Galaxy Theme Party

21 Galaxy Theme Party Ideas That Are Out of this World

Looking to throw an out-of-this-world party? Well, then you should consider galaxy theme party ideas by adding a celestial theme to your next get-together. Check out our compilation of décor, activities, menu items, and party favor ideas that include all things star, sky, and space-related to help your planet.

Galaxy Theme Party Ideas: Décor

Galaxy Theme Party Ideas: Décor

1. Sky Glow

Break glow sticks and shake the liquid onto a black cloth. Cover the ceiling with the cloth once it dries and allow the sky to glow like a galaxy. You could even add glitter or sparkles to really make the decoration twinkle. You can also find some supplies here.

2. Shiny Stars

Cut out cardboard stars and wrap them in aluminum foil. Hang them from the ceiling using a clear fishing line to add consistent decorations throughout your venue.

3. Celestial Lights

Incorporate the use of black and neon lights to create cool lighting effects at the party. 

4. Paper Tableware

Search for tableware with stars, moons, or other celestial markings on them. You could also simply use a mix of black and neon green plates, napkins, silverware, etc.

5. Fun Fabric

Use fabric with stars or planets on it to cover the walls or ceiling. Black fabric is another option to create the darkness of the sky.

6. Floating Balloons

Use white and silver balloons to decorate. Input helium and allow them to float freely. You can also try to find mylar balloons in the shape of stars or moons to accent the regular balloons.

7. Cosmic Confetti

Collect confetti in the shapes of stars and moons to sprinkle around tables. Glitter is a great accessory to the confetti to help glam up the table settings.

8. Celestial Cutouts 

Assemble poster boards to resemble shooting stars, planets, aliens, or even UFOs. Attach the cutouts to the wall or hang them from the ceiling using a fishing line.

9. Galactic Garland

For an easy and beautiful pop of decor, add a star-shaped garland as a fun backdrop. You can hang the stars from your ceiling, or drape them above doorways, for an out-of-this-world decoration.

Galaxy Theme Party Ideas: Games and Activities

Galaxy Theme Party Ideas: Games and Activities

10. Rocket Launch

Rocket launching kits can be purchased online, but you can also create do-it-yourself rockets with household supplies.

11. UFO Toss

Staple or glue two paper plates together to create a flying saucer shape. Allow guests to decorate the UFOs with paint, stickers, or other crafting supplies. Guests should throw the saucers as far as they can into space. The guest who achieves the greatest distance is the winner.

12. Be a Star

Play music for a karaoke contest. Allow guests to perform and try to achieve star status. For a twist, you could only play songs that involve stars or celestial objects such as “Shooting Stars” or “Dark Side of the Moon.”

13. Astrology Readings

Learn to read the horoscopes in the constellation and galaxy to the delight of your guests. You could also try a tarot card reading. Hire a professional or allow guests to take turns reading each other’s futures.

14. Asteroid

Ask guests to stand in a circle. Provide a balloon not filled with helium to a player. That player should say a person’s name before they hit the balloon to him or her. The player whose name was said needs to hit the balloon and say another guest’s name. Add multiple balloons to make the game more chaotic and fun.

Galaxy Theme Party Ideas: Menus

15. Star Pasta

Use star-shaped pasta to make soups or macaroni and cheese; you could serve the pasta with sauce for an Italian meal.

16. Pizza

Make homemade pizzas or order some from your local pizza place. Label the pizzas “flying saucers” to add to the celestial theme.

17. Cookies

Use cookie cutters to create star and moon shapes. Ice the cookies with blue or white icing and add glitter sprinkles to make them shine.

18. Edible Confetti

You can find edible candy confetti in a variety of shapes at local grocery stores. Use stars to decorate cupcakes or other desserts for the party.

Galaxy Theme Party Ideas: Favors

Galaxy Theme Party Ideas: Favors

19. Key Chains

Buy a large supply of keychains with stars or moons attached to give guests a practical favor that will remind them of the party.

20. Glow Stars

Packs of glow in the dark stars can make for great giveaways. Guests can hang them on their ceilings or walls when they get home. Even when the party ends, the stars can continue shining!

21. Stickers

Stickers that glow in the dark are an excellent, inexpensive favor option. Kids especially will love having sheets of stickers to share with their friends or siblings.


A galaxy theme party can make your next socially distanced get together or family reunion zoom call one to remember. Have a blast as your party shines bright like a star.

Written by Jessica Clark, Reviewed by Blake Rubenstein

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