Construction Theme Party

Fun Construction Theme Party Ideas

Construction themes are appropriate for all different kinds of occasions. Whether you’re planning the party for your little boy who loves dump trucks or someone else entirely, you want them to love the décor as much as the other aspects of the party. Try using some of these construction theme party decoration ideas to get more creative.

Construction Theme Party

Orange Cones

Set up orange traffic cones around the party zone. You can use them to create various traffic patterns or set them up in various corners of the room. Smaller versions of cones can be purchased at sporting good stores and are perfect for table decorations.


Purchase yellow plastic silverware for guests to use. Wrap the silverware in yellow napkins and tie them with black ribbons. A cute idea is to create a label that says “tools” to attach to the utensils.

Toy Bowls

To add creativity to the food table, buy small dump trucks to use as bowls. They can hold chip dip or dry snack foods such as pretzels.

Clever Construction Signs

For wall décor, find road signs that say “Construction Zone” or “Detour” to add to the theme. You could also hang the signs from the ceiling or from the trees if it’s an outdoor party.

Construction Tape Wreath

Create this door decoration out of construction tape. Use yellow pipe cleaners to form a circle. Then, cut long strips out of the construction tape and tie them in knots around the pipe cleaner. Attach miniature, toy tools to the wreath to add dimension.

Tool Cutouts

Buy large pieces of poster board in yellow, orange, black, or gray. Draw and cut out big tool shapes. The shapes could be made into supplies as simple as hammers or wrenches or as complex as bulldozers. Attach the shapes to the wall or simply lay them around the room to encourage interaction from guests. 

Creative Utensils

Liven up the way you serve food for the party. Instead of using basic spoons and knives, use toy tools from a child’s builder playset as utensils. For example, scoop ice cream or chip dip with a toy plastic shovel. You could also cut the cake with a toy saw.


Head to your local bakery – most will feature a book filled with all the different possibilities for cakes. Chances are a construction-themed cake will be in there. You can also splurge and go completely custom. There’s healthier options if you want to cutback on the amount of sugar content in your treats!

Caution Tape Creations

Use caution tape to dress up various furniture in the event space by wrapping it around chairs or tables. You could also use the tape as streamers to accent the entryway or even create a canopy effect for more decor. 

Construction Theme Party Activities

Construction Theme Party Activities

One way to keep your parties lively and ensure that guests are satisfied for the duration is to incorporate various activities. Though prizes can motivate guests to play and win, often the enjoyment of the games is enough to keep them entertained. Try some of these construction-theme party games that are perfect for youngsters.  The kids are sure to enjoy being handymen for a day!


Bury various toy tools in a sandbox and give each child a shovel or spade to dig with and find them. You could also use a dirt pile to hide the tools, so long as parents give permission for the children to get a little dirty.

Construction Worker Relay

Divide children into teams of even numbers. Provide each team some common construction apparel in a basket, such as hats, gloves, boots, or vests. Children must begin the race by dressing themselves in the clothes.

They then must run to a box full of tools, return it to their team, and remove the clothes, so the next child can start the process. Because running with tools is potentially dangerous (especially in oversized boots), it’s a good idea to use toy tools for the relay. 

Tool Hunt

Hide many plastic tools throughout the yard or party area. Offer children flashlights (or spotlight hats if you have some) to assist in finding the tools. The child who collects the most tools is the winner. You could also consider creating a special tool marked by a fun construction sticker or a yellow or orange ribbon. Finding this tool could be worth its own special prize!

Toolbox Pass

Fill a small toolbox with candy or other small treats such as fruit snacks or small bags of chips. Tell the children to sit in a circle and pass around the toolbox as music plays. When the music stops, the child who holds the toolbox gets to pick a treat. Ensure that every child gets a treat before the game ends. 

Push the Wheelbarrow

You’ll need child-sized wheelbarrows for this activity. Divide children into two teams. Outline two separate courses with orange cones that eventually lead children back to where they start. Tell children to take turns pushing the wheelbarrow through the course. The fastest team to have each child push the wheelbarrow through the course wins the race.

Builder’s Challenge

Have children work to build the tallest skyscraper using wooden blocks, Legos, or small cardboard boxes. Be sure to place a time limit on the construction of the skyscrapers. After the children have built them up, allow them to be “bulldozers” and knock them all down, as long as you don’t mind the mess. Not everyone needs to be physically present for this. You can also live to stream each child’s creative process via skype or zoom and have a socially distanced party.  


Did this list of activities for kids construction-theme events help you plan the party of your dreams?  If the answer is yes, head on over to our homepage and discover the various party-planning tips we offer for all sorts of events!

Written by Jessica Clark

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