Candyland Theme Party

34 Exciting Candyland Theme Party Ideas

With your décor and menu complete, you still need some exciting games and unique Candyland theme party favors at your candy land extravaganza! Below you will find the perfect sweet party games and candy prizes for your candyland theme party guests to enjoy and experience a true sugar rush!

Candyland Theme Party Activities

Candyland Theme Party Activities

1. Divine Decorating

Decorate cupcakes and cookies with candy! You can use gumdrops, chocolate kisses, small candy-coated chocolates, licorice, jellybeans, candy bar crumbles, etc. Also, provide a large selection of colorful sprinkles. Your guests will enjoy garnishing and then indulging in their creations at your party. You can even host a competition to see who creates the best-decorated masterpiece.

2. Piñata Play

Have party guests hit a piñata shaped like a giant piece of candy, chocolate bar, or any other kind of candy. And of course, fill it up with tons and tons of candies! Use a giant candy cane stick to hit the piñata with. Play upbeat pop music while guests take turns.

3. Candy Bag Toss 

Take a different twist on backyard bag toss games by filling mini bags with candy instead of the beanbags. Another option would be to fill bags with cinnamon sugar so they will have a similar weight to the traditional bags. You can choose to decorate the bag toss boards with peppermint swirls or other candy designs. 

4. Jar of Sweets Guessing Activities 

Fill a large jar with jelly beans or some other kind of candy and leave slips of paper out for guests to try and guess how many candies are in the jar. The person that guests closest to the real number wins a prize.

5. Pin the Lollipop 

Take a new twist on Pin the Tail on the Donkey by allowing guests to decorate their own lollipop top by cutting out large circles and giving them the supplies to decorate their own sweet treat. Then blindfold them and see how accurately they can pin it on the stick.

6. Candy Land 

At a more relaxed event, you can pull out the old board game Candy Land and set it up for guests to play. This Candyland theme party game has been around for years and is still a fun way to spend time. You can set up one or many tables for this activity depending on your party size.

7. Candy Hunting 

For this idea, spread a vast amount of candy throughout the party space or backyard and send everyone off on a hunt to gather it up. You can hide the candy in fun places and let them take it all home as a party favor. 

8. Photo Booth

A fun way to capture the moments of the party is a photo booth. This can be a real booth you can rent or as simple as a camera set up on a tripod or stand. It would also be a great to have different props for the pictures such as feather boas and fun glasses.

9. Fashion Show

All of the guests can come dressed up in their favorite dresses and suits. At the end of the party everyone who chose to dress up can walk down a Candyland themed runway.

10. Gingerbread House Decorating

If the party is around a time of year where gingerbread houses are easily available, it could be a fun activity for party goers. The guests can pair into groups and decorate a house and have them on display for everyone to see.

Candyland Theme Party Favors

Candyland Party Favors

11. Custom Chocolates

Create personalized chocolate bars engraved with each guest’s name on one side, and/or “Your Name’s Candy Land” on the other. Wrap each bar individually in cellophane wrap and secure them with colorful ribbons or bows.

12. Mini Gift Basket

Give each guest their very own personalized mini gift basket filled with candies and other goodies like bubbles, sunglasses, and activity books. For a candy-theme twist, purchase mini baskets at craft stores and spray paint them in bright candy colors.

13. Scented Beauty Products

Candy and/or cupcake scented beauty products are ideal for your “girly-girl” guests. Lip-gloss, lotions, and bubble bath mix are among a few ideas. You can also hand out nail polish that is candy-colored or named after sweets.

14. Joyful Jewelry

Edible necklaces or bracelets made out of hard candies will be a sure hit. Guests will love wearing them and eating them at the same time!

15. Gift Cards

Hand out gift cards to everyone’s favorite local sweets/ice cream shop. Personalize them, if possible, and don’t forget to stick festive bows on top of each card.

16. Candy Picture Frames

Buying plain wooden picture frames is very inexpensive and easy to decorate. Stop by your local craft store to find everything you need such as bright colored paints, glitter, and cute stickers. Each guest can decorate a picture frame how they would like and bring it home after the party is over.

17. Disposable Cameras

Let your guests capture their favorite moments with their friends with a disposable camera. Disposable cameras are inexpensive and are always a success. Guests can get picture developed at many local stores and will have these pictures forever. 

Candyland Theme Party Décor

Candyland Theme Party Décor

18. Candy Centerpieces

Create one-of-a-kind centerpieces by filling clear vases with colorful candies, such as jellybeans, and sticking flower-shaped lollipops into them. Make creative designs inside the vases by alternating rows of different candies.

19. Balloon Candy Art

Brightly colored balloons, when wrapped with clear or colorful cellophane wrap, resemble hard candies! Scatter them about the venue or attach them to long white sticks to look like lollipops. Don’t forget to tie a ribbon or large bows!

20. Colored Paper Plates

Transform ordinary colored paper plates into different candies by taping them together and then painting them. You can make peppermints or rainbow lollipops!

21. Candy Accents

Use candy advertisement posters, light-up gumball machines, and other fun candy accents to add some pizzazz and a pop of color to your venue.

22. Table Linens 

Table linens should be eye-catching and shimmering. Use candy pink, bright yellow, neon green, etc. Sprinkle your tabletops with shiny confetti or even edible sprinkles!

23. Extra Large Candy

Nothing will remind your guests of Candyland like extra-large candy as decoration. You can find things like 2 ft. tall gummy bears and 6 ft. tall lollipops with just a quick google search. 

24. Road to Candyland

You can decorate the sidewalk and hallway of your home to look like the road to Candyland with pieces of colored foam or paper. This will add to the illusion that they are really in Candyland!

25. Recreate the Game

It is easy to recreate elements of the game like Gumball Lake and Lollipop Woods. To recreate Gumball Lake, get a kid sized pool and fill it with bright colored balls. Lollipop Woods can be made by sticking large lollipop decorations in the group so the guests can weave through it.

26. Real Life Characters

Have adults dress up as characters from the game. These costumes could be homemade or bought online. It would also be entertaining if the people who dressed up acted like they were really that person too.  

Candyland Theme Party Food

Candyland Theme Party Food

27. Sweets Party Menu

Use a stand-up blackboard menu and list all of the delicious treats you will provide your guests with brightly colored chalk.

28. Candy buffet

That’s right – a complete buffet with nothing but candy and chocolates! Provide all kinds of sweets in jars, platters, and bowls with scoops. Cover the buffet with a vintage style striped awning. Place handwritten labels by each candy item, and don’t forget a chocolate fountain!

29. Candy Drinks

Give ordinary beverages candy-related names, such as “Lemon Drop Lemonade” and “Sugar Rush Punch”.

30. Candy Bar Milkshakes

Create delectable milkshakes (in miniature cups) using popular candy bars. Recipes for these treats can be found online, and they usually take five minutes or less to do.

31. Cake

Dye vanilla or strawberry cake different colors and shape it like a gigantic piece of candy, whether it’s a chocolate bar or a lollipop. And, of course, top your cake with other yummy candies!

32. Ice Cream Bar

Aside from the candy buffet, host an ice cream bar. Hand scoop everyone’s favorite frozen treats (preferably flavors that are candy-related, such as bubblegum and peanut butter cup swirl), along with candies as mix-ins.

33. Normal Food Made Fun

Having staples like pizza, chicken nuggets, and sandwiches are a must so all guests have something they will want to eat. In order to make these foods look for fun, take a cookie cutter and cut them into gingerbread man shapes. 

34. Cookie Decorating

A fun idea for dessert would to be a cookie decorating station. This area could contain things like different types of cookies, frostings, and sprinkles


From ice cream bars candy balloons, we have gathered every little exciting treat for your sugary event. With this, hope you find everything you’ll need for your Candyland theme party!

Written by Colby Noble

Edited by Marianne Vanderbeke

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