Edible Wedding Favors

10 Unique DIY Edible Wedding Favors

Your guests may leave your wedding with a full stomach, but they certainly won’t turn down a tasty treat to take home. These edible wedding favors are an easy and affordable way to show your guests you appreciate their attendance – and they’ll love them just as much as you do! However, don’t settle for traditional store-bought wedding sweets and treats: make gifts for your guests from the comfort of home!  Making yummy wedding favors at home is a great way to explore your creative side and bond with your fiance before the ceremony. Here is our list of ideas to get you started:

Top 10 Edible Wedding Favors

Chocolate Anything

Everyone loves chocolate, right?  Dip your favorite treats – pretzels, strawberries, dried fruit, nuts, cookies – into chocolate at home, wrap them individually, and give them to guests as take-home treats.  Make it more personal by picking a his and hers favorite: say you like chocolate pretzels, and he likes chocolate strawberries.  Include both, and label them accordingly – your guests will get to know you just a little bit more.

Fortune Cookies

Celebrate your good fortune by providing fortune cookies for your guests.  This works especially well if your wedding cuisine is Asian-inspired.  You can order personalized fortune cookies online with fortunes inside, or (even better) you could make your own! Plenty of recipes exist online, and you can print out personalized fortunes at home.  Buy miniature Chinese takeout-style to-go boxes from a craft store, stuff them with crinkled paper, and place the fortune cookie inside.  Your guests will love it.

Caramel Apples

For a sweet and crisp treat, put apples on sticks and dip them in homemade caramel to make caramel apples!  Use different varieties of apples for unique flavor combinations.

Delicious Donuts

Homemade donuts in a box are unforgettable indulgences for your guests to munch on the next morning. You can find donut making machines online or at local department stores for at-home donut making. However, if you’re feeling creative, you could also make the donuts from scratch and fry the dough yourself using household kitchen supplies, an online recipe, and the power of love. Wrap your creations in little boxes of joy and voila – wedding, breakfast goodness.

Oh, Fudge

Yes, fudge.  Make some from scratch and give it out as favors to your guests!  Personalize tiny bottles or jars according to your wedding theme, and fill it with chocolatey, gooey goodness.

S’more Fun

Another homemade favor option is to create a DIY s’mores kit.  Stack graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows in a box or decorated plastic wrap with a ribbon.  A summer classic that everyone will love.

Ballin’ Popcorn

An easy and fun fall solution to at-home edible wedding treats, popcorn balls!  Only a few inexpensive ingredients are required, and they’re easy to make en masse in tons of different flavors – kettle corn, peanut butter, even black and white chocolate.  They also look cute wrapped in pretty plastic with a bow and a message – perfect for thanking your guests for attending.

Hey, Honey Pie

For a fall-flavored treat, bake your guests miniature pies to take home with them!  Pie tins are available for purchase in all shapes and sizes, and you have creative freedom with which ingredients you’d like to put in your pies.  Put them in little boxes, and your guests will be sure to fall in love with them!

Super Secret Sauces and Spices

Have a recipe you’re famous for?  Or maybe something you plan on serving guests that you know they’ll be obsessed with?  Give them a jar of secret sauce or spices that they can use to make the dish at home!  For instance, if you’re particularly proud of the pumpkin pie you’re serving at your wedding, give guests a small jar of your secret pumpkin pie spice with an accompanying recipe.  Or, if you served meat with a special sauce, give guests some sauce of their own to take home.  They’ll thank you later.

Recipe for Success

Can’t cook for beans?  No worries: make your guests do it!  Provide guests with the appropriate ingredients for your favorite dish and tie it all up with a cute bag, ribbon, and accompanying instructions. For example, include flour, sugar, chocolate chips, and sea salt (in appropriate proportions) in a cute jar for a DIY chocolate chip cookie recipe.


We hope these ideas sparked your creative juices and added to that big-day excitement!  Before you start cooking, however, make sure your venue is okay with you bringing favors from home.  With planning and perseverance, we’re sure your wedding will be as magical as you’ve always dreamed it would be. 

Written by Stefanie Shimansky and Jillian Smith

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