Oktoberfest Party

Festive Oktoberfest Party Ideas

Festive Oktoberfest Party Ideas

The Oktoberfest party is a fun historical event. It started when Germans would get rid of all their beer before they start brewing again in the fall. When we say getting rid of their beer, we mean drinking it down and having a good time. Oktoberfest usually falls at the beginning of October, but in the current state of the world, you’ll have to take the right precautions to hold a COVID-19 safe Oktoberfest party. Just make sure there are masks and social distancing being followed and let the beer-drinking begin.  

Oktoberfest Party Decorations and Set-Up

Oktoberfest Party Decorations and Set-up

Decorations are so important for the aesthetic of your Octoberfest. Since it’s usually hosted in the fall, make sure there is an autumnal element to your decor. Here are a few ideas for your Octoberfest:

German Posters

Anything German will go well with your Oktoberfest. Go online and look for German posters to hang around your party. This is especially fitting if you can find German beer posters.


When choosing decorations for your party, make sure you stick to a color scheme that is reminiscent of Oktoberfest. To do this, choose the colors of the German flag – black, gold, and red. You could mix in some orange since this is the month of Halloween. You can use these colors on various items such as balloons, confetti, or tablecloths.  

Mask Station

Make it clear that guests cannot participate if they don’t have a mask. Masks are crucial to make sure minimum germs are being passed around. Encourage guests to bring their own masks, and set up a table with disposable masks just in case they forget.

Beer Mug Weights

Have beer mugs placed around to perform certain roles for you such as holding down balloons or holding flowers. 


If Covid-19 is still affecting all of us which is likely in the fall, there probably won’t be a festival with a big tent. In this case, get your own tent for the party to be under to grasp that Oktoberfest feel.


You can make an inexpensive wreath for your party from materials found at dollar stores and craft stores. It is very easy to find a tutorial on YouTube or Google and won’t take too much time.

Oktoberfest Party Favors

Oktoberfest Party Favors

Polka CD

Remind your guests of the great German music you played at your party by giving them a CD to take home! Make a compilation of your favorite German music and hand out copies to your guests as festive gifts. 


Candy would be very fitting because it is October, the month of Halloween. Usually, there would be a bowl of candy at a party, but to avoid everybody putting their hands in the same bucket, you could make small goodie bags. It is good to find some German candy to fit the theme as well.

Beer Mugs

What better way to remind your guests of your Oktoberfest party than to give them beer mugs to take home? Even better if you can get their names engraved on them.

Photo Ideas

Set up a section of your party with a German backdrop and maybe some beer memorabilia. Be sure to have a limit for people in the photo booth to limit exposure. If you have props, be sure to include sanitary wipes for guests to use after use.  


An obvious festival choice – beer. This whole celebration would not be complete without the base of Oktoberfest. This is a great way for your guests to keep the fun going even after they leave your party. If you can, try to find a popular German beer to give them instead of American beer that they can find anywhere. 

Alpine Hats

Give your guests typical German garbs like alpine hats and beer beads. They will be able to wear these for weeks to come and will always remember your party.

Oktoberfest Party Games and Activities

Oktoberfest Party Games and Activities


Germans are known for yodeling, so why not celebrate this by having your guests yodel? You can have contest games to see which one of your guests is the best yodeler. Not only is this fun, but it’s hilarious. It would be smart to have a mask when yodeling since people would be exerting their germs into space that others breathe in. 

Drunk Dancing

After your guests have tasted different beers and have had a few drinks, have them do different dances! This can start with the electric slide and end with the chicken dance. Make sure there is enough room to dance to ensure there is social distancing. 

Pretzel Activities

Pretzels are a major part of Oktoberfest. Having your guests create their own pretzels at the party would be such a fun idea. 

Alphorn Music Ideas

A famous instrument in Germany is the Alphorn. Let your guests get a taste of how to play by making your own. To do this, grab some cardboard paper towel rolls and paint them brown. Then, have your guests blow into them to make sounds.

Beer Pitcher Painting

Everyone can make their own beer pitcher to remember the celebration and use for future drinking. These pitchers can be bought online or in a store and the paint can be found at almost any store. 

Oktoberfest Party Food Ideas

Oktoberfest Party Food Ideas

Snack Station

If you’re having a larger gathering, you may want to opt for snack foods instead of a full meal. This can be done easily with a few snack stations spread out around the party. Set out a few dips and pretzels for people to snack on.

An easy way to make this covid friendly is to purchase small plastic containers that are meant for things like ketchup and put small portions of dip into each of them. 

Also, put the pretzels in little snack bags so nobody is sticking their hand into a bowl. 

Potato Salad

This easy dish is a staple for Oktoberfest. The ingredients are available at every grocery store and will not take long to make. 

German Sausage

Having German sausage at an Oktoberfest party is a must. You could have frankfurters, knackwursts, bratwursts, or kielbasas. If you can get multiple kinds of sausage it will further impress your crowd.

Soft Pretzels

Nothing sounds better than a warm, soft pretzel and cheese sauce. You can make these at home or buy them premade. 

Praline Cake

A German chocolate praline cake would also be a fun option for your party. It is not a hard recipe to make and will be a crowd pleaser. 


Cider donuts or fried dough would be a great treat after a salty meal. To prevent any sickness exposure, make sure they are individually wrapped or handed to guests so that there isn’t any contamination.


Who said you need to go to Germany to enjoy an Oktoberfest party? With these ideas, you’ll be sure to feel like you’re right in the country. During these unprecedented times, it is still important to stay safe and follow COVID-19 precautions. So, say “prost” or “cheers” to everyone around you and start celebrating! 

Written by Shannyn Apolaro and Nathan Rogers

Edited by Colby Noble & Mitchell Glassford

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