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38 Exciting Glow in the Dark Theme Party Ideas

Looking for a colorful and exciting glow in the dark theme party for your kid’s birthday?  We have a complete guide from decorations, favors to activities, and food for you to lighten up the special day with spectacular ideas.

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Decorations

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Decorations
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1. UV Neon Glow Balloons

Neon glow balloons are a must in a glow in the dark theme party. There are countless options and designs for balloons, but adding light to them makes everything more fun. You can decorate the party with a bouquet of balloons or make a balloon arch depending on your preference. 

2. Disco Ball

Disco ball is one of the most symbolic elements in a glow in the dark theme party. It complements the music at the party and adds an exciting atmosphere to your party location.

3. LED Flood Light

There would never be too much fun lighting decorations in a glow party. LED flood light is another choice to complete the theme. 

4. Floating Pool Lights

Floating pool light is a great option for outdoor parties, especially if there is a pool. It can be used not only for decorations but also for glow volleyball games in the water.

5. Glow Neon Party Backdrop

Hanging up a neon backdrop is another way of decorating the space. It can be a photo booth or simply acts as a theme-focused wall in the room. Either way, it would be a great compliment to your party.

6. LED Black Light

LED black light is useful to enhance the glowing effect on your party. Some objects do not naturally glow and adding black light would potentially lighten up the item depending on the object.

7. Neon Star Swirl Hanging Decorations

Neon star swirl hanging decorations are the best decoration idea to pop the ceiling. You can place it at the party entrance or the backroom of the party. Either way, it would be a super fun item to add to space.

8. Glow Party Sign

Glow party signs are simple and easy to use. There is a lot of flexibility in how you use the signs depending on your party location. 

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Favors

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Favors
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9. Glow in the Dark Gift Bags

These glow in the dark themed party gift bags are ideal for treats packaging for party favors. They are durable and reusable, which is a plus. 

10. Light-Up Toys

Light-up toys are one of the best party favors for glow in the dark theme party. The toy can be glowing glasses, glowing necklaces, or bumpy rings. 

11. Light Up Spin Bracelet

A glowing spin bracelet is another option for party favors if the guests are teens or at a younger age. Instead of the flickering light, the spin bracelet’s light can rotate. 

12. UV Glow in the Dark Party Tattoos

Glow in the dark theme party tattoos is one of the gifts that your guests would love. It is simple and exciting. You can either let your guests choose the design or prepare them in the favor pouches.

13. Mini Neon Shuttle Pens

Neon shuttle pens are particle gifts that the guests can find useful. It is cute and pretty with various colors to choose from.

14. Neon Glow Party Frosted Lollipops

Glowing lollipops are probably one of the coolest snacks. They are assorted fruit flavors and wrapped individually for convenience.  

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Food Ideas

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Food Ideas
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15. Cupcakes with Neon Color Frosting

Cupcake is a dessert that everyone loves. Bring in some neon color frosting to make it pretty and glowy. You can place the cupcakes as a cupcake tower or arrange them any other ways you would like.

16. Tonic Water

Tonic water glows blue in the dark, which is a great match for this theme party. Some popular brands for tonic water include Canada Dry and Schweppes.

17. Clear Soda 

Clear soda such as sprite or 7up is one of the ideas for party beverages. You can serve it with glowing cups to the guests to match the glow theme.

18. Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream is a food choice that would glow in the dark. The color of the glow would be somewhere between yellow and green. It is delicious and pretty for this glow in the dark theme party.

19. Marshmallows 

Marshmallows are black light reflective that would give a glowing effect. If you are not planning on using a black light, you can also stick the marshmallows on glowing sticks.

20. Glow in the Dark Cotton Candy

This glow in the dark cotton candy would be the conversation all over among guests because it is the coolest thing ever. You can use a glow stick or cone for the cotton candy to make it lit up. There is no limit to what color you can use. Even a rainbow color combination would work with this.

21. Cosmic Brownies

Cosmic brownies are delicious and easy to make. You can simply put on colorful chocolates on the brownie to make it pretty. You can also serve the store-bought ones if you are not planning on baking. No one is judging!

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Games

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Games
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22. Glowing in the Dark Ring Toss Game

Glowing in the dark ring toss game is a very safe alternative to a dartboard that is suitable for teens and children. The glowing effects make everything more fun that gives the party a new level of excitement.

23. Balloon Volleyball

Balloon volleyball is easy to learn and fun to play. You can use glowing balloons, glow balls, or even a regular balloon to play, depending on what you have. Have your guests split into 2 teams and see who scores more points. Just note that this activity would work better in a larger space.

24. Glow Party Dance Floor Moves Games

These sheet neon papers are perfect for games. You can create dance moves according to the stickers or simply use them for other activities. For example, you can use them for a standing version of “A Cold Wind Blows”. 

25. Glow in the Dark Hide and Seek

Since the party is going to be dark, there is nothing better than playing hide and seek. However, it is important to make sure that there are not too many objects in the way that could potentially trip over your guests. Having fun is awesome, but safety should always be the first thing to consider. 

26. Tic Tac Toe Game Set with Light

This is a giant tic tac toe game that is suitable for both kids and adults. You can play anywhere with a flat surface. It is the perfect and simple game for the glow in the dark theme party.

Glow in the Dark Theme Party: Party Supplies

Glow in the Dark Theme Party: Party Supplies
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27. Glowing Party Cup

Instead of thinking about what beverages match the glow in the dark theme party, using these glowing cups can easily set the tone on the snack table. 

28. Neon Fedora Hats

If there is no specific dress code for the party, you can offer neon fedora hats to your guests. There are four colors in a pack, so people can wear different colors, which adds diversity to the outfits.

29. Neon Glow Party Cupcake Stand

This party cupcake stand is phenomenal for food display. When the guests enter your party, they would certainly see this eye-catching tower of cupcakes.

30. Glow Party Tablecloth

Glow party tablecloth is an awesome compliment on your party snack table. Even if you are using a plastic folding table, this glow party tablecloth can transform it into something fun and exciting.

31. Neon Glow Party Beverage Napkins

Even things as small as napkin supplies in a party can light up space. Consider using these neon glow party beverage napkins for your theme party.

32. Black Light Glow Body Paint

Glow body paint is another interesting and fun idea to play with at a glow in the dark theme party. 

33. Glow Candy Labels

Candy is everyone’s favorite and adding glow labels on candy bars makes everything cooler. You can put them on any snacks you want, such as KitKats, M&Ms, or Skittles. 

34. Personalized Glow Water Bottle Labels

Serving water is not as cool when it is just plain water bottles. Make it fun with glow water bottle labels and everyone would want to take one.

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Invitations

Glow in the Dark Theme Party Invitations
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35. Creative Converting Glow Party Invitation

This is a simple glow party invitation that would get the job done. When you are busy planning the party, and choosing invitation designs and sending invitations seems to be a hassle, this one would be your best choice.

36. Glow Party Invitation Ticket

Glow party invitation tickets are one of the most creative ways to invite party guests. You can customize it with the date and details you want on the website.

37. Glow Party Invitation Tag

Having an invitation tag is like going to a concert. This glow invitation takes your party to the next level while making guests feel special.

38. Neon Happy Birthday Invitations Invite Cards

This neon invitation card is made specifically for birthday parties. If that is the occasion you are celebrating, it would be perfect for you.


Hopefully, this complete glow in the dark theme party planning guide sparked some ideas for your exciting event. We want the best for every part of your party. If you are feeling overwhelmed, you can always hire a professional to make this dream party happen.  

Written by Tsaiyen Hu

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