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34 Music Theme Party Ideas

Two of the things that people absolutely love are music and musicians! If you want to take those ideas and turn them into a party, we have some music theme party décor ideas that can help you. The first step in throwing a music theme party is applying the appropriate décor to make your party fit the fun theme.

Music Theme Party Décor

Music Theme Party Décor

1. Tables

For a fun idea, buy a white tablecloth from your local party supplies store. Then, lay it out on the ground and, with paint or markers, draw lines and music notes on it to make it resemble sheet music. Allow it time to dry and then lay it on your tables. If you want to protect the tablecloth, get an additional clear tablecloth to put on top of your drawing.

Another idea involves getting a black tablecloth. Use white or gray paint to create circles around the tablecloth representing the grooves of a vinyl record. In the center of the tablecloth, you could put the name of the party similarly to how the name of the song looks on a record with the sticker in the middle. You could also put the names of your favorite songs or albums in the middle to celebrate the music you love!

2. Posters/Albums

These musical party supplies can be found right at home. Dig through your collection to find old posters of musicians that you liked (or still like!) and hang these up on the walls. If you have albums or records, take the covers and hang those up on the walls as well! Alternatively, you can look for posters to buy at online retailers.

3. Stage

Create a stage at your party for your guests to perform on! Grab some plywood and black felt to create your stage. Then, grab some floor lamps and set up musical instruments. This is also a great photo op for your guests! Ask each guest about their favorite song or genre and make a playlist!

4. Notes

Grab some black construction paper and trace out a music note in pencil. Then, cut the music note out and hang these around the party for decoration. These are also super easy to make!

5. Disco Balls

If you’re looking to decorate the ceiling, disco balls are a great way to provide light and decoration for parties! Grab some miniature disco balls and hang them from the ceiling. You can also grab records and hang those from the ceiling as well!

6. Strobe Lights

Similar to disco balls, these are another way to bring lighting and additional decoration. Search the internet for some strobe lights and hang them from the ceiling or place them around the room. Strobe lights will make the music sound better and make the dancing more enjoyable.

7. Life-size Cutouts

Give your guests an opportunity to finally meet their favorite artists! Get life-size cutouts of some of your favorite artists and set up an area to allow guests to take pictures with them. Leave silly props around so guests can style their favorite the way that they want.

8. Place Cards

If you’re going to put place cards at each of your tables, why not make them music theme? Cut out some more (and smaller) music notes that we’ve talked about before. Then, write the guests’ names on them. They can take these home as a favor too!

Music Theme Party Favors

Music Theme Party Favors

If you are throwing a music theme party but are unsure of how to make your guests remember your party long after it ends, why not give them a memorable song party prize? We have included some ideas of music theme party favors that your guests are sure to love! Parties aren’t complete without some tunes! 

9. Instruments

Why not give your guests miniature versions of instruments to take home? While you might automatically think that this is very expensive, it can be cheap if you get the right instruments. Try to steer away from classical options like flutes and trombones. Instead, give your guests maracas or tambourines. These instruments are fun to use, yet inexpensive to purchase.

10. Gift Cards

A favor that your guests are sure to adore – gift cards! Get your guests $5 gift cards to stores where they can enjoy their favorite music. Some examples include Best Buy, Target, and Amazon! Tune in to the younger generation! 

11. Inflatables for Parties

Head down to your local convenience store and look in their toy area for some inflatable favors for your guests. They can have things like inflatable microphones, guitars, anything! Your guests will love it and it’s relatively cheap. Sometimes, people will go harder with an inflatable instrument or air guitar than they will with a real one.

12. Exciting Music CD prizes

Why not give your guests a personalized favor by making your own mix CD with your favorite songs? Before the party, look up some songs you love and put them on a CD. Leave some room on the CD for your guests to put the music of their own! Another idea could be making a playlist of your favorite songs and sharing that with your guests. If you use an app like Spotify, guests can also add some of their favorite songs to the playlist.

13. Music Toys

Music can be made out of so many different things. From instruments to using your own mouth to make sounds, the list is endless! Go to a toy store and find some random, cheap toys to give to your guests so they can make music of their own. Some examples include kazoos and whistles.

14. Gag Gifts

Always a fun favor gift for your guests – gag gifts! These are gifts that are not very useful, but they’re fun! You can get your guests any sort of musical theme gag gifts, like guitar or music note-shaped sunglasses!

15. Musical Band-Aids

Give your guests this silly but practical favor! Visit your local department store to find band-aids with music themes, such as musical instruments or your favorite bands!

16. Stationery

Check out your local craft store to find music-theme stationery. Bundle up a package of music theme paper, pencils, erasers, or sticky notes for each of your guests!

17. Rock Star Giveaways

This favor idea might get a bit pricey depending on the size of your party, but your guests will love these! Get small merchandise from your favorite bands or rockstars, such as stickers, buttons, or even zipper pulls! Guests will have a blast showing support for their favorite music groups!

Music Theme Party Games 

Music Theme Party Games

Music theme parties can be a lot of fun! Although, you’ll want something to go on at your party that’s not just music in the background. Therefore, we have a list of music theme games and song theme party activities for you to use throughout the celebration. These party supplies are sure to work out perfectly.

18. Sing it

For a fun time at your party, grab a karaoke machine and let your guests belt out their favorite tunes! Not only is this a fun activity for your guests to participate in, but it is also hilarious. For an extra touch, film their performances and then send them to guests along with a thank you note.

19. Sound Guessing Activities

Before your party, record familiar sounds from around your neighborhood or workplace. Make sure they are sounds that everyone can recognize. Then, play the sounds and ask your guests to write down what they think the sound is. Afterward, go over the answers – the person with the most correct wins!

20. Concert

Set up your own makeshift concert with items from around your house! You can grab boxes to use as drums, maracas from salt and pepper shakers, and plastic container supplies with beads in them for tambourines! Makeup songs with your guests using these instruments for an enjoyable time.

21. Guess the Song Games

Before your music theme party, put together a mixed CD of your favorite songs or make a playlist. Then, play each song and allow your guests to guess who the artist is along with the name of the song. Make sure that phones are put away so that nobody can access Shazam and cheat. Go over the answers and name the winner!

22. Musical Chairs

What a better music theme party game than musical chairs! For this game, set up chairs back to back. Then, have your guests walk around the chairs while music plays in the background. Make sure that there is one less chair than the number of people participating. Whenever you like, stop the music. When the music stops your guests must try and sit in a seat as quickly as they can. The last person standing without a seat is out. After each round, remove one chair. The person who finds a seat every round wins the game!

Music Theme Party Themes

Music Theme Party Themes

23. Hard Rock Party

Surrounding the world of rock ‘n’ roll, it is known for its excellent theme for events with the music and high energy. You should find a way to incorporate drums, guitars, and other instruments into the décor.

24. Glam Rock

What says party like big hair, harsh colored lighting, and spandex inspired by musicians like Alice Cooper? This type of party is perfect if you want to use intense lighting arrangements and fog machines.

25. Disco Boogie

Everybody loves a good disco song. This type of party is perfect if you want to have complete freedom on decorating. You can choose the funkiest adornments that you can find and it will give you a reason to use lasers, wild light displays, and disco globes of any size.

Music Theme Party Invitations

Music Theme Party Invitations

Sticking to the theme of a party is often one of the hardest things for people to do. Therefore, we have a list of ideas for you to use if you’re planning a music theme party. From music theme party invitations to song menu ideas, we have it all!

26. Flyers

Create a concert inspired flyer for your party! To do this, advertise your guest of honor along with a photo of them. Underneath, write the details of the party like when and where it will be at. Then, hand them out to your guests!

27. CD’s

Make a mixed CD of your favorite songs and burn them onto a CD. Then, with CD label-making software, put your party details on the CD and send them out to your guests! If you’re not sure how to make the CD label, write it on a piece of paper and have that be the cover for the CD case.

28. Tickets

Try creating your own concert tickets as invitations. To do this, make a rectangular, ticket-shaped invitation. Write your party details on the invitation like an actual concert ticket! Send these out to your guests and tell them to bring it for admission to your party. 

Music Theme Party Menu

Music Theme Party Menu

29. Pizza CDs

Make mini pizza bagels to serve at your party. Since they are circular, call them CDs! These will make perfect music snacks or meals. 

30. Cake

No party is complete without some sort of cake. For your music theme party, try making a music note cake. To do this, you can either make a rectangular cake and draw the music note with icing or if you’re feeling extra ambitious, cut the cake out in the shape of a music note! Not fond of all the sugary treats? We have a collection of ideas for health-conscious desserts that might be nice alternatives!

31. Pudding Drum

Give the guests at your party a pudding cup with some pretzel sticks after your meal. They can take the pretzel sticks and drum on the top of the pudding cup and then dip them in the pudding to eat – yum!

32. Microphones

Get ice cream cones and put scoops of ice cream on the top. Then, get some chocolate sprinkles and put them over the top to resemble a microphone!

33. Piano PB&J

Make peanut butter sandwiches, alternate between brown and white bread. Then, line them up with one another so that these snacks resemble piano keys!

34. CD Cookies

Make large sugar cookies and frost them with icing. On the icing, put a small black hole in the middle with black icing to resemble a CD!


However you choose to plan your music theme party, just remember to rock on! The most important part of the event is the celebrated love for music. None of these ideas matter unless the party is centered around good music and having a good time. Put on your favorite songs and get to dancing.

Written by: Shannyn Apolaro and Chris Legere

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