Important Questions to Ask Musicians if Social Distancing

Are you looking for a band or musician to play at your next event? With most of the population enforcing social distancing, you may be wondering how to book an artist for a wedding or a party under the current circumstances. Here are some questions to ask musicians when choosing one for your event, whether virtual or in person. You can also find more information here.

20 Questions to Ask Musicians for Your Socially Distanced Event

1. Do they have a website, blog, or social media account?

Check out the level of professionalism and creativity that they portray through their website, blog, or social media accounts.

2. How many musicians are in the ensemble?

Find out all the band basics and make sure you leave enough room on stage for all band members to fit comfortably.

3. Who will you be interacting with at the event?

To ensure that you obtain the correct information and know the personalities you’ll be working with, talk with the people who will be actually performing at your event. Please get to know them in advance! It’s alright to contact your musicians for the event in advance. Both you and your musicians will get to know each other better and organize the event more effectively.

4. How many years have they been performing as professionals?

You’ll want someone who is experienced in what they do. How many events have they performed? How long they entered the music industry? And you probably want musicians to perform music that’s suitable for the event you’re planning.

5. What are their rates?

Before getting down to the small details, first, consider rates, and make sure that they are within your price range so you can stay on a budget.

6. Do they specialize in a particular genre of music?

Find a band or musician that fits the style of your event. If they’ve never done anything in your specific music genre, you’ll want to find someone with more performing experiences.

7. Can they provide references?

This will add to their credibility and reassure you as a potential client. If they don’t, this should be a red flag, and you should consider another creditable artist.

8. What kind of equipment do they require?

If they have any requirements from you or your venue, you’ll want to check that before signing the contract. When your guests have to stay six feet apart, you will also need a decent sound system that allows everyone at your event to hear their performance.

9. What is their cancellation policy? What are their procedures if a performer becomes ill and cannot perform?

Always prepare for the future in case something happens. If performers have replacements to fill in for someone who is sick, make sure they have equal training and experience, so the performance’s quality is guaranteed.

10. What is the name and phone number of the person you should be contacting?

Find out who you should be contacted for any questions or concerns. Have phone numbers, emails, and other forms of contact information saved just in case. Make sure to reach out to them in advance. If the contact method you choose couldn’t reach them, you can find another way to contact them.

What to consider when choosing a musician for a virtual event

What to consider when choosing a musician for a virtual event

11. How will they perform? What kind of equipment will they be using?

Sound quality can be unclear during a stream or video call, so you may want to find a musician with a microphone, camera, or sound system to provide a high-quality performance.

12. How long will they need for their set?

If you have other activities or performances planned for your event, it is essential to know how long their set will be, so you can fit it in your schedule and keep your event running smoothly.

13. Will all the performers be playing from the same place?

If they are playing from separate locations, it may be difficult to sync up audio from different participants on a call. Some video calling platforms will only play audio from one participant at a time. How do they plan to coordinate their performance? Is essential to choose the right streaming platform if your performers are performing from separate locations.

14. Does their service include a consultation and/or rehearsal?

A consultation may be vital in deciding if their sound is the right fit for your event, and virtual rehearsal will help avoid technical difficulties on the day of the event. It will also provide an opportunity for your performers to familiar with the environment.

15. Do they want to be recorded?

You’ll want to check with the musician if you want to record your event to watch again or send it to anyone who couldn’t make it. Specify if you plan to record solely audio or the entire live performance.

16. Have they held a virtual concert before?

Previous experiences with virtual concerts will help to make sure their performance runs smoothly. If they don’t have such experiences, it is essential to set up a rehearsal to prepare them for the event.

17. Can you act as a master of ceremonies?

Find out if they have any experience and give you a play by play of how they would run the show. Experienced musicians usually plan ahead of time and set up everything for the actual performance beforehand.

18. What is the procedure for special requests?

It’s important to inform your performers ahead of time if there is a special request for songs since they may need additional time to prepare their instruments and practice them.

19. How will they interact with the audience?

Virtual interactions with strangers can be awkward, so be sure to find someone easy to communicate with and willing to interact with the audience openly.

20. Will they be able to perform comfortably in a casual setting?

A virtual concert will always be a bit more casual, so you will want a personable performer that can comfortably adapt to a virtual setting.


These 20 questions to ask musicians will help you consider the factors for choosing musicians for a social distancing event. These questions are an easy guide when considering your options. Music is a beautiful way to spruce up your event and create any ambiance you want. For more ideas on your next planned event, check out Easy Event Planning.

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