys. Serve them with plenty of toppings. 

31. Cheese Fries

A tasty alternative to regular French fries, and still easy to make. Simply cover regular fries with melted cheese.

32. Bowling Cake Topper

Decorate your cake with a bowling theme topper. Print out pictures of bowling accessories such as bowling bags, shirts and shoes and cut them out. Then, tie a piece of string between two popsicle sticks and attach the pictures to the string with miniature clothespins. Stick the popsicle sticks into your cake.

33. Hamburgers

Serve hamburgers as you would get them from the bowling alley, in paper trays or wrapped in paper packaging.

34. Cupcakes 

Serve individual bowling cupcakes instead of one large cake. Bake your cupcakes in bowling-themed cupcake wrappers, then frost them and place three m&ms together in a triangle shape near the edge of your cupcake so that they look like bowling ball finger holes.

Bowling Theme Party: Games & Activities

35. Prediction

Have everyone predict the number of pins they’ll knock down before they bowl. You can have everyone predict only whether they’ll knock over an even or odd number of pins, or you can have them be specific about the number of pins they’ll hit to make it more difficult. Keep track of each time someone guesses correctly. Award the player who guessed correctly the most times.

36. Backwards

For one of your bowling games, have everyone bowl backwards. This will be as fun as it is challenging. 

37. Piñata

Piñatas are always a hit at parties. Use a bowling pin piñata and fill it with lollipops, chocolates and bowling themed key chains. 

38. Opposite

For one of your bowling activities, have everyone bowl with the hand they don’t usually use. This is a fun way to make bowling even more exciting.

39. Pennies

Determine a goal for each frame such as a certain number of knocked over pins, an even or odd number of knocked-over pins, a spare, a strike or whatever else you can think of. Give the players who meet those goals a penny (or a nickel, dime, etc.). Have each player count their coins at the end of the activity and award the player who has the most.

40. Contests 

One of many great ideas to spice up the cosmic bowling alley is by holding bowling contests. For example, award the person who bowls with the most style or who knocks over the same number of pins the most times in a row.


If any of these ideas for bowling theme parties helped you plan the celebration you desired, be sure to check back with us when planning all of your future parties!

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