Boy Baby Shower Themes

36 Cute and Unique Boy Baby Shower Themes

Planning a baby shower and want yours to stand out? To ensure you have a one-of-a-kind celebration and welcome your new family member into the world in the best way possible, check out our list of unique boy baby shower themes below!

Unique Boy Baby Shower Themes

Nature Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

Nature Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

1. Wild Safari

With a new baby coming, any new parent can expect their life to become a bit hectic. Embrace the craziness and welcome it with a wild safari theme complete with different wild animals, lush greenery, and rich golds. The plush animals can serve as reusable decorations – afterwards, use them to liven up your baby boy’s new nursery!

2. Prickly and Cute

A cactus-themed party is the most adorable way to celebrate a new baby boy! Craft cool DIY cactus decorations, serve a beautifully-colored lime sherbet punch, and add some wall art to bring it all together. Tiny potted plants like succulents and cacti make for charming decorations and party favors. The prickles on your decorations are sure to keep your party looking sharp!

3. Sweet as can Bee

This party is sure to be the buzz of the town – it’s the perfect party for the parents to bee! Use yellow and black color schemes, and feel free to add some gold and white to the mix. Set your tables up with some bee party bundles, and offer honeycomb treats. Top your icing off with adorable bee icing decorations, and set up a bee balloon arch kit to provide a bright photo op for your guests – they will be sure to remember your baby shower as bee-lightful!

4. Moon and Stars

Every parent welcoming a new baby boy into the world wants to encourage him to reach for the stars – that’s why a moon and stars theme is perfect for a baby shower! Fill your party with hanging night-sky streamers and moon and stars wall decor. Add that extra wow factor by turning the lights off to show a starry sky right in your living room!

5. Farmers’ Market Locally Grown

If you are an avid green thumb or simply love going to the farmer’s market, this is the perfect idea for you! The party can start with the humorous announcement of how a new baby is being grown locally. Invite everyone to celebrate the newborn with a cute and earthy baby shower. Put up a farmer’s market sign at the entrance and decorate your party area with farmer’s market decor. You could complete it with some flowers and candles displayed on wooden tables. If you want to splurge, give out goodie bags as party favors filled with fresh fruit, honey, jams, and fresh-baked bread, too!

6. Woodland Forest

Any nature-loving parent would be thrilled to throw a woodland forest theme baby shower. Complete the look with cute little forest animals, little twigs and logs, and greenery for decorations. You can even use mini tree stumps as a dessert display.

7. Elegant Elephant

There is a good reason why elephants are a common baby shower theme: they’re adorable! Give your shower a unique twist by making this elephant – elegant! Use a turquoise and silver color scheme for the balloons and decorations, and don’t forget to polish up on your silverware. Be playful with it – it’s a baby shower! Have a big elephant sitting in the room waiting for his sweet new companion to enter the world. For an adorable activity, give your guests the opportunity to draw cute elephants on baby t-shirts to gift to the mom-to-be!

8. Bless Their Nest

A cute bird nest inspired party will let your friends and family know that you’re about to hatch! Decorate with flowers, bird nests, and bird houses. Pick a vibrant color scheme to excite your guests and make your baby boy’s shower memorable!

Adventure Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

Adventure Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

9. Little Adventurer

For any parents that are looking to celebrate their little adventurer, look no further. An adventure theme baby shower can be complete with banners that say “Adventure awaits.” Place your cupcakes in travel-themed cupcake holders and top them with travel-inspired toppers. Hang maps on the walls and have people write a few words of wisdom, or even travel recommendations that they want to share with the newborn. Your child will be thrilled to read them years after! You can also scatter mini globes filled with treats around the party area, or hand them out as party favors.

10. Precious Cargo

Another creative journey theme parents can recreate is a precious cargo theme, complete with vintage airplanes, maps, and clouds. Add a Hello World banner that announces the precious cargo that’s about to arrive in your lives. Create airplane cookies using an airplane-shaped cookie-cutter, order an airplane cake from a local bakery near you, or even a control tower cake if you want to get a little more creative with the treats. Ensure that the guests that prefer savory snacks have something to treat themselves with by filling up some precious cargo treat boxes with popcorn.

11. Hot Air Balloon

If you like the adventurous baby shower themes, but want something more specific, plan a hot air balloon baby shower. You can have balloons taped together to make clouds, and add paper lanterns that look like hot air balloons. To further light up your party, add hot air balloon lights. It will be a creative and illuminating way to celebrate ascending into a new journey in life.

12. Nautical

With a new baby on the way, you are sailing into a new adventure. Embark on your adventure with a nautical theme party featuring sailboats, sailor hats, and anchors. It can be the perfect way to celebrate your new little sailor boy. Your main colors can be blue, red, and white. Add beachy decorations like nautical-themed pillows next to some life preserver donuts. End the party with each guest writing a little note in a bottle for the baby before they leave.

Food Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

Food Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

13. Apple of my Eye

This can be a gorgeous outdoor party that you could even be held in an apple orchard! Stick to a green, white, brown, and red color palette. Place a few baskets filled with fruit throughout the venue and add floral arrangements everywhere. Cookies shaped like apples have never been easier to make with apple-shaped cookie-cutters. Switch out the cake for some yummy apple pie and you are on your way to welcoming the apple of your eye!

14. BabyQ BBQ

For the families that would like to have a relaxed outdoor affair for their baby shower, look no further than a BaByQ BBQ. You can go all out with the backyard barbecue theme, complete with drinks in mason jars, burlap sacks used for the snacks, and gingham napkins. Add some sunflowers to liven the scene a bit and don’t forget to include baby back ribs!

15. Bun in the Oven

For the parents that like to add some humor to their baby announcements, a Bun in the Oven theme is a perfect match! Place some oven mitts expressing gratitude for the joy of welcoming a new family member next to your baked goods on the dessert table, and make sure that the party is filled with lots of homemade Cinnabons as well! Decorate the room with scattered chef hats and little rolling pins. This baby boy is sure to be well-fed and be a future chef if their parents have anything to say about it!

Seasonal Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

Seasonal Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

16. Red, White, and Blue

If you are patriotic at heart or are simply excited to be expecting a summer baby, a red, white, and blue party is perfect for you. Send out star-spangled invitations and have red, white, and blue balloons and 4th-of-July decorations everywhere. You can complete it with an Uncle Sam poster or even an Uncle Sam’s cardboard stand up. Add some ice-cream floats to put you in the summer mood.

17. Little Pumpkin

Another seasonal party idea is a fall baby shower to celebrate your new little pumpkin! There will be no shortage of pumpkins during this time of year, so be sure to stock up on a good amount to decorate your venue. If the weather permits, host the party in your back yard. The autumn colors will create the perfect vibe for a pumpkin party. If you’d rather opt for a cozy, indoor party, order artificial maple leaves for decoration. Hang a Little Pumpkin sign on the wall and tie it all together with orange, yellow, red, and brown plates and napkins. Don’t forget your fall treats, such as sweet potatoes, and pumpkin pie for dessert!

18. Lil’ Snowflake

For the winter babies that are arriving in the world, a winter theme baby shower is perfect. Hang snowflakes around the room and decorate your cake and cupcakes with edible snowflake toppers. You can even add in a cute little snowman diaper cake as a fun little decoration as well. The color scheme can be a cool blue, silver, and, of course, white.

19. Santa Baby

Expecting your baby boy near the Holidays? Take your baby shower to the next level with a Christmas theme and increase the anticipation and excitement! Pull out your Christmas decorations from the attic, incorporate a red and green color scheme, scatter snowflakes across the room and add a snowman cake to bring together all the elements of the season.

Film/Cartoon Themes for Boy Baby Shower

Film/Cartoon Themes for Boy Baby Shower

20. Star Wars

For all the superfan parents out there, this Star Wars baby shower is perfect to welcome their own little Jedi. Hand out inflatable lightsabers at the party entrance to get your guests as excited as you are! Cover your tabletops with space blast table covers and serve some Star-Wars-themed cookies on top. These cookies are easily made using R2D2, Yoda, Darth Vader, and Stromtrooper cookie-cutters. Star Wars is such a big favorite among men, your husband will very likely be glad to help you out with planning this particular party!

21. Winnie the Pooh

Include Winnie the Pooh decorations, and even to go the extra mile, you could have the new Christopher Robin movie playing during the party. Go for a woodsy feel that includes some muted red, brown, and yellow colors. Your guests will be thrilled to watch their favorite childhood story brought to life. 

22. The Very Hungry Caterpillar

If you like the Winnie the Pooh idea, but you want to do a different children’s book idea, you could go with one inspired by The Very Hungry Caterpillar. It’s a classic children’s book that you could bring to life with cupcakes that look like carrot patches and The Very Hungry Caterpillar-inspired tablecloth, plates, balloons, and streamers. You could even use some gummy worms in different treats that you prepare for the party.

Toy Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

Toy Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

23. Teddy Bear

For those parents who can’t wait to buy their little boy all the stuffed animals, they can throw a Teddy Bear baby shower! You can get started on getting your little boy his favorite toy that he will form a lasting bond with during his childhood. The party can be decorated with little bears everywhere and a complete set of teddy bear decorations. Your guests will leave smiling when you hand out “Thank you beary much” stickers as party favors.

24. Lego Construction

Given that LEGO’s are one of the most popular toys for a boy growing up, why not celebrate with a LEGO baby shower? Fill the party with colorful streamers, wrap and top your cupcakes with LEGO decor, and hand out LEGO lollipops. You can even have a LEGO cake with a little banner on top that says “under construction.” It’s a fun little way to celebrate all the LEGOs you are going to step on in the future.

25. Vintage Toys

Welcome the new by celebrating with the old. Use different muted colors of brown, blue, and white. Find some cute vintage toys to use for decoration and recreate a vintage vibe. The toys can be reused after the party! The party will be a wonderful combination of fun and elegance with vintage decorations, especially if you add in a few mason jars of baby’s breath flowers.

Icon Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

Icon Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

26. Baby Prince

Who says that only girls can have a royal baby shower? This baby shower theme will help an expecting couple welcome their sure-to-be-spoiled baby boy, who will always know he is his parents’ little prince. This theme can be complete with regal gold crowns filled with snacks and doubled as party favors, and also a cake crowned with a Little Prince topper. If all the decorations have intricate and glamorous details, like glitter star confetti and golden crown muffins, then that will just be the icing on top of this party.

27. Heaven Sent

Celebrate the arrival of your little angel with this heavenly party! Decorate your area with soft blue tones, scatter some cloud pillows across the room, and serve angel food cake. Little jars with fresh white flowers can make great party favors for your guests!

28. Little Hero

Let’s face it, there are so many superhero lovers in the world. So why don’t you get ready for your new little hero with a Little Hero baby shower? Hang cute banners across the venue featuring Marvel baby superhero costumes, but don’t forget to add Spiderman to the mix by decorating with red, black, and navy balloons. Provide your guests with some superhero party packs to use when they are fueling their next rescue mission with cake and cookies. Set up a superhero backdrop for your guests to take pictures in front of and your superhero baby shower is ready to launch!

29. Firefighter Baby

If you like the idea of a Little Hero shower but want to celebrate the heroes of the real world, give your baby shower a firefighter theme! Focus on red decorations for the venue, including firefighter tableware and firefighter-themed streamers. Order a firetruck cake or make one yourself if you are as daring as the firefighters you’re celebrating!

30. Yeehaw Baby

Welcome to the Wild West of parenting! This party is going to be a wild way to welcome your new little cowboy into the world. Fill the party with some hay bales, burlap sacks, cute little toy horses, rope, and lots of cowboy hats that guests can take home as a keepsake. A color scheme of brown and red, food consisting of peanuts, cow tales, some beef jerky, and a red velvet cake will add some extra yeehaw to this wild party.

Unique Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

Unique Themes for a Boy Baby Shower

31. Everything Blue

In celebration of having a baby boy, why not go with a completely blue theme? You don’t have to settle with just one blue color too. You can mix it up with several different shades of blue. Just imagine blue tablecloths, blue plates, napkins, silverware, etc. You can go on and even get blue food. Make some rice Krispie treats with blue drizzles and blue sprinkles, or use some food coloring to make some blue pasta. The possibilities are endless!

32. Little Man

Parents eager to meet their little man can throw a little man party complete with little mustaches and bow-tie confetti. Decorate your cupcakes with mustache toppers, and order mustache props and bowties for fun photo opportunities. You could even add in some baby suspenders. Have some fun with it by turning your new little man into a gentleman!

33. Lullaby and Goodnight

Evoke an ethereal feeling with the themes of lullaby and goodnight in a dream-like setting. Dim the lights and hang a twinkling bed canopy over one of the tables filled with delicious food. To further illuminate the room, add cute sheep string lights across the venue and decorate with clouds to add to the sleepy atmosphere. Fill the dessert table with moon cookies, cake pops, cream puffs, and even cotton candy. It can all be complete with different shades of white and cream to create a peaceful party you are looking for.

34. Shake, Rattle, and Roll

For the music lovers who are becoming parents to a new boy, you can have a music theme baby shower with the title of Shake, Rattle, and Roll. Place vinyl record cup holders around the room and decorate the walls with musical notes. Serve any choice of food on musical notes tableware. Use plenty of blues, reds, and blacks for decorations to get a true 1950s feel, and don’t forget to jam your rock-and-roll playlist in the background!

35. Cirque du Bebe

Come see the wonderful Cirque du Bebe! With lots of bright colors and fun games, including a sitting elephant to take pictures with! Decorate your table with a red-and-white-striped skirt and fill it with different circus foods such as cotton candy, peanuts, and popcorn. Scatter circus animals around the venue and hang pennant banners to get the full effect!

36. It’s Magic

If you like the idea of a circus party but want something a little bit different, you can throw a magical baby shower! A color scheme of red, black, white and gold decorations would be perfect for this party. Add a few velvet curtains, magic wands, and top hats. Bunnies scattered throughout the venue and added as cupcake toppers on some cupcakes will be sure to bring a smile to your guests’ faces. Or make little cups that look like top hats and have some popcorn in them. Utilize your DIY skills and make some “Bag of Trix” to hand out to your guests – no better ending to a magical night!


These adorable ideas can get you thinking about the perfect way to welcome the little guy into the world. Hopefully, you have been inspired enough to help plan a cute and unique boy baby shower themes.

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