Castle Theme Party

30 Best Castle Theme Party Ideas

Now that states are gradually reopening, you can invite a small group of friends to your party. Designed for children, a castle theme party will fulfill a kids’ fantasy about beautiful fairy tales. It is time for your kids to reconnect with their friends by throwing a dreamy castle theme party! Here are some tips for you to make this party safe, fun, and exploratory.

Menu Options for a Castle Theme Party

Menu Options for a Castle Theme Party

1. Arrangements

Arrange your food into castle-theme shapes. For instance, small square sandwiches can be arranged to look like a castle. Use fruits and veggies to build a dragon. 

2. Kabobs

Serve meat and veggie kabobs on miniature wooden spears.

3. Castle Pizza

Serve personal pizzas in the shape of castles or crowns. Simply cut the dough into the shapes and top as you would a round pizza. You can also have each of your guests create their own castle pizza at your party. Simply set out bowls of pizza sauce, cheese, pepperoni, and other toppings. 

4. Sparkling Cider

For a royal drink, serve sparkling apple cider in champagne glasses. Use plastic ones for younger children.

Adorable Castle Theme Party Invitations

Adorable Castle Theme Party Invitations

5. Castle Shaped

Purchase several castle-shaped notepads and send one to each of your guests with your party information written on the front page. 

6. Costumes

You can deliver your invitations along with castle-theme costumes like a tiara or princess hat for the girls and a knight cape or helmet for the boys.

7. Royal Decrees

Design your invitation as if it were a royal decree. Write your party information in a calligraphy font onto scroll-like paper that has an antique feel to it. Then, roll it up into a scroll and secure it with a colorful ribbon.

Royal Party Favors

Royal Party Favors

8. Swords

Give your guests foam swords their parents will approve of. You can send them home with a blow-up shield to protect their own palace as well.

9. Bubble Wands

For the princesses at your party, who might not enjoy a sword and shield set, purchase several bubble wands.

10. Crown Jewels

Castle parties are not complete without royal jewels! Send your guests home with their very own crown jewels (made of sugar, of course). These can be candy necklaces, bracelets, and ring pop prizes.

11. Chocolate Coins

Your guests will love taking home treasure from your castle party. A good option is delicious chocolate gold coins.

12. Stickers and Tattoos

Give your guests castle-theme stickers and temporary tattoos to decorate their room and themselves with.

13. Candy-Filled Slipper

Put some candy in the glass slipper and secure with a pastel colored mesh. OR you can get a small little container and fill with chocolate and hot glue mini glass slippers. Perfect for a party favor and to enjoy a sweet treat during or after the party!

Fun Games and Activities

Fun Games and Activities

14. Treasure Hunt

This activity is actually two activities in one! First, hide plenty of treasure around your house. This can be chocolate gold, “magic” stones, etc. Give each of your guests a miniature treasure box to collect their treasure in. Then, let them decorate their treasure boxes with paint, jewels, stickers, and glitter. They should decorate them last so that their hands will not get messy with wet paint while searching for treasure.

15. Quest

A knightly quest is the perfect castle-theme activity. You can ask your guests to defeat the deadly dragon that lurks on your stairs (with inflatable swords, of course) or have them compete for the guest of honor’s favor in a foam tube jousting tournament. Be creative!

16. Put your Sword in a Dragon

Like “Pin the Tail on a Donkey”, get a big picture of a Dragon and blindfold your guests and turn them around multiple times. Hand them a sword cutout with tape on the back and have them try to aim for the heart or throat of the dragon. Great for putting on a medieval twist on the classic party game.

17. Make Your Own Crown

Each royal guest deserves his or her very own crown. Purchase or make crown and tiara bases for your guests to decorate with jewels and glitter.

18. Make Your Own Castle

For older guests, have them create their own castle out of graham crackers, sugar cubes, or gingerbread and let them decorate it with frosting and small candies. For younger guests, prepare the castles before the event so that they can decorate them when they arrive.

19. Movie

Show a movie at your party for your guests to enjoy. This should be a fairytale movie about a castle, a dragon, a knight, or another castle-theme subject. Don’t forget the castle-theme movie snacks!

20Real Royal Family

What better way to enhance the castle aesthetic by providing a member of a royal family who lives in the castle. Hire someone to get dressed up as a Prince, Princess, King, or Queen to add a realistic view. Is hiring someone a little pricey? Ask one of your friends to dress up in a Prom dress and add a little bit of makeup, hair, and the crowns, and you are all set! Perfect way to get more than one use of an old Prom Dress or a tux.

Castle Theme Party Decorations

Castle Theme Party Decorations

21. Throne

Every prince or princess needs a throne to sit in. Make a throne for your guest of honor by decorating a large, high-backed chair with fabric, tulle, and ribbon. Or you can buy a throne standup photo booth online.

22. Castle Accessories

Use toy versions of castle supplies to give your party area an authentic feel. Scatter toy swords, shields, crowns, tiaras, jewelry, etc. around your party area.

23. Coat of Arms

Have the guest of honor help you design your very own coat of arms to hang and use in various decorations. This should include symbols that are important to the guest of honor. Then, make several copies and display them all around your party area.

24. Red Carpet

Any castle should have an extravagant entryway. What better way to wow and welcome your guests than with a red carpet? If you don’t have a red carpet on hand, a great idea is to use red paper or tablecloths to mimic a red carpet.

25. Balloons

Helium balloons are the perfect accessory for most parties. Give them a royal flair by choosing only royal colors such as gold, purple, and deep blue. You can also form them into a balloon archway to welcome your guests.

26. Banner

Make a royal banner by cutting pennant flags out of crimson, gold, and purple paper or fabric. String them together and hang your banner from the ceiling.

27. Castle

Create a castle façade with cardboard boxes. Spray paint them gray and draw on a bit of stone detailing so that the boxes look like pieces of a castle wall. On a few of the boxes, cut out a jagged pattern along the edge to look like the top of a castle turret. Build your castle up around the edges of your door, using the jagged boxes as the top. Connect your boxes by poking the wire through the sides and twisting it inside the box so that it stays.

28. Serving Ware

Instead of platters or bowls, serve your party food in metal pans and buckets. This will help complete your traditional castle décor.

29. Drapery

Hang up some drapery leaving it loose in the middle to add a royal affect. Perfect to match your theme and the vibe of the party.

30. Glass over Roses

For a Beauty and the Beast-esque vibe, put a fake rose in a little piece of styrofoam. Cover the styrofoam with flower peddles and decorative stone, and place a jar over the rose and the styrofoam. Perfect for an enchanted vibe or a Disney Princess vibe.


Planning fun and an engaging party does not have to be a hassle! Hopefully, these ideas will help you create the perfect castle theme party that your kids will absolutely love!

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