Girl Baby Shower Themes

20 Adorable Baby Girl Baby Shower Themes

It’s a girl! Within this blog, we supply you with many girl baby shower themes to celebrate your baby girl. Why not start celebrating before she is even born? From princess themes to superhero, to woodland themes, you can celebrate the coming of your new girl with a party that will encourage her to be anything she puts her mind to. Baby shower themes for girls can be much different than themes for having a boy, so you will want some inspiration to get you thinking. Check out these baby girl baby shower themes we have put together for you to choose from.

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Animal Ideas

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Animal Ideas

1. Ladybug

Hosting a cute little ladybug theme party is an original idea that doesn’t involve having a totally pink party, perfect for a mom to be. Complete with ladybug decorations, a ladybug party would certainly be as cute as a bug. You could have a ladybug pinata, cups, and plates, and you’ll have the cutest little party that all of your guests will adore. 

2. Butterfly

If you love nature themes, why not have a butterfly theme? You don’t have to settle with just one color with this theme. You can make it as colorful as you want to match all of the different butterflies colors. Having a butterfly themed party will end up to be a beautiful and fun shower that surely won’t be dull. You can purchase a watercolor cake with a butterfly topper, and a butterfly piñanta!

3. Bees

Let’s celebrate your new little honey bee with some honey and flowers. There are many different directions you could go with a Bee theme, and each sweeter than the last. For all the future dads out there, there are endless possibilities of puns too, which is always a fun plus. Have a color scheme of gold decor, and add in some honeycomb cookies and honey stix to snack on for some delicious treats for a bee-utifal party. 

4. Woodland

Children love little woodland animals so why not throw a woodland baby shower. Fill the party with bunnies, foxes, owls, and other cute little woodland creatures and your party will be absolutely adorable. Add the finishing touches of flowers, trees, and other woodsy elements and you are all set.

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Character Ideas

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Character Ideas

5. Princess

When you are having a baby girl, the most classic baby shower theme is princesses. Every little girl is your little princess so start this party off right with tiaras, castles, and the whole royal treatment. Maybe even put a big castle cake on display and have lots of tiaras decorated around the place. Add lots of pinks, purples, and sparkles and you’re going to have a royal time. 

6. Superhero

Who says you can’t be a superhero if you are a girl? Have a superhero theme that centers around all of the influential females you want her looking up to for the rest of her life. Let her know from before she is born she can do anything she puts her mind to. You will want some great baby shower decoration ideas for your party! Here are some for this theme: put some superhero decorations up, or put up some photos of influential women you would hope your daughter looks up to. 

7. Fairy

For an enchanted party, have a fairy theme baby shower that takes place in a beautiful forest or garden. Make sure you add lots of sparkles and fairy dust, and you’ll be able to welcome your new little fairy the right way. Have little fairy figurines hidden throughout the party, and a few woodland creatures as well, and the party is sure to be magical.

8. Tu Cute

Did you always imagine having a little ballerina? Then imagine having tutus, ballet shoes, and other froufrous. Make sure to get a ruffle pink cake, and ballerina cookies, to get the party started. Don’t forget some cute pink drinks and if you want a prima ballerina maybe even a few tiaras to decorate the place. With all the ruffles, glitter, and other pink items this theme is going to be Tu Tu Cute!

9. Baby Yoda

With the popularity of the new show ‘The Mandalorian,’ any Star Wars fan will love a Baby Yoda baby shower. It’s the newest trend, so you know not too many people have done it yet. It’s sure to be an adorable theme with the Baby Yoda cake to celebrate your new baby. There are plenty of adorable Yoda cake toppers as well if you would like to do a simple cake. Have other Star Wars theme decorations, and you can welcome your new little Mandalorian in the best way.

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Bright Colors and Fun

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Bright Colors and Fun

10. Little Miss Sunshine

If you don’t want to have a pink theme baby shower for your girl, you could have a yellow theme baby shower. This bright theme works especially well in the summer for celebrating the little ray of light you are about to be blessed with. Have bright yellow invitations and a bright yellow cake and decorations, and it’s sure to be a sunshiny day. 

11. Bubbles and Besties

What better way to celebrate than with your besties and a couple of bottles of bubbly. Deck the venue with different shades of gold and clear balloons to look like bubbles. Make the cake a cute gold polka dot cake, or if you are lucky enough to be pregnant with a bestie, maybe have two cakes with the names of your expecting kids on each of them. You can even allow your best friends to build their own bubbly with different juices and berries.

12. Little Cutie

Fruit always looks cuter with a little face on it. Cuties, or the well-known brand of clementines, have the opportunity right there. So plan a fun and bright fruity baby shower for your new little cutie in your life. Use lots of oranges and greens and a fruit theme theme is all set, just make sure you have a bunch of little cutie cookies at the center of the party too.

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Fancy

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Fancy

13. High Tea

For those parents who maybe like the idea of having a posh baby shower, maybe they should look at this theme. A high tea party will celebrate your new princess in a very elegant and traditional way. Fill the party with china and teacups, little finger sandwiches, scones, and the cutest little desserts, and you’ll have the poshest party in town.

14. Vintage

A vintage theme baby shower is always an elegant and timeless option for a baby shower. You can have any color scheme you want as long as you make sure that the colors you go with are muted, and look aged in some way. You can add some ornate frames and vintage serving dishes to have all the accents for pulling this shower together.

15. Fashion

If you plan on having a fashion-loving little girl, maybe have a fashion theme party. Pick one of your favorite designers, and you can make that the main designer to design the party around. There are many designers such as Chanel, or Versace, or even Marc Jacobs that you could choose from. Put their logo on cakes and cookies and even see if you can print some onesies with the logo of the brand.

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Nature

Girl Baby Shower Themes: Nature

16. Succulents

Succulents are a huge trend, not just for parties but also for decorating your houses. The colors of succulents can be visually soothing, but also bring a room together. Decorate your party with succulents galore and you will have the trendiest baby shower of the season. The color scheme can be different shades of greens, and you can have a succulent shaped cake, and at the end of the party you can even hand out mini succulents to all the party guests. 

17. Boho and Floral

Another popular type of plant theme is a boho and floral theme. You can decorate with lots of pinks, greens, flowers (including flower crowns), woven baskets, etc. Add as many plants as possible, and even use eco-friendly products for things such as plates, napkins, and silverware. You can even tell guests to bring in gently used items for gifts.

18. Tropical Island

Sometimes you need bright flowers, some palm leaves, and bright colors for it to feel like you are on vacation. With the due date close, the Mama deserves to feel like she is on vacation. Create some backdrops and other Instagram worthy items and your party will be posted on everyone’s Instagram! Have lots of fruity treats and drinks and use a color scheme of greens and bright oranges and pinks and the baby shower will feel like the vacation the Mama deserves. 

19. Safari

If you are looking for a trendy theme for your baby shower, then a safari theme is perfect. Have lots of plants and wild animal cookies and have a green and gold theme party. Maybe even add a dress code of white fancy dress, so then it feels like an old 1900s safari trip. You can add lots of different types of wild animals and have the cutest little adventure party ever.

20. White Wonderland

On the other hand, if you are having a winter baby, you could do a Winter Wonderland theme. Keep it cozy with white colors and some hot drinks, like hot chocolate. Maybe even add some browns in if you want to feel like you are outside in a forest in a Winter Wonderland. Just make sure you have snowflakes as well, or even a cute photo booth that has a cute DIY machine that sprinkles fake snow on your guests when they take photos of your fabulous party. 


We hope the provided baby shower ideas for girls give you much inspiration. There are many more ideas, but these will just get you started in thinking of the perfect theme, with a little something for everyone. These themes though can help you have a perfect celebration. Don’t limit your ideas, and know that you can raise your daughter to be anything. She can be a super girly girl or the fiercest superhero in the world, or she can be both. Welcome your baby girl with the cutest girl baby shower themes around, and get ready to raise a dynamo. If you are interested in checking out more of our blogs, visit

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