Rustic Baby Shower

44 Amazing Rustic Baby Shower Ideas

The rustic design style has become increasingly popular throughout the years and there’s so many different ways you can make it your own. Rustic events give a laid-back, country environment that make guests feel invited and at home. A rustic baby shower is the perfect way to incorporate your love for the design while giving you the ability to add your own personal touches.

Rustic Baby Shower Decorations

Rustic Baby Shower Decorations
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1. General Decor

Looking up rustic baby shower decorations, you will see mason jars are a huge decoration used. Mason jars are often wrapped with burlap ribbon and sometimes cream colored lace. You can place decorative mason jars on the tables and put candles or flowers in them or even put snacks or favors in them. 

Rustic Baby Shower Decorations

Flowers are often used to soften the space at a rustic baby shower and they’re great to incorporate your colors into the room. Burlap, twine, and soft linens create a rustic environment and add texture that ties together your baby shower. You can use linens to add a pop of color as well. 

Another major decoration that’s included in many rustic baby showers is wood. Wood can be used in so many different ways. You can use wood slabs as a base to centerpieces or stands for food. Even adding some wooden picture frames or wood chairs can create a rustic feel.

2. Theme Ideas

The first step in creating your own rustic baby shower is choosing what rustic theme you like the best. Anyone who knows about the overall rustic vibe knows that there are so many different ways it can be conveyed. Because this particular theme has become super stylish in the past couple of years, there have been sub-themes that take rustic to the next level. When it comes to planning a rustic baby shower, you have an unlimited number of ways you can take the rustic feel and make it unique and memorable.

A simple search of “rustic themes” on Pinterest or google can show you the vastness of the rustic category. Some of the areas you may wish to go in for your rustic baby shower are bohemian, farmhouse, or backyard BBQ theme. Each of these sub-themes will give you a completely different feel and they allow you to create a totally customizable baby shower. For instance, farmhouse style is composed of neutral colors and exposed wood while bohemian is all about color.

Find a rustic sub-theme that fits the idea of what you want your baby shower to look like and go with that. This step is also completely optional. You can choose to go for a simple rustic theme and add your own personalized touches without choosing a sub-theme. Do whatever you feel comfortable with and it will look absolutely amazing.

3. Color Scheme 

As mentioned in the points above, a lot of muted and neutral colors are used in the rustic theme. Popular color schemes are vast and you can pretty much find a color scheme that fits your vision perfectly. If you want a light and simple scheme, go for tans, light greens, and even some pale yellow. If you are looking for a strong and bold color scheme, deep blues and greens with some dark wood browns look fantastic. 

When it comes to animals being a main part of your shower, having foxes with a burnt orange color compliment greenery and browns. Almost any animal will compliment greenery well, so it’s common to include squirrels, deer, and bears when using a woodland rustic theme.

Rustic Baby Shower Decorations

4. Blue and Pink Color Incorporation

If you’re looking to have pink in your rustic baby shower, flowers are a great way to incorporate it naturally. Bows are another great way to add a touch of pink anywhere throughout your shower. Pale or light pinks are most commonly used when it comes to having a rustic theme as they are more natural and go with other rustic colors. You can add a long stemmed pink flower to each place setting with some baby’s breath for a perfectly soft pink touch. 

When it comes to using blue in a rustic baby shower, the approaches are endless. Navy blue adds a strong and bold touch to any baby shower. Or if you want to use a soft, light blue it will create a cute and fun atmosphere. Adding blue to your rustic baby shower is more simple than it may seem. You can have blue napkins or place settings and it’s always an option to add blue to the banners or balloons.

5. Table Decor 

Including rustic table decor will tie the room together and create cohesiveness throughout the party. Place settings are an easy way to add color to your table. Place mats are a way to tie in your themed color while the plates or bowls can provide a vintage and rustic touch. Mismatching your plates will make your table decor unique and inviting.  

Think about getting napkins or linens for the table that match with your color scheme, this is a way to provide another pop of color to the room. You can also add a flower or cute little decoration on top of your table linens to keep with your theme. A runner is another great addition that can really tie together any table.

6. Table Centerpieces 

Classic centerpieces include flowers and greenery in mason jars or candles with burlap and tweed details. Wood slabs are often used on rustic baby shower tables to hold decorated mason jars or other centerpieces. Centerpieces are a way to add color to your baby shower as well by using colored fabrics and flowers. Adding different colored greenery, warm colors, and baby’s breath creates a light, airy atmosphere. 

Rustic Baby Shower Decorations

Centerpieces can be made with whatever you want. Go with what you like and make it your own! A centerpiece can be as simple as a mason jar and as elaborate as a tall bouquet of flowers on wooden slabs with twinkle lights. The best centerpiece is one that you love, so make sure you add personal touches

7. Diaper Decorations 

One of the most fun baby shower decorations comes in the form of diapers. Diapers may not seem like a decoration but with some creativity, they can become a cute decor item. A diaper cake is fairly common with baby showers and is made with tiers of rolled up diapers. A way to make this rustic is by using burlap or twine to tie them together. You can also add flowers to a diaper cake or other decoration so that it matches your theme. These diaper cakes can be homemade or even bought on websites like Etsy. 

Diaper bouquets are another unique decoration idea for your baby shower. These can be placed throughout the room to keep the atmosphere focused on the baby. You can easily create a diaper bouquet by rolling up diapers and putting them on sticks and place them in a vase. Diapers can also be added to a regular bouquet of flowers for a fun little touch to the baby shower.

Rustic Baby Shower Decorations

Rustic Baby Shower Favors 

Rustic Baby Shower Favors
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8. Succulents

The best favors are creative and unique. Think about what you would like to receive at a baby shower and go with that or, if you can’t think of anything, here are a few cute options. One of the most popular rustic baby shower favors are mini potted plants. A lot of times this means little succulents that are in terracotta pots. These are adorable and fairly easy to put together. Who doesn’t want a super cute little succulent? 

9. Soap

If you don’t want to go with the potted plants, you can give away handmade soap bars that you can find at a local boutique or online. The great thing about giving soap as favors is that everyone can use them!

Rustic Baby Shower Favors

10. Koozie

Customized koozies are also a fun option as they last forever and everyone can use them.

11. Candles

Another simple but classic baby shower favors is a simple but adorable candle. You can get customized candles online or go to a store and purchase your favorite smell.

12. Seed Packets

Seed packets are such a cute idea for a rustic baby shower favor. You get to choose whatever kind of seed you want and can sometimes even customize the packaging. You can also buy seeds from the store and package them yourselves.

Rustic Baby Shower Favors

Rustic Baby Shower Games

Rustic Baby Shower Games
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13. Emoji Nursery Rhyme Game

Let’s face it, games make or break a baby shower. Some people like a lot of games and others don’t want any. Go with what you want for your own baby shower, and if you decide to have games, here are a few really good ones. 

The Emoji nursery rhyme game is modern and super fun. There is a string of emojis that when you put the meanings of these emojis together, they create a small part of a popular nursery rhyme. You can find pre-made ones online or you can even make your own! This game is perfect for someone who wants a customized game. 

Rustic Baby Shower Games

14. Baby Animal Names

A great, rustic baby shower game is guess the baby animal. This game shows you the grown animal and has you guess what the baby is called.

15. Animal Pregnancy Game

Another animal baby shower game is guessing how long each animal is pregnant. This is an interesting baby shower game and fits with the theme so well. 

16. General Games

Some classic baby shower games that are customizable to your rustic theme are baby bingo, baby word scramble, and baby names. All of these games mentioned can be homemade and personally customized to your own specifications. You can create any backdrop for these games and use whatever font you want if you choose to make your own. All of these are also sold online with a number of different themes you can choose from. Remember it’s your baby shower, so do whatever feels best for you!

Rustic Baby Shower Games

17. Baby Shower Game Kits

If you are the creative type, you can buy baby shower game kits that allow you to make your own customized games but with a little help. These kits will guide you through making baby shower games by giving you the supplies you need, but they allow you to completely personalize each game.

Rustic Baby Shower Food Ideas

Rustic Baby Shower Food Ideas
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18. Menu

It’s up to you what and how you want to serve the food at your baby shower. You can have a simple self-serve station or if you have your shower at a restaurant, you can have a served meal. If you decide to go for a self-serve option, it’s common to have different food on a snack table throughout the event. Cheeses and meats are popular on a charcuterie board with grapes or other fruits. 

Sandwiches of all kids are popular for baby showers as they are simple and easy to eat. A cute idea for a rustic baby shower is barbecue food such as pulled pork and chicken. Salads are a common starter and you can never go wrong with some form of potatoes. The most important thing to remember when creating a menu is what you and your guests like. Try to have vegetarian options just in case someone doesn’t eat meat and have a variety of dishes that everyone will like.

19. Dessert Table 

The dessert table is most likely going to get a lot of traction, so it’s important it’s filled with sweets for everyone. Customized cookies are always a great way to spruce up your baby shower as they can build upon your theme and add color. It’s also a good idea to have some bags on the dessert table so people can take the cookies or other small desserts home with them! Popular desserts include cupcakes, bundt cakes, and chocolate covered strawberries. 

20. Candy

Candy can also be fun as it incorporates color and who doesn’t love candy? You can put different candies into vases so people can fill their bag and bring some candy home with them. Whatever you decide to have on your dessert table, make sure it makes you happy and is something you would want if you went to a baby shower.

21. Naked Cake

A cake is a statement piece for any baby shower and rustic cakes are becoming more and more popular. For your rustic baby shower, think about going for a naked cake, or one with no frosting on the outside. A naked cake has frosting between the layers while leaving the outside exposed. This style of cake fits with any rustic theme and is even fairly easy to make if you choose to make your own cake. 

22. Floral Cake

Flowers can be added to your cake that will help it match your color scheme. Toppers are also often used with cute sayings like “Oh Baby,” or “It’s A Boy!” When ordering or making a cake for your baby shower, make sure to know how many people are coming so you have enough cake for everyone.

Rustic Baby Shower Invitations 

Rustic Baby Shower Invitations
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21. Wood Print Background

When it comes to invitations, you must remember this will be the first impression of what your baby shower will be like. It’s always a fun idea to send invitations that match the rustic theme of your baby shower as it shows off the aesthetic and gives your guests a feel of what the shower will look like. The rustic theme can incorporate so many different colors, patterns, and fonts and you can find amazing online invitation options. Some popular invitation styles include woodland animals, plants and greenery, plaid, and even a wood print background. 

24. Font Matters

Many people who are hosting rustic baby showers like to use a wood plank background with some form of greenery printer over it. It’s also common to add animals to the invitations such as foxes and deer to add a cute and woodsy touch. If you do add animals to your invitations, include them at your shower to provide some cohesion and familiarity. You will find that cursive fonts are often used on rustic invitations for girls and bold, boxy fonts are used for boys. Of course, it’s completely up to you what font you decide for the invitations and you should choose whichever you like best!

Rustic Baby Shower Invitations

25. Pop of Color

The colors on rustic invitations tend to be on the neutral side. Even when incorporating blues or pinks, people generally use a muted version of the color. With that being said, a pop of color can really make your invitation stand out and catch the eye. A deep, navy blue with wood plank background is gorgeous and pops of yellows or greens are great choices too.

26. Thank You’s 

One of the most necessary items on this list is the thank you cards. Make sure you keep track of who gave you what gift and write a personalized thank you note to send to their house. If you want to stick with your theme for the thank you cards, make sure they work with your color scheme. If you purchase invitations from a company, they will often have similar thank you cards that follow the same theme as your invitations. It’s also fairly easy to create thank you cards that match your invitations if you make them yourself.

Rustic Baby Shower Invitations

Rustic Baby Shower Gifts

Rustic Baby Shower Gifts
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27. Gifts Ideas

When it comes to gifts for the mom-to-be, it’s easiest to get something from her registry. This way you know she will like the present and use it. But if you don’t want to go off the registry or if she doesn’t have one, there are a few gifts you can never go wrong with. Clothes are a fairly common baby shower gift because of how many styles there are you can always find something that the mom will like. You can also go for a really nice baby blanket that matches the mom’s style. 

28. Customized Gift

If you know the baby’s name, you can customize almost anything to make it a little more special. You could get a name sign, a cute customized baby book, or some room decor with the baby’s name. The main thing to remember when purchasing a gift for someone is to know their style and what they would like. Try to think of something they will get a lot of use out of and something that is unique and fun.

Rustic Baby Shower Gifts

29. Gift Canopy 

A gorgeous, show-stopping gift canopy makes any rustic baby shower memorable. Although this will take some time and effort to put together, a gift canopy is the perfect place to have guests put their gifts. It’s created using long sticks put into a teepee shape and then draped with fabric leaving a triangle in the front open so people can place their gifts inside. This gift canopy takes some creative ability but is a perfect way to add personal touches to your baby shower. You can add tassels around the teepee or patterned fabric to add a pop.

30. Cards and Gifts Table

You may decide to have a table for your gifts and cards. If this is the case, make it known that it’s where you want people to place their gifts by having a sign or banner. The gift table can have a tablecloth that matches your theme. Think about adding a small vase or mason jar with flowers and greenery to add some decoration. 

31. Card Box

If you plan on receiving a lot of cards, you may want to invest in a card box. You can purchase one and decorate it by painting it a different color or adding small details such as flowers or burlap. It’s possible to make a card box if you are crafty enough. Just like everything else with your rustic baby shower, you can always customize your card box and make it your own. A card box can add a small, personal touch to your gifts table so make sure you love it!

Rustic Baby Shower Party Supplies

Rustic Baby Shower Party Supplies
Source: Unspash

32. Supplies

Balloons, streamers, and props are just the beginning of the party supply list when throwing a rustic baby shower. It’s common to have some form of balloons that match your theme as they create a happy and bubbly environment. Balloon arches have become super popular recently and can be homemade if you don’t want to splurge on purchasing one. Draping streamers or string lights is another unique way to add some customization to a space. 

33. Tablecloths

Tablecloths make for easy cleanup as well as covering up a table that might not be to your liking. Before heading out to buy your party supplies, make a list and ensure everything fits in with your theme.

34. Banners

Pretty much every baby shower has at least one banner. A lot of the times these banners hang above the food table or by the gift area. Banners can be bought or made and it’s up to you what design you go for. When it comes to rustic baby showers, there are countless ways to incorporate the theme into a banner. Burlap banners have become increasingly popular overtime and can be made at home by cutting pieces of burlap into the shape you want and painting letters on the pieces. You can connect the different burlap sections together with ribbon or twine. 

Other rustic banners can enhance your color scheme. There are other ways to add pops of color to your banner other than just having a colored background. Tassels are a cute way to not only include your theme color but also add texture. You also get to choose the shape of the banner pieces but most common are squares and triangles.

35. Photo backdrop

If having amazing pictures is important to you, you need a photo backdrop. Depending on your color scheme and sub-theme, you can add personalized touches to make the pictures memorable. If you have flowers incorporated in your baby shower, you can add flowers to the photo backdrop. It’s a fun idea to add green vines hanging vertically with twinkle lights or a simple pattern tapestry. 

36. Photo Booth

You can create a photo-booth feel by having a basket of props your guests can hold while taking pictures. Take plenty of test photos before finalizing your photo backdrop so every picture will turn out perfect and you can have beautiful memories of the guests at your shower. There can even be a short saying in the photo backdrop such as “Baby Smith,” that will give an even more personalized touch to the pictures.

37. General Party Supplies

Other general party supplies for you rustic baby shower includes cups and plates. Themed toothpicks and straws add small touches that tie in your theme all around the party. If you are going to have cupcakes, cupcake toppers are an adorable addition. You can also use water bottle labels and party hats to add a customized touch.

Virtual Rustic Baby Shower 

Virtual Rustic Baby Shower
Source: Pixabay

38. Physical Virtual Backdrop 

It may seem hard to incorporate a theme within a virtual baby shower, but creating a backdrop can help add personal touches. For a rustic theme, try getting a banner that emits your color scheme and particular rustic style. You can also purchase a tapestry and hang it in the backdrop or add some rustic decorations. There are so many tapestry options that are rustic themed and you can even customize your own!

39. Virtual Background

Using Zoom, you can upload an image to use for your baby shower’s background. If you are using Zoom, you can create a virtual image that you want to use as your background or find one on the internet. This is easier than physically having to create a background and you can find one online for free.

40. Opening Gifts 

When it comes to opening gifts at a virtual baby shower, it’s most important to have your guests all one the same page. If you want them to send their gifts to you ahead of time, ensure that everyone gets the memo. It’s probably easiest to go with this option and have your guests send your present or drop it off ahead of time. This way you can go ahead and open your presents on camera like you would at a regular baby shower. You can also have each guest open their gift for you on camera and you can get it from them at a later date.  

41. Virtual Games 

Virtual baby shower games may seem like a challenge, but with some creativity, they can be so much fun! One game that’s adorable is having each guest send a baby picture ahead of time and put them all on a slideshow. Then, each person will have to guess which baby picture goes to which person. You can also do a “price is right” type game where you hold a baby item up and everyone has to guess the price. Another fun virtual baby shower game is playing a nursery rhyme for a few seconds and see who can guess it. Just be creative and you are bound to have fun!

42. Virtual Invitations

While you can absolutely still send physical invitations for your virtual shower, there are now ways that allow you to send invitations completely virtually. Sending your virtual invitations via email or text is one option, if you want a more formal invitation style, there are some services you can use. Greenvelope and Paperless Post are just two of the many options for virtual invitations. A lot of these invitation services can include music or links to your registry. There’s also a number of themes to choose from so you are bound to find a style that works great for your rustic baby shower.

43. Zoom 

Perhaps one of the first choices you need to make when planning a virtual baby shower is choosing which platform you want to use. While there are plenty of choices, some are more common than others. Zoom is free to use and you don’t even need an account. It’s easy to send the invite information out and the platform is super easy to use. The only major downside to Zoom is the 40 minute limit. You can purchase longer time but it’s also possible to close the Zoom call and open it again.

44. Other Platforms

Other platform options are Skype and Facetime but they both come with some challenges. Skype is older and tends to be more glitchy while Facetime requires an iPhone. Whatever you decide to use, make sure it works for all guests and you know how to work it.


Now that you have ideas for how to plan your rustic baby shower, you can get started with planning your amazing event! Make sure to add personal touches and make it exactly what you want. Remember that there are no limits to the rustic style and you can do so much with it. Have a fantastic baby shower and happy planning!

Written by Courtney Ludwig

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