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27 Creative Ocean Theme Party Ideas That Seas The Day

No time to go to the beach and soak in the ocean life for a day? No problem! We bring the sea experience to you with lots of ideas for hosting the perfect ocean theme party! No matter if it’s a child or an adult celebrating, you can get just as much enjoyment out of these party recommendation ideas. Set sail on the ocean with these creative invitations, party food, and activity ideas that make the ocean come alive. The sharks are nice, the fish are tasty, and the sand is smoother than ever with our ocean theme party ideas!

Ocean Theme Party Invitations

Ocean Theme Party Invitations

1. Message in a Bottle

Jot down the party details on antique stationery paper. Next, clean out or order empty glass bottles online. Finally, roll the papers up, stick them in the bottles, and drop them off at your guests’ houses for a creative message-in-a-bottle invite.

2. Seashell Notes

Order large scallop seashells online and write your party details on them with a permanent marker to invite your guests to a fun day filled with ocean-packed treats. You can hand-deliver them or send them in padded envelopes. These add a personal touch because they double as a party favor and are sure to be cherished for years to come.

3. Ocean Invitation Templates

If you’re short on time, use a free template and feel free to customize it for a personal touch!

Ocean Theme Party Snacks

Ocean Theme Party Snacks

4. Underwater Graham Crackers

Cover the bottom third of some Graham Crackers with blue frosting and sprinkle ocean-themed funfetti on top. Sprinkle a layer of brown sugar at the bottom of the Graham cracker to mimic a sandy bottom and add 2 Goldfish to the middle.

5. Fish Snacks

Serve candy gummy fish and Goldfish during the party as snacks. Although these fish are not from the sea, they are just as tasty. 

6. Fish-Shaped Sandwiches

Make sandwiches (Ex. peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese) and use fish-shaped cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into fish shapes. This is a quick and delicious way to incorporate the ocean theme into your guests’ experience.

7. Fish-Shaped Cupcakes or Cookies

Using the same method as the fish-shaped sandwiches, cut cupcakes or cookies into fish shapes with a clean fish-shaped cookie cutter. This is a fun method of creating a unique dessert for your guests. If you are looking for an ocean-themed cake for your party, you can find a local bakery to fulfill your dessert needs.

8. Edible Ocean

Get a glass baking dish and put blue and green jelly beans on the bottom of it. Pour blue Jell-O over the jelly beans and add gummy sea creatures before the Jell-O sets. Make sure you do this the day or night before the party so the Jell-O has time to form. This creative edible ocean dessert will impress your guests and leave them wanting more.

9. Tropical Fish in Jelly Cups

A tropical fish in a gradient jelly-cup is bound to be a party favorite – you will get a beautiful end result using only 4 ingredients!

10. Tasty Octopus Treats

Cut red licorice into 8 equal lengths for the octopus legs. Cover large gumballs with frosting, and attach 8 pieces of licorice to a single large gumball covered with frosting or many gumballs if you want your octopus to be larger. Add eyes to the gumball(s) with black decorator icing. This sea creature is a treat that your guests will not forget!

11. Edible Seaweed

Buy some green sour punch straws and put them in a clear glass labeled as Seaweed. Decorate the glass with seaweed cutouts. You can make your own cutouts using a template and green construction paper.

12. Ocean Drinks

Put blue food coloring in pitchers of apple juice or grab some blue punch for a refreshing drink that looks like it came right from the ocean. You can also use red food coloring or normal fruit punch to make it look like a shark attack may have happened right in the punch. Make sure to fill the pitchers with ice to keep your splash-tastic drinks cool.

Vegan-Friendly Ocean Theme Party Snacks

Vegan-Friendly Ocean Theme Party Snacks

13. Watermelon Shark

Cut a third of the watermelon off and place it on its flat side. Using a large knife, cut out the shark’s jaw and its bottom and top teeth. Carefully remove the outer layer of the rind off the teeth with a small knife, and empty the insides of the watermelon using a watermelon cutter. Once the inside of the shark head is emptied, place it on a round tray and fill it up with the slices you cut out. To finish off your jaw-dropping arrangement, secure two blueberries in place of the eyes using toothpicks.

14. Octopus Veggie Tray

Way to spruce up a tray of veggies! First, cut up your veggie slices – you can use carrots, cucumbers, tomatoes, or any other vegetable of your choice that pairs well with hummus. Cut a small portion off the bottom of a bell pepper and empty the insides, being careful to keep the bell pepper intact. Once the insides are empty, slice the piece you cut off into 6 long strips and save them for later – these will be the tentacles.

Place a bowl of hummus in the middle of a platter, and surround it with the sliced veggies. Place the bell pepper on top of the hummus and add a pair of edible googly eyes to the top. Add the 6 remaining slices to the sides of the bell pepper and your octopus veggie tray is ready for snacking!

15. Banana Dolphins

These banana dolphins are so cute you won’t want to eat them! Cut the bottom ends of the bananas and place them standing upright. Cut a deep slit into the bottom stem – this will be the dolphin mouth. To keep the mouth open, place one small grape into each of the dolphin’s mouths. Use a black marker to dot the eyes on the banana.

Ocean Theme Party Games

Ocean Theme Party Games

16. Jellyfish Piñata

Fill your papier-mâché piñata with Swedish Fish, shark gummies, and shark candy bracelets. Decorate the body of the jellyfish with crepe paper and add streamers and curly ribbons for the tentacles. Finish it off by taping some construction paper onto the body in place of the eyes. Your piñata will be just as sweet on the outside as it is on the inside!

17. Backyard Fishing

Cover cardboard trifold with blue gift-wrap paper and decorate it with colorful paper cutouts of fish, octopus, starfish, and turtles using ocean-themed printable outlines. Make extra cutouts for the fishing prizes and place them in a safe spot behind the trifold. Attach a clothespin to the end of each dowel rod with string. When the kids reach their fishing pole over the trifold, have one person behind it attaching the extra cutouts on the clothespin at the end of the fishing rods. They are bound to love this activity!

18. Ocean Trivia

Lookup interesting facts about the ocean and create a trivia game. You can have each participant take a quiz and see who gets the best score or split guests into groups so they can compete against each other.

19. Shark Attack Photos

Make a large shark cut out with an open mouth or order it online. Have guests stand in front of it and take their pictures or you can easily find a local photographer to come to the party and capture all the fun. It will be a personalized keepsake for your guests to remember your fun party.

Ocean Theme Arts and Crafts

Ocean Theme Arts and Crafts

20. Sandy Art

Create 3D artwork by covering a piece of cardboard with glue and adding colored sand on top of the glue one segment at a time. Shake off the sand that does not stick and do this with multiple colors until the board is covered. This activity lets guests show off their creativity while feeling like they are playing on a real beach with real sand.

21. Seashell Jewelry

Order seashells with holes in them, and let guests thread them onto colored strings to create necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. This is a creative way to bring the beach to your party.

22. Edible Sand Art

Offer different flavors and colors of Pixy Stix candy. Pour the “sand” candy into empty soda bottles so there are layers of color. Once they are filled, seal the bottles so you have a fun snack for later.

Ocean Theme Party Decor

Ocean Theme Party Decor

23. Under the Water

Use blue streamers, blue balloons, and sea animal balloons to create an under-the-water feeling for your guests. These decorations are simple but tie in perfectly with the ocean theme party.

24. Deep Blue Dining

Set the tables at the party with ocean blue tablecloth, under the sea paper dinner plates, under the sea paper dessert plates, under the sea luncheon napkins, and blue plastic silverware. Place seashells on the table as the finishing touch to your guests’ deep blue dining experience.

25. Watery Walls

Add blue metallic fringe, bubble hanging decorations, black fishnet wall decoration, or other ocean life cutouts to your walls or on the doorways to give your venue an extra splash of the ocean.

26. Fish Paper Lanterns

Shine the spotlight on your DIY skills with fish-shaped paper lanterns. A school of fish illuminating your living room will be sure to set the right mood for your ocean-themed party.

27. Jellyfish Paper Lanterns

If you’re short on time (or just want to provide some companionship to your fish paper lanterns), add jellyfish paper lanterns to the mix. The light will beautifully mimic the jellyfish’s bioluminescence!


Now you see that bringing the ocean into your house is not as hard as it sounds. Whether is an edible ocean or watery walls, these little hacks ensure an under-the-sea adventure for all your guests to enjoy in your next big ocean theme party.

Written by Kaitlyn Malcom and Natalie Davidson

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