19 Thrilling Race Car Theme Party Ideas

Have everyone racing to your child’s race car theme party with these decoration ideas, party invites, activities, food, candy, and more!

Race Car Theme Party Decorations

Transforming your party into a real live racetrack is easier than ever with these simple decorations ideas. Adorn your venue with race car theme decorations using traffic light colors, racecar photos, checkered tablecloths, race car signs, and race car lingo.

1. Racetrack Floor

Get your guests excited for the fun party ahead of them as they are walking up to the door with a 10-foot long racetrack runner. There are already products like these at online retailers. You could also use sidewalk chalk to create your own racetrack!

2. Race Car Posters

An easy way to decorate for this is by putting different race car posters all over your venue. You can print out a map of Route 66, a picture of the Piston Cup, and all types of car photos to hang throughout the party.

3. Theme Colors

For race car theme parties, decorate your venue with different traffic light colors. Hang red, yellow, and green balloons and streamers all over the party. You can also never go wrong with checkered flags at a race car party. 

4. Checkered Tablecloths

Order checkered tablecloths to keep up with the theme of your race car party. Car confetti can be spread on each of the table cloths to add a pop of color. 

5. Racing Signs

Decorate your walls with racing party sign cutouts. Route 66, towing station, pit stop signs are all super cool signs to place around your venue.

6. Racing Terms

Label each room a different race car term to give your party a realistic feel. Some examples of names you can use for rooms are “superspeedway,” “pit stop,” and “racetrack.”

Race Car Theme Party: Games and Activities

Every race car party needs some fun race car games. Check out these games and activities that your child and their friends will enjoy. Time will go by as fast as a race car with these activities!

7. What’s My Car?

If your party is full of kids that know their cars, this game is perfect. Prior to the party print out a bunch of different pictures with different car models. At the party gather a group of kids that have a good idea about cars and tape one picture to each of their backs without them seeing it.

When the game starts, each child should go around asking “yes” or “no” questions about the car on their back to figure out the model. When the child gets it right have them sit down and give them a sweet treat.

8. Don’t Wake the Tractor

This game has an easy setup and is thrilling for kids. Begin by having the birthday girl or boy lay down in the middle of the floor as the “center tractor.” Then, set up toy cars all around the “center tractor.”

Once all the toy cars are in place, have the “center tractor” close their eyes and pretend to be sleeping. The object is for everyone else to steal as many toy cars (one at a time) as they can without waking the “center tractor.” If the “center tractor” is woken by one of their friends trying to steal a toy car then that guest becomes the new “center tractor.”

9. Road Relay Race

Before the party starts create two “race cars” by decorating cardboard boxes. To do this cut off the bottom of the boxes and attach ribbons to the insides. This will allow for the ribbons to sit on the children’s shoulders to hold the cardboard box up.

On the day of the party set up two equal obstacle courses and then separate all the kids into two equal teams. Each participant must go through the obstacle course. The first team to finish gets to eat cake first!

10. Red Light, Green Light

Choose one person to be the Sheriff and have him stand on one side of the room (the finish line). Have all of the other guests stand on the other side of the room (the starting line). To start the game the Sheriff says, “Green Light!”

On that command, all of the other kids must walk as quickly as possible to the finish line. At any time while they are walking, the Sheriff can yell “Red Light!” At this time, all the guests participating must stop moving. Anyone still moving will have to return to the starting line. The first person to cross the finish line is the winner.

11. Toy Car Relays

Create toy car races by building a ramp in your backyard. You can use wooden beams for the tracks and prop them up on a bench or table to form a slope. Have the kids line up, and two at a time let them race their toy cars down the ramp.

12. Remote Control Race Cars

Create a race track in your backyard and have remote control race cars! Party guests can have some fun and race each other. You can even have a race car themed prize for the 1st place winner!

13. Mario Kart Racing

Don’t have the space to make your own race track? Play race car video games! Mario Kart is a great game to play that fits your party theme. Similar to the remote control race cars, you can have a prize for the 1st place winner! 

Pitstop menu ideas

Create unique NASCAR party invitations as your guests, “ticket in the door.” Refuel your guests with unique food and have everyone racing to the pit stop snack bar. Ideas include car cakes, sundaes, and NASCAR tickets.

14. Speedy Ice

Create your very own car ice cubes to jazz up your drinks. Place small gummy car candies into ice trays and fill them with water. Freeze the ice cubes and then place them into the children’s drinks when they are fueling up.

15. Stop Light Treats

Make delicious edible stoplights with rice crispy treats, icing, green M&Ms, yellow M&Ms, and red M&Ms. Kids can also make their own stoplight treats as a crafty and yummy activity.

16. Car Sundaes

Give each child their own scoop of ice cream and let them dress it up with toppings from the pit stop candy bar. Chocolate syrup can be used as “oil” and leftover gummy cars from the ice cubes can be used as well.

17. Car Cake

Baking a race car cake is much easier than it looks. You can order a car cake pan for very cheap. After baking the car cake in any flavor of your choosing, let it cool and frost it with the colors of the party. You might even want to opt for an existing topper for it!

18. Pit Stop Snacks

Make a cute candy bar with “tools” that are used at a pit stop during a race. The candies could be things like spare tires as Oreos or mini chocolate donuts, towing cables as Twizzlers, coolant as water, fuel as sodas,

Antifreeze as yellow Gatorade, marshmallows as airbags, tools as utensils, dipstick as chocolate dipped pretzel rods, nuts and bolts as peanut M&Ms and chocolate kisses, red light as red M&Ms, green light as green M&Ms, yellow light as yellow M&Ms.

19. Pit Pass Invitations

You can get creative with party invitations and purchase some that look like pit passes. If this is for a birthday, pit pass invitations are a great way to highlight the age as you can make the racecar on the pit pass have that number. Including lanyards and plastic badge holders would work well with these.


Hope these little tricks and gadgets help you create the next big adventure for you adrenaline junkie child. Go fast and enjoy the thrill of your next race car theme party!

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Written By: Allie Martin and Mackenzie Tolrud

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