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Beautiful Rose Ceremony Wedding

There is nothing more special than saying “I do” to the person with whom you want to spend the rest of your life. By holding a rose ceremony wedding you will be adding something even more special and meaningful. 

How to Have a Rose Ceremony Wedding

the rose wedding ceremony

Roses are a symbol of love and passion, and what better way to incorporate them into your wedding than by holding a rose ceremony. This ceremony is where the bride and groom exchange a rose to act as the first gift given as a married couple and is performed after the exchanging of the rings. The meaning behind the rose ceremony can be seen as an inward expression of their love, opposite of the rings they wear is an outward expression. 

For this exchange to take place there will need to be three vases up at the altar. The larger vase will be in the middle and will hold what is almost of a full bouquet at the start. The other two vases will be smaller on either side of the main vase and each will hold one rose. When the couple exchanges their flowers they will be placed in the middle vase which will create the final full bouquet.

Personalize the Rose Ceremony

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What makes this ceremony so special is the freedom that comes with it. There is no one way that it has to be performed and it can be tailored completely for the bride and groom. The dialogue of the ceremony is changeable as well. It can be done where just the officiant speaks and then the roses are gifted or where the bride and groom exchange vows to one another. The most traditional way the ceremony is performed is just between the couple where they are the only ones partaking. Another way which can be quite popular is to include family and friends in this beautiful moment of the wedding.

Including the closest people around you is a great way to incorporate them into the wedding. Everyone who is participating is given a rose ahead of time. In doing this the middle vase will remain empty until each person has gone up to add in their flower.

Some couples who choose to include others in the ceremony will opt for two different color roses. The guests who are giving roses will be one color and the couple will exchange a different color. This is done so the flowers are distinct, and everyone can know which ones were from the couple.

There is also an option for those couples who have lost a loved one before the wedding celebration. Putting in color rose that is different from the others is a nice way to commemorate them and have them be a part of not only the ceremony but the whole day. 

Incorporate the Moms into a Rose Ceremony

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Another version of a rose ceremony is to include the mothers of the bride and groom. The couple will take the flower off of the ceremony table with the other flowers or give it directly to their mothers, acting as a ‘thank you’ for all the love and support they have offered throughout the years. This part of the rose ceremony will typically happen right in the beginning after the officiant delivers their welcome speech. 

Although it is named after mothers, the couple can choose to acknowledge anyone who has taken care of them and helped shape who they are today, such as a father, grandparent, or any loved one that they want to especially thank on this day. A nice touch that can be added is including a small note tied onto the flower expressing your love and gratitude for them.

The Tradition of the Rose Ceremony Wedding

the tradition of the rose ceremony wedding

Traditions in a family are created and formed in many ways. Adding a rose ceremony to your wedding will be the start of the first tradition you and your partner will create as a married couple. Each year on your anniversary a rose should be placed in a special spot, typically somewhere in your home. This will perform as a recommitment to your partner. A special way to incorporate parts of your actual wedding would be to keep the vases used in the ceremony to hold the flowers you will give each year. 

Rose ceremonies add in that extra layer of saying “I love you” during a wedding. What makes this truly special is that it can be just for the couple getting married. Or it can include the people the bride and groom love the most to share it with them on this exciting day.


Choosing to hold a rose ceremony wedding on your big day is entirely up to you and your partner. But no matter how you choose to celebrate the day it will be beyond a doubt a wonderful day because it will reflect the love you and your partner share and continue to share each passing year.

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