Happy Face Theme Party

25 Ideas for a Happy Face Theme Party

Any event that calls for a celebration also calls for happy guests and big smiles. A happy face theme party is a perfect event to lift the spirits of kids and adults! Transfer the smiles from your décor to your guests’ faces with these happy face party theme games and ideas. Follow our tips to throw the happiest party around. 

Happy Face Theme Party Decor

1. Pin It

Cover the walls with happy face posters. For memorabilia, create a poster where the guest can write what makes them smile. This is perfect for any kid party!

2. Hangin‘ Around

Looking for a smiley craft? When decorating, most forget how useful the ceiling can be. Utilize the space in a corner and hang happy face cutouts and supplies. Punch a hole in the top and hang with fishing line. Get creative and cut out other colors to make flowers, suns, etc. for the party. 

3. Balloons

Buy plenty of balloons in the color of your choice and use a permanent marker to draw on happy faces. Write the party guest’s name on the back and encourage decorating their balloon or have a contest!

4. Happy Face Banners

To make these decorations, pick your style of paper: matte or glossy, and either trace or print out a circle (do so on 10 pages). Decorate the circle as a happy face and punch a hole on each side. Use string to tie the faces together, creating a banner. This can also be made into the shape you used for your hanging cutouts.

5. Flower Power

Decorate mugs, pots, and old jars with happy faces to hold flowers for a centerpiece. This will be a fun craft!

6. Happy Face Candles

Pick circular candles to make a smiley face with. Use two for the eyes and the rest for the mouth. Perfect for a table center. 

7. Party Supplies

Sticking to your color theme, pick out tablecloths, streamers, and confetti. It is possible to get lucky and find confetti smiley faces!

8. Happy Face Centerpieces

Place bright smiley face platers in the middle of each table to give the room a pop of color! These smiley face planters will grab your guests’ attention in every way possible & I promise you they will want to take the centerpieces home! The smiley planters can be filled with anything small like candy to a real sunflowers!

9. Smiley Chalkboard

Be sure to have a chalkboard at your event. This way your guests will be able to leave you meaningful comments that will later give you the biggest smile! The party host will know how much they mean to their guests! Be creative on where the chalkboard is placed.

10. Years of Smiles

A heart-warming handy craft can be picking out the best pictures of the party host giving their best smiles to the camera! This years of smiles banner will remind friends and family how fast the years fly by. The moments captured in each picture will bring a different mood to the party! Have fun going down memory lane when creating this project.

Happy Face Party Theme Games

Happy Face Party Theme Games

11. Dart a Smile

A spinoff of the game darts, but instead of counting points we’re counting smiles. Tape or glue happy face wrapping paper to a piece of plywood or bulletin board. After the paper is secure, have guests throw darts and try to hit a smiley. Create a theme contest by adding different throwing distances. The one who gets a smiley in each distance gets a grand prize.

12. Ball Drop

For the party guest who’s not scared of a challenge, try other game ideas such as ball drop. Use 12 clear glasses, either plastic or glass, and fill half full with water. Cut out at most 6 happy faces and tape to the bottom of the glasses. Arrange glasses in the shape of your choice (diamond, triangle, square). Using a ping pong ball, have the guest drop the ball at a determined height into the glass, allowing a certain number of attempts. The person who gets the most balls into the glasses that smile wins!

13. Guessing Game

Want more trivia activities for smiley parties? Use a large clear jar to house happy face pins. Have each party guest guess the number of pins in the container. The person who can guess the right number, or closest to it, wins the jar and gets to give out smiles! Take the game a step further; whoever gets the most pins wins a prize. 

14. Bursting’ Balloons

Go to your local party supplies store or website and get happy face balloons for more activities. Blow up balloons and place around the floor. Players will then crawl around on their hands and knees trying to pop as many balloons as possible. The catch is that every player will be blindfolded! Have a scorekeeper to keep track of the number of balloons each player pops. The one with the most popped triumphs and wins this smiles event!

Happy Face Party Invitations

Happy Face Party Invitations

15. Happy Face Balls

Think outside the envelope and use happy face balls as an invitation. Whether you prefer beachballs, dodgeballs, or blow-up balls, this is a fun way to send a smile. Use a black permanent marker to write all event details.

16. Happy Face Decals

Happy face decals are the perfect way to make an impression that “sticks.”

17. Smiley Face Invites

Print out happy face images and include party information on the back. To add a little sparkle, include smiley confetti inside!

18. Cupcake Invites

Feed a smile by giving out happy face cupcakes as invites. Write party info on the container or on a flag!

Happy Face Theme Party: Food

Happy Face Theme Party: Food

19. Chicken Tenders or Nuggets 

For food idea basics at smiley theme parties, go with this! Display these tasty finger foods in the shape of a smiley face on a yellow plate!

20. Happy Face Pizza

Using your preference of sauce and toppings, make a personal party pizza. Create a happy face with toppings such as mushrooms, pepperoni, peppers, sausage, and more!

21. Lemonade

Serve this cool refreshing drink in a pitcher with fresh lemon slices. It’ll be a hit on the menu. 

22. Happy Cake 

Bake a round yellow cake and decorate with icing the color of your theme. Use black icing to make the eyes and smile! You don’t have to only have sugary content; there’s plenty of ideas out there for health conscious desserts!

23. Jars of Candy

Fill mason jars with colored candy or yellow. Using a black permanent marker, draw happy faces on the jars. If you’re lacking jars, you can purchase candy with jars at online retailers.

24. Lemon Meringue Pie

Decorate this delicious dessert with shavings of lemon peel.

25. Super Happy Popsicles

Enjoy homemade lemon popsicles that will be sure to have everyone smiling! Making these popsicles will be wicked easy to make. You will only need three ingredients — lemon juice, sugar, and cold water. To give the lemon popsicles a sweet touch to them, feel free to add honey. These popsicles are perfect for any season, enjoy!


We hope you enjoyed these Happy Face Theme Party ideas. It is a perfect theme for any event even if it is a simple get together its a great way to spread positivity.

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