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25 Creative Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts

Are you looking for some last minute bridal shower gifts? Don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! From gifts focused on relaxation to houseware presents, you’re sure to find something in here to give the future bride at the bridal shower! We picked out our favorite items on Amazon below to give you some fun ideas to consider.

Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts: Comfort

last minute bridal shower gifts: comfort
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1. Fuzzy Blanket

A fuzzy blanket is the perfect last minute bridal shower gift. Just the bride-to-be and her future spouse all cuddled up in their future house or apartment in the blanket that you gifted them! They will be forever grateful to you because who couldn’t love a wonderful, fuzzy blanket?! 

2. Robe

Who doesn’t love a warm robe after a shower? We know the bride-to-be will surely love opening up a comfortable robe! You could also get her a kimono-style robe if you know she prefers the silky style as opposed to this fuzzy texture. Either way, a robe is a great present because they’re so comfortable – she could sleep in it, walk around the house in it, basically do anything in it! 

3. Slippers

Slippers are a great present – the bride-to-be will never have cold feet again (including on her wedding day…hopefully!). She will be able to roll out of bed, put her slippers on, and walk around the house in total comfort. We mentioned the slippers above because they have a hard sole so they provide great support! 

4. Cozy Quilt

How can you get a good night’s sleep without having a cozy quilt? If you bring a quilt to the bridal shower, you are sure to be praised by the bride-to-be and envied by the other guests because they will be jealous they didn’t think of that present. It’s essential the bride-to-be gets restful and peaceful sleep not only before her wedding but the whole time she’s married to her spouse so that the relationship is long and healthy! Sleep is key to everything! 

5. Pillows 

last minute bridal shower gifts: pillows

Consider purchasing fun colorful pillows for the bridal shower. These pillows are sure to spice up the bride-to-be’s living area, and she will receive tons of compliments thanks to you! Make sure these pillows are comfortable as well – many accent pillows are not too comfortable, but before giving them to the bride-to-be, test them out yourself to make sure they are suitable as a gift. 

6. “Mr” and “Mrs” Socks

last minute bridal shower gifts: mr and mrs socks

The “Mr” and “Mrs” trend may be a little cringy, but it sure is fun to play into! Gift the bride-to-be these cute “Mr” and “Mrs” socks to wear with her husband. The couple can wear these socks to the reception if they want to take their shoes but still protect their feet from the dirty floor! These socks are still wearable after the reception, though – she and her husband can wear them around the house, getting groceries, the possibilities are endless! 

7. Bamboo Bathtub Tray

Is this not every girl’s dream? Watching a movie in the bathtub with a candle going is (I think) every girl’s fantasy. When you give the bride-to-be this present, she might call off the wedding because she’ll be too busy spending time in her bath with this bathtub tray! We’re just kidding about her calling off the wedding, however, this bathtub tray will certainly help provide a sense of relief with all the wedding planning the bride-to-be goes through. 

8. Luxury Candle

Who thought candles could get or smell any better? Well, surprise! Luxury candles are apparently a thing, and they’re great last minute gifts to give to the future bride. If you give the future bride a luxury candle, the events that come after will probably play out like this: she will spend at least five minutes smelling it in awe and then profusely thank you because she can’t stop thinking about the hour-long bath she plans to take with the candle lit later. 

Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts: In the Kitchen

last minute bridal shower gifts: in the kitchen
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9. Pots and Pans Set

Getting a set of pots and pans is almost a right of passage to becoming a woman. There is lots of cookware out there, but make sure you get a good set for the bride-to-be, as this set will be in her kitchen for a long time. This set we suggest is a nonstick set and dishwasher safe, so we definitely recommend it. 

10. Cookbook 

No matter if you are the best chef in the world or just starting out with cooking, a cookbook is a necessity in the kitchen. Especially when the bride and her spouse are figuring out dinners, a cookbook will be helpful because they can flip it open and get ideas. Even if they don’t end up following the specific recipes mentioned, it is still helpful to flip through to get ideas. We mentioned the cookbook above about “No-Recipe Recipes” because the author makes the recipes catered to ingredients that people usually have on-hand and with ingredients that are easily substitutable. 

11. KitchenAid

How can we not recommend giving the bride-to-be a KitchenAid mixer? This mixer is a little bit of an investment, but it stands the test of time. The bride-to-be will be able to make truly anything with this mixer, as there are a number of attachments available to purchase. She can make doughs, pasta, batter, and so much more. If you’re looking to splurge a bit for this bridal shower, consider buying a KitchenAid mixer, especially if the bride-to-be loves cooking and baking!

12. Cutting Board

last minute bridal shower gifts: cutting board

Did you want to engrave a cutting board for the bride-to-be and her spouse, but now it’s too late? No worries! Giving her a normal cutting is just as effective because they do the same job, and she will love it just as much! The cutting board doubles as an actual cutting board and as a charcuterie board. Urge her to invite her friends over (you!) for a night of games, wine, and cheese with your lovely cutting board as the centerpiece.  

13. Champagne Flutes 

These beautiful rose gold champagne flutes will make for a great last minute bridal shower gift! What bride-to-be doesn’t want to crack open a bottle of champagne any night of the week with gorgeous flutes to pair with it?! Champagne flutes are also a great present because it is necessary glassware every couple should own, so you are helping the soon-to-be-bride build her glassware collection. 

14. Wine and Cheese

Wine and cheese nights are the best nights of the week for married couples, so give the future bride a gift basket of wine and cheese. This way, she will be set for at least her first wine and cheese night with her friends! Tell her that you better be invited when she cracks open the gift basket since you gave it to her!  

15. Wine Rack

last minute bridal shower gifts: wine rack

If the bride is a big wine drinker, consider gifting her a multipurpose wine rack. It doubles as a place to hang wine glasses and a place to display wine! Because it has fewer racks for the wine glasses, encourage the future bride to show off her more expensive wine; maybe eventually she and her spouse can level up to a wine fridge for all their wine if they are truly big wine drinkers!

16. Dishtowels 

last minute bridal shower gifts: dishtowels

Anyone can purchase a dishtowel, so you want to make sure you buy a dish towel that the bride-to-be will either find funny or find incredibly attractive. We chose to go the funny route with our dishtowel choice! These towels are sure to make anyone chuckle (at least on the inside). 

Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts: Couple-Focused 

last minute bridal shower gifts: couple-focused
Source: Amazon

17. Couple Card Game

Games are a great way to get to know someone better because many games, including card games, involve asking questions. The card game we mentioned above includes conversation starters to help the future bride and her spouse engage in meaningful, expressive conversation with each other. One of the questions asks, “What memory instantly makes you smile?” The questions are geared to make the relationship healthier and happier, which is great for a couple that is about to get married! 

18. Personalized Relationship Necklace

last minute bridal shower gifts: personalized relationship necklace

Consider purchasing a personalized relationship necklace for the bride-to-be. In the middle of the necklace, you can input the initials of the couple, and on the outside, you can input their wedding date. The future bride is sure to love the necklace and wear it for a long time to come. 

19. “What I Love About You” Book

Although this book is generally filled out and then given to the person who is loved, it is also acceptable to give it to the bride, and she can fill it out about her spouse. Encourage the bride to fill out the book before the wedding and give it to her spouse-to-be the night before their wedding, that way they are both reassured of their love for each other. 

20. Personalized “Mr” and “Mrs” Luggage Tags

last minute bridal shower gifts: personalized mr and mrs luggage tags

Personalized “Mr” and “Mrs” luggage tags are the perfect gifts for the couple’s honeymoon! The couple will want to tell everyone that they just got married, so giving them luggage tags that help notify others around them that they’re married is incredibly convenient. These luggage tags are also useful for normal trips, not just their honeymoon. 

Last Minute Bridal Shower Gifts: Wedding-Focused

21. Wedding Survival Kit

Every bride needs a wedding survival kit – who knows what could happen, and if something does go wrong, she needs to have the means to fix it! This survival kit contains tweezers, scissors, bobby pins, a mini sewing kit, and much more. To ensure that the future bride has a saving grace if emergency strikes, gift her this survival kit. 

22. Wedding Ring Holder

The bride-to-be is about to ring on it, so she needs a ring holder! We picked out this ring holder because it perfectly displays the wedding ring. The walnut wood contrasting with the band will make the color pop! While the future bride can obviously use the ring holder for her wedding ring, she may not want to take it off for a while, so she can use the holder for her other rings as well! 

23. Frames for Wedding Photos

Gift the bride-to-be picture frames to display her future wedding photos! By giving her the picture frames now, she will not have to fret over getting the picture frames after the pictures are done – she’ll already have frames because you gave them to her! Plus, every time she looks at her wedding photos, she can think of your special gift!

24. Bride Makeup Bag

last minute bridal shower gifts: bride makeup bag

The bride-to-be obviously needs a makeup bag, and there should be a distinction between the bride’s makeup bag and the bridesmaids’ bags. The future bride is sure to never lose her makeup bag with the word “bride” in big bold letters on the front of the bag! 

25. Personalized Wedding Dress Hanger

The future bride’s wedding dress will need to hang on something while she gets ready, so consider bringing a personalized wedding dress hanger to the bridal shower! You can input the bride’s name with the wedding date so it is not only useful but also a great memory for the couple to look back on. The whole wedding party can get matching personalized hangers for the complete effect!  


We hope you found some last-minute gift ideas to give the bride-to-be at her bridal shower. If you are especially short on time, skip the personalization; the future bride is sure to be happy with whatever gift you give her! All the options we listed above are viable options for any bride-to-be. Also, if you want to see more content please check out the rest of EasyEventPlanning. We hope you have a great time at the bridal shower!

Written by Sydney Pattison

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