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16 Creative Ocean Theme Party Ideas That Seas The Day

No time to go to the beach and soak in the ocean life for a day? No problem. We bring the sea experience to you with lots of ideas for hosting the perfect ocean theme party! No matter if you are a child or an adult, you can get just as much enjoyment out of these party recommendation ideas. Set sail on the ocean with these creative invitations, party food, and activity ideas that make the ocean come alive. The sharks are nice, the fish are tasty, and the sand is something you have never experienced before with these ocean theme party ideas.

Ocean Theme Party Invitations

1. Sea Messages

Welcome your guests to life by the sea with ocean invitations. If you want a more unique way to create and send out your invitations, write your invitations with all the party details on pieces of paper. Next, clean out or order empty soda bottles online. Finally, roll the papers up, stick them in the bottles, and drop them off at your guests’ houses for a creative message in a bottle invite.

2. Seashell Notes

Order large scallop seashells online, and write your party details on them with a permanent marker or pen to let your guests know they are invited to a fun day filled with ocean-packed treats. You can hand-deliver them or send them in padded envelopes.

Ocean Theme Party Food

Ocean Theme Party Food

3. Ocean Drinks

Put blue food coloring in pitchers of apple juice or grab some blue punch for a refreshing drink that looks like it came right from the ocean. You can also use red food coloring or normal fruit punch to make it look like a shark attack may have happened right in the punch. Make sure to fill the pitchers with ice to keep your splash-tastic drinks cool.

4. Fish Snacks

Serve candy gummy fish and Goldfish during the party as snacks. Although these fish are not from the sea, they are just as tasty. 

5. Fish-Shaped Sandwiches

Make basic sandwiches (Ex. peanut butter and jelly, ham and cheese) and use fish-shaped cookie cutters to cut the sandwiches into fish shapes. This is a quick and delicious way to incorporate the ocean theme into your guests’ experience.

6. Fish-Shaped Cupcakes or Cookies

Using the same method as the fish-shaped sandwiches, cut cupcakes or cookies into fish shapes with a clean fish-shaped cookie cutter. This is a fun method of creating a unique dessert for your guests. If you are looking for an ocean-theme cake for your party, you can find a local bakery to fulfill your dessert needs.

7. Tasty Octopus Treats

Cut red licorice into 8 equal lengths for the octopus legs. Cover large gumballs with frosting, and attach 8 pieces of licorice to a single large gumball covered with frosting or many gumballs if you want your octopus to be larger. Add eyes to the gumball(s) with black decorator icing. This sea creature is a treat that your guests will not forget!

8. Edible Ocean

Get a glass baking dish and put blue and green jelly beans on the bottom of it. Pour blue Jell-O over the jelly beans and add gummy sea creatures before the Jell-O sets. Make sure you do this the day or night before the party so the Jell-O has time to form. This creative edible ocean dessert will impress your guests and leave them wanting more.

Ocean Theme Party Games

9. Sandy Art

Create a 3D picture by covering a piece of cardboard with glue and adding colored sand on top of the glue one segment at a time. Shake off the sand that does not stick and do this with multiple colors until the board is covered. This activity lets guests show off their creativity while feeling like they are playing on a real beach with real sand.

10. Seashell Jewelry

Order seashells with holes in them, and let guests thread them onto colored strings to create necklaces, bracelets, and anklets. This is a creative way to bring the beach to your party.

11. Ocean Trivia

Lookup interesting facts about the ocean and create a trivia game. You can have each participant take a quiz and see who gets the best score or split guests into groups so they can compete against each other.

12. Edible Sand Art

Lay out all different flavors of Pixy Stix candy. Pour the “sand” candy into empty soda bottles so there are layers of color. Once they are filled, seal the bottles so you have a fun snack for later.

13. Shark Attack Photos

Order online or make a large shark cut out with an opened-mouth. Have guests stand in front of it and take their pictures or you can easily find a local photographer to come to the party and capture all the fun. It will be an awesome keepsake for your guests to remember your fun party.

Ocean Theme Party Decor

Ocean Theme Party Decor

14. Under the Water

Use blue streamers, blue balloons, and sea animal balloons to create an under the water feeling for your guests. These decorations are simple but tie in perfectly with the ocean theme party.

15. Deep Blue Dining

Set the tables at the party with blue plastic tablecloths, under the sea paper dinner plates, under the sea paper dessert plates, under the sea luncheon napkins, and blue plastic silverware. The sea centerpieces for tables are the finishing touch to add to your guests’ dining experience.

16. Watery Walls

Add blue metallic fringe, bubble hanging decorations, black fishnet wall decoration, or other ocean life cutouts to your walls or on the doorways to give your venue an extra splash of the ocean.


Now you see that bringing the ocean into your house is not as hard as it sounds. Whether is an edible ocean or watery walls, these little hacks ensure an under the sea adventure for all your guests to enjoy in your next big ocean theme party.

Written by Kaitlyn Malcom and Natalie Davidson

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