Fortnite Party Invitations

Best Ideas for Fortnite Party Invitations

Do you have a kid that loves Fortnite? Throw them a Fortnite theme birthday party! You’re gonna need to get the word out to all their fortnite-loving friends first. To do so, I’ve supplied a checklist to make your planning easier. We have some fun and creative ideas for Fortnite party invitations that will get everyone so excited to come celebrate your kid’s birthday party.

Fortnite is a world full of crazy characters, clothing, weapons, and even the world you play in. With these elements in mind, you have a lot of material to  make a bunch of fun and creative Fortnite party invitations. If you’re confused on any of the terms relating to Fortnite, just ask your kid!

Creative Fortnite Party Invitations


All Characters

The characters of Fortnite might be the most intriguing and eye-catching to children. You can use them in a variety of invitations. One idea may be to use a poster-like design that features all the characters. It can be formatted like a movie poster. You can place their name above their favorite characters and the party details could be laid out as a subtitle.

Individual Characters

Another creative idea is to match each guest to a different character. The characters come in all shapes, sizes, and personalities, therefore you can send out specific invitations to the guests that embody their favorite character. A small cutout of each character could be sent with the information located on the back.



Each character in Fortnite has specific clothing that makes them stand out. These are known as “skins.” These skins could also make for an interesting invitation template. These have made such an impact that even companies such as Marvel Comics and DC Comics have their own skins uploaded into the game. With that being said, you can send out invitations on small helmets or other similar features of the skins.

One example that comes to mind is the Travis Scott Fortnite space helmet. Another fun skin is the Ninja skin. This skin has blue spiky hair and a headband. There are also skins like the hot dog skin that kids would find quite funny to find in their mailbox. There are many skins to get your inspiration from. Consult your kid for a more personalized take.



The colors in the world of Fortnite are fun and eye-popping. The Fortnite universe is constantly changing the looks in the game but children tend to remember their favorite spots on the map. This is the base of a good party invitation. You can print out Fortnite maps as the card. 

Famous Locations

You can also place the party information amongst a background of a famous location. These can include places like the big burger of “Durr Burger,” or the tomato of “Uncle Pete’s Pizza Pit.” The ideas are endless!

Battle Bus

Another major feature of the Fortnite game is the bus that players fly in on. It is known as the “Battle Bus.” You can send out invitations shaped as the battle bus so your kid’s friends can fly into the party with excitement.


Fortnite holds a special place in a lot of kid’s hearts. It brings your kid and their friends together in a really fun way. Having a Fortnite theme birthday party is the best way to ensure a great birthday for your kid. The Fortnite party invitations are such a big part of this. It gets your kid’s friends excited about the party and also your kid will have a blast creating them. I hoped this helped in the process of making your kid’s birthday the best!

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