Tea Party Ideas

23 Easy Tea Party Ideas

Looking to throw a tea party but unsure where to start? Look no further! Here at Easy Event Planning, we have compiled a list of tea party ideas for when you’re planning your next “pinky up” party. Hiring a decorator for assistance is always an option when it comes to party planning, but if you’re ready to take it on solo, here is a do-it-yourself link to help you plan like a pro! 

Tea Party Ideas: Party Favors

Party favors are a great way to make your guests feel appreciated. Show you care with these easy party favor ideas!

Tea Party Ideas: Party Favors

1. Tea with Tea Cup

Search your local market for unique flavorful tea to accommodate all of your guests. Find something interesting that your guests might not have tried on their own. Top it off with a sweet personalized note and if you’re feeling extra generous, add a small personalized teacup to top off the perfect tea party favor. 

2. Tea Infuser

What tea lover doesn’t want their very own tea infuser for making tea at home? The cool thing about tea infusers is how many different kinds they make. You can purchase a simple and beautiful one for your guests or find quirky theme ones that can be personalized to each of your guests. You could also choose infusers based on your party theme. To top it off, give your guests a couple of new local teas to try!

3. Small Tea Set

This tea party favors idea is especially fun for kids. Go to your local dollar store and pick out small tea sets. Give them to your guests at the beginning of the party and allow them to use their very own tea set during the party. What’s even better is they get to take them home afterward and host their own tea parties in the comfort of their own homes!

4. Candles

If you’re looking for a great and innovative gift for your guests, try making teacup candles! These are absolutely adorable and super easy to make. Grab some teacups and candle wax from your house or from your local store. Be sure to choose a variety of teacup patterns or candle wax colors to make each one unique. Then, heat up the candle wax and place a wick inside the teacup. Pour the candle wax over the wick, making sure that it stays centered. Allow time to dry and voíla. You’ve just made some classy giveaways for your tea party.

5. Goodie Bags

Goodie bags are always a hit. To add a little sparkle, use a cute favor bag instead of a standard paper gift bag. Try to stick with the tea party theme, so gather some honey sticks, tea bags, or small teaspoons for each bag. Your guests will love the variety of gifts they get, and each one will come in handy for their next tea time!

6. Treats

The easiest and yummiest favor to give your guests: baked treats! From cookies to brownies and macarons, there is no end to the themed possibilities. Wrap up the baked goods and place them in a favor bag, decorating based on the colors or patterns of your party. Be sure to ask guests about allergies or food sensitivities they may have to try and accommodate everyone’s dietary restrictions. If you don’t have time to make these treats yourself, contact your local bakery and ask what treats they have in stock. This may be the better option if you have a lot of guests. 

7. Sugar Cubes

They’re perfect for the next time your guests make tea: sugar cubes! To make this favor even more fun and personal, try coloring them to fit the theme of your party. For example, if your party has a blue color palette, take some blue food coloring and drop them into a half-cup of sugar. Mix the sugar and food coloring, then shape using a cookie cutter for some fun giveaways.

8. Tea Tins

Tea tins are perfect for any modern or antique-themed tea party. Fill them with your favorite treat or mint to give to your guests as a thank you. Even after your guests are done with the treat inside, they can use them as cute containers to organize their belongings. Find tins with cute decorations or patterns on them for a more exciting gift. 

9. Framed Picture

Buy picture frames from your local craft store and decorate them by drawing tea bags, small sandwiches, or teacups onto each frame. At the tea party, ask someone to take a photo of your entire group having tea so that later on your guests can place the photo in their frame. This will make the perfect memento for your fabulous tea party. 

Tea Party Ideas: Themes and Activities

Tea Party Ideas: Themes and Activities

10. Alice in Wonderland

Why not host an Alice in Wonderland theme Tea Party? Let your guests wear their favorite Alice in Wonderland attire to the party and provide theme decor throughout. To top it all off, send your guests home with an Alice in Wonderland theme party favor. Create your own “Drink Me Potion” for guests to enjoy when they get home or make your guests a goofy hat to wear. Play Alice in Wonderland during the party and host an Alice in Wonderland theme game, the winner gets to keep the movie and add it to their party favor basket!

11. Charcuterie Board Kit

What goes better with tea than sweet treats or a charcuterie board? Buy your guests a small charcuterie board of their own! Top it off with some olives, cheese, crackers, jam, and honey for the perfect party favor. Your guests will love this idea as charcuterie boards are becoming a hot commodity. This is an especially cute idea if you have a charcuterie board of your own at your tea party! Most stores are providing the essentials for charcuterie board kits and you can buy small charcuterie boards for under $5. Try to fill your kits with items that can be easy to transport home with them such as honey, jam, crackers, or olives.

12. Tea Collages

Create cute tea collages by cutting and pasting pictures together or designing your collage online. Include classic, old tea time photos as well as colorful teacups and kettles. And of course, add some fun quotes. This will be a cute gift your guests can take home and use as decoration in their own home. 

13. Decorate your own Teacup

Tea Party Ideas: Themes and Activities

Not only will your guests love socializing while decorating a teacup, but they’ll also love taking this teacup favor home. Pick out some assorted stickers, paints, and other supplies for your guests to use on their teacups. Depending on your budget, this activity can be completed with a special paper cardboard cup or a ceramic cup.  

14. Tea Attire

Tea parties are known for classy and elegant attire. Even if you’re having a casual tea party in your backyard, you can include some fun clothing accessories as favors. Try making some fun small hats out of tulle fabric and cloth, and feel free to make them as fancy or as wacky as you like. Just make them memorable! You can set up a photo booth for your guests to take photos in them, and be sure to send each guest home with their own special little hat.

15. Recipes

Tea Party Ideas: Themes and Activities

Small sandwiches and pastries are perfect for a tea party favor. Include recipes of all the foods you enjoyed at the party in a small book. Staple printed out recipe cards together with photos of each food as well. Your guests will love to take home such a useful book of easy recipes. Be sure to include the different types of tea you had as well as a reminder for how each food item was complemented. 

16. Teapot Art

This is a fun way to see who is great at drawing or can make the funniest picture. Give each guest a piece of paper, a colored pencil or marker, and a blindfold. The goal of the game is to draw a teapot without looking. Set a three-minute time limit to draw and then see who drew the picture that most resembles a teapot or is the funniest looking if none come close.

Tea Party Ideas: Foods

Tea Party Ideas: Foods

17. Sandwiches

This is a food that is quick to make, and a great snack. You can prepare early by prepping your fillings in advance and then putting them together before guests arrive. Make sure to cut the sandwiches in the traditional tea food shape, triangles.

18. Scones

Scones don’t take long to make, but shouldn’t be made any earlier than the day of the party. It would be best to serve these with cream and jam into a pretty bowl with spoons for your guests to help themselves. There are so many different types, such as fruit scones, lemon drizzle scones, walnut scones, and cherry scones.

19. Jams

These are perfect for spreading over scones and teacakes. There is also an array of flavors, such as strawberry, raspberry, easy cherry, and blackcurrant.

20. Teacakes and Buns

Finish by glazing with the jam of choice by your guest, then serve split or sliced. There are simple recipes, such as teacakes, tea loaf, and easy iced buns. More recipes require a bit more effort, such as Earl Grey tea cakes, Stollen buns, and St. Lucia saffron buns.

21. Biscuits

Use memories of your childhood to come up with ideas for these. It could be cookies, gingernuts, or shortbread. These are easy to make, and all take less than an hour, so you can make them the morning of.

22. Pâtisserie

This is a Parisian-standard pastry that is just good enough to send chills down the spine of the standard home baker. If you want to take them on, this is something you should prepare the night before your tea party.

23. Cakes

Baking a generous batch of dinky cakes that are nicely decorated for people to have individually is a terrific aesthetic for a tea party. There are so many different types of cakes that you can make, such as spiced hummingbird cake, apple rose tart, lemon tart, dark chocolate madeleines, and a pecan tart.


Whether your guests are five or twenty-five, do something for them that will make them feel special. You want your guests to go home remembering what a cool party you hosted and being grateful for the personalized party favor you provided. These tea party ideas will be sure to elevate your next tea party and entertain your guests.

Contributor: Cherish Woodworth

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