Soccer Theme Party

20 Ideas for a Soccer Theme Party

Share your love of soccer by throwing a soccer theme party. It is our GOAL for you and your guests to enjoy a fun party, so we have put together some great ideas for planning the perfect soccer theme party. Below are suggested venues, party food, decor, party favors, and soccer theme activities that will SCORE you a memorable party! 

Soccer Theme Party Venues

1. Outdoor Soccer Fields

What better venue is there to host a soccer theme party than an outdoor soccer field? This large open space will allow your guests to be able to run around and show off their soccer star moves. This location is also ideal for it will make games and activities easy to set up and play.

2. Nature Lovers

Hosting a soccer theme party at a forest preserve or public park are other great outdoor venue options. Forest preserves and public parks tend to have picnic tables and canopy-covered eating areas. This allows you to decorate these areas for your party and supply a comfortable eating area for your guests. You can find more local venues, both outdoor or indoor, that would work great for a soccer theme party.

3. Home Sweet Home

Hosting the party at your home or at another person’s house is a convenient venue for decorating and for serving food. Everything you need for the party is nearby in case you need more of something.

Soccer Theme Party Foods

Soccer Theme Party Foods

4. Pizza Slices

Order pizza with toppings of your guests’ choices. Try to accommodate their requests. Buying frozen pizzas before the party is also an option.

5. Greens and Fresh Fruit

Healthy party food is always a must. Cut and serve various types of veggies and fresh fruit. To add a soccer twist to them, you can style certain veggies and fruits to resemble soccer balls. (Ex: Put strawberries in a circle with the green leaves of the fruits on the outside of the circle.)

6. Edible Turf

Put trail mix and edible grass candy in a bowl as a sweet and salty treat. While this may look like turf from the soccer field, it definitely tastes a lot better.                                       

7. Fresh Drinks

Offer your guests delicious refreshments that professional soccer players drink in the middle of their games: sports drinks and water bottles. You can serve juice boxes, fruit punch, and lemonade as other tasty refreshments.

8. Soccer Ball Cake/Cupcakes

Bake a large round cake and decorate it with black and white frosting to represent a soccer ball. If cake decorating is a project you want to save for another time, you can find local cake and dessert places that could take care of this for you. You can also bake cupcakes, cover them with black or white frosting, and place soccer theme cupcake decorations on them! This is a simple dessert option, and it goes along perfectly with your theme. 

Soccer Theme Party Décor 

9. Soccer Balls

Purchase soccer ball paper lanterns and hang them up on trees, goalie nets, outside canopies, light fixtures, doorways, etc. 

10. Miniature Medals & Trophies

Place soccer ball medals and trophies as centerpieces on the tables. These can also be given out at the end of the party as awards for characteristics such as best sportsmanship, most energetic, or most creative soccer moves.

11. Streamers & Banners

Decorate the party area with black streamers, white streamers, and soccer-themed banners. Alternate between black and white-colored streamers to create a soccer ball look. Hang the banners where guests are sure to see it as they walk in the party or where they will be hanging out.

12. Soccer Idols

Hang soccer player posters of well-known soccer players such as Mia Hamm, Cristiano Ronaldo, and David Beckham on the walls.

13. Floating Soccer Balloons 

Tie soccer ball balloons or black and white balloons to trees, tables, chairs, or goalie nets to enhance the soccer theme.

Soccer Theme Party Favors

Soccer Theme Party Favors

14. Toy Soccer Balls

These items are generally sold by the dozen so they are inexpensive sport favors that are easy to acquire. You could get soccer ball bouncy balls, inflatable soccer balls, or soccer ball kickballs. They are very child friendly because of how soft and squishy they are.

15. Soccer Sweets

Pick out black jelly beans, white jelly beans, and soccer ball candy to fill small soccer ball candy bags. These are sweet favors that your guests will be excited to go home with.

Soccer Theme Party Games and Activities 

16. Maze of Obstacles

Create a course of obstacles for which your guests must dribble a soccer ball around. Items such as hula-hoops, soccer cones, or jump ropes work great for this activity. Set up a soccer goal at the end of the obstacle course for your guests to shoot the soccer ball as the final step in finishing the game. 

17. Sightless Goal Kicks

Line up three soccer balls some distance in front of a soccer goal. Tie a blindfold around each participant and have them stand in front of the soccer balls. One by one, the participants try to score as many balls as they can into the goal without peeking.

18. Soccer Pins

This soccer theme party game is similar to a regular game of bowling. However, instead of bowling pins, gather any objects to have players try to knockdown. You can use objects such as empty tennis ball cans, empty soda bottles, or plastic bowling pins. Instead of rolling the ball to knock the pins down, have the players kick the soccer ball. The game is scored just as a traditional bowling game is.  

19. Soccer Kick Blockade

Form a large circle with 10 or more players. Choose one guest to be the blockade. The blockade must position him or herself in the center of the circle while members of the circle kick a soccer ball to one another. The blockade must attempt to stop the ball with just her feet. If the blockade succeeds in blocking the ball, whoever kicked the ball last becomes the new blockade.  

20. Balloon Heads

Use black and white balloons for this game in order to represent a soccer ball. Give each player her own balloon. Each player must only use their head in order to keep their balloon from falling to the ground. If a player does not succeed in keeping her balloon in the air, that person is out of the game. Continue playing until only one player remains standing. That guest is the winner!

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