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Top 15 Creative Lobster Theme Party Ideas

Summer and shellfish go together perfectly, just like Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. A lobster boil would make a great summer festivity, whether you’re celebrating a birthday, graduation, or the Fourth of July! Lobster is a delicious and extravagant delicacy to list on any menu. But, you can take things a step further and plan an entire lobster theme party! A lobster theme party is a fun and exciting way for all of your friends and family to get together, socialize, and enjoy some luxurious food. 

Don’t know where to start? Don’t worry because here are several stylish lobster party décor, menu, and favorite ideas to make for an absolutely outstanding lobster theme party.

Want to spice up the lobster theme and delve deep into a creative ocean themed party? If so, then you might want to check this out!

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Lobster Theme Party: Décor

Lobster Theme Party: Décor

1. Colors

Stick with a simple color palette of navy blue and white, with accents of yellow and red for a punchy design. You can even incorporate some aqua for extra style points.

2. Walls

Enhance your dining area with lobster theme wall décor and hangings. Or create your restaurant shingle – (Sam’s) Lobster Shack. You could also hang an ocean-blue ready-made mural on the walls, drape fishnet over it and attach plastic fish to the net. This is a simple and creative DIY craft that would make a fitting decoration for your lobster theme party.

3. Balloons

Balloons are a superb and inexpensive way to decorate any party. For display ideas, fasten bouquets of helium balloons onto the handles of plastic pails filled with sand. Make sure the balloons are colorful since the party will be in the summer!

4. Table Settings

Make sure your table is set with lobster claw crackers, lobster picks, and a red plastic tablecloth because things could get messy – especially when lobster is on the menu!

5. Centerpieces

For your party centerpieces, try filling fishnets with an assortment of shells, starfish, and sand dollars. Another idea is to place a large lemon or sea-scented candle on a metal tray and scatter little treasures around it such as coral, sea glass, shells, and pebbles. A centerpiece like this can really stand out and fit well with a lobster theme party.

6. Seafood Survival

Set up a seafood survival section for your guests to crack open their seafood with. Fill colorful mason jars with utensils, mallets, and napkins! This will set all your guests up for a successful and delicious meal! Spread confetti on the table to add color!

Lobster Theme Party Menu Ideas

Lobster Theme Party Menu Ideas

7. Lobster

The centerpiece is of course the lobster itself. Boil the lobster and then crack it open to enjoy. Otherwise, incorporate the lobster into many fun and creative recipes such as lobster rolls, lobster bisque, or lobster mac and cheese. If you’re in need of a boiling pot, there are many options available at online vendors.

8. The Sauce

Almost as important as the lobster itself is the dipping sauce! Garlic butter sauce is the classic lobster dipping sauce, but look up some more dipping sauce ideas to have a variety for your party guests.

9. The Sides

Dealer’s choice, there are plenty of options from mac-and-cheese to salads – decide on whatever you think you and your guests will like.  Some other ideas are oyster crackers, corn on the cob, shrimp, potatoes. Get creative!

10. More Seafood

Give your guests more course options to enjoy such as oysters, shrimp, clam strips, scallops, and more! Lobster will still be the main attraction, but this will provide guests with more variety. More seafood is always a solid option to wow your guests!

11. Dessert

Order a lobster theme cake or decorate cupcakes with red icing to make it look like little lobsters are on the cupcakes. After a nice, satisfying, and savory meal, guests are sure to appreciate a sweet palate cleanser.

Lobster aside – need recommendations on health-conscious desserts to serve at your party? We’ve got you covered.

12. Sweet Tea

Sweet Tea is a must for your party! Serve some classic sweet tea by brewing a cup of sugar in a cup of water (do more cups depending on the number of guests that will attend your party). Then, add black tea bags (3-4 per cup). Make sure you stir regularly so everything combines and voila you have amazing sweet tea guests would die for. Add some cute straws into the teacups and serve the tea with ice to chill it!

Party Favors

Party Favors

13. Sweet Treats

After a savory meal, don’t forget the shellfish theme supply and giveaway. Sweet lobster theme treats are a necessity. Buy lobster gummies or lobster-shaped chocolate fudge and place them in red cellophane bags. Or make sugar cookies in the shape of lobsters and decorate the tops of them with red icing.

14. Recipe Cards

It’s recommended that you dig up recipes that warrant lobster, such as lobster corn chowder, lobster quesadillas, and lobster mac & cheese. You can type these recipes and paste them on white cardstock paper or index cards. Duplicate the recipes for each guest, punch a hole on all of the cards, and fasten them with a decorative red ribbon. Then all of your guests can have their own recipe card!

15. Lobster Love

As your party comes to an end, send guests home with lobster theme party favors. A lobster wine stopper, plush toy, or a special lobster-shaped soap are all unique giveaways that guests will appreciate. Another creative idea is to decorate a couple of fun lobster bibs for guests to wear while they’re feasting!


Putting lobster on the menu alone is sure to excite your guests regardless of the event. Why not make things a little more fun and take it to the next level? By throwing your very own lobster theme party, you can incorporate these fun décor, favor, and food ideas. The more creative you get, the more your guests will appreciate your efforts and enjoy the event. 

So, what are you waiting for? Plan a fun, summertime lobster theme party with all of your closest friends and family, and be prepared for a night you won’t forget!

Edited by: Avery Patterson

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