Teddy Bear Baby Shower

30 Charming Teddy Bear Baby Shower Ideas

Have you ever considered a teddy bear baby shower? It is the perfect theme for the special baby boy or girl. Many people enjoyed teddy bear baby showers to obtain the most memorable moments. Teddy bears are soft, cute, and huggable for any age, especially for your family. This type of baby shower is a brilliant idea to welcome a special mom-to-be and her baby with a warm surprise. 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decorations 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Decorations
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1. Colors

Even though many teddy bear-themed baby showers focus on the color blue, you can choose to use whatever colors you want. Balloon arches are an adorable and fun idea to welcome guests or draw attention to a certain area. You can use blue, pink, yellow, or any colored balloons you want to create your arch and you can even make it yourself! Some color schemes you can think about for your teddy bear baby shower are the common blue and brown. This is great for a baby boy.

Neutral tones such as tans or creams can be a beautiful idea. If it’s a girl, go for a medium-toned or light pink to go well with the general brown color of teddy bears. You may not know what the gender of the baby is, in this case, it’s good to go with a color like yellow. Yellow is neutral and goes well with brown. You can also go for your own color scheme and choose whatever colors you want. Make sure you are taking the location of your baby shower into consideration when planning the colors. There are no rules with what you can or can’t do and that’s the fun part!

2. Banners

Banners* are another common but suitable decoration for your teddy bear baby shower. You can purchase a banner online or make it homemade. Include whatever colors you want and it’s easy to customize them to say anything. It’s also a cute idea to add pictures of teddy bears on the banner to tie it into the theme. 

3. Table Decor

Table decor is super important for any event and it’s a place to let your creativity shine. Try having a stuffed teddy bear as your centerpiece with a bow that matches your color scheme. You can also do flower vases with little teddy bears added to the bouquet to add a subtle touch to your theme. Also, add napkins* and place settings that match your colors and also add some texture. Add a runner with some confetti or little teddy bear cutouts scattered around for a playful touch. 

4. Rose Teddy Bear

A rose teddy bear is a perfect way to incorporate the theme while also adding flowers. Rose teddy bears are bouquets of roses that are shaped just like teddy bears. They are classy and colorful, making them the perfect item to add to your teddy bear-themed baby shower.  

5. Balloons

One thing you always need at a baby shower is balloons. Whether you choose to make a balloon arch-like mentioned in the decoration section or want to just have them scattered about, balloons undoubtedly create a party atmosphere. The good thing about balloons is that they come in every color and all different types of shapes. You can even buy teddy bear balloons that would add a perfect touch to your baby shower. 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Invitations
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6. Teddy Bear Invitations

Teddy bear-shaped party invitations are a unique and fitting way to invite your guests to your baby shower. You can purchase invitations that are shaped like cute teddy bears. This is perfect for someone with a teddy bear-themed shower and they are sure to put a smile on all your guest’s faces. 

Teddy Bear Invitations

7. Simple Teddy Bear Invitations

A simple yet classic invitation would be to have a teddy bear picture on your invitation. There are so many styles of invitations that have teddy bears on them and they are an adorable way to ask your guests to attend your shower. 

Simple Teddy Bear Invitations

8. Brown Baby Shower Invitations

If you want a simple, yet adorable invitation that will match your theme perfectly, these brown teddy bear baby shower invitations are perfect.

9. Pink Teddy Bear Invitations

If you are having a girl and want to go with the classic pink theme*, there are so many cute choices for pink teddy bear invitations. These come in so many different styles to choose from to ensure they perfectly match your style.

10. Blue Invitations

The blue teddy bear theme is a fun way to showcase if you are having a boy. But don’t let the blue color limit you if you are having a girl, there are plenty of options that will allow you to use blue even if you are having a girl.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Food Ideas 

Rustic Baby Shower Food Ideas
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11. General Ideas

For aesthetic purposes, anything brown or matching your color scheme is a good idea for food. When it comes to the actual meal portion, if you choose to have one, anything works. It’s common to have simple foods that pretty much everyone likes to ensure all your guests leave with a full stomach. Salads, sandwiches, and vegetable or fruit platters are all great choices. Whatever you think your guests will enjoy is what you should serve. 

12. Dessert

Desserts can include anything from cookies to candy. Customized cookies are a perfect way to incorporate your theme or baby name. You can get teddy bears printed on cookies or cute sayings written in your colors. These could also work as party favors for your guests. Cupcakes are also an easy dessert to personalize to fit the teddy bear theme. Have the baker create little fondant teddy bears to add on top of the cupcakes or simply just add colored sprinkles.

13. Candy

Having some candy* is always a great idea and there’s one candy you absolutely must have at your teddy bear baby shower, gummy bears*! You can even create a candy section on one of the tables with vases or bowls of candy that you guests can pick from and create their own little take home candy bag.

14. Cake

A teddy bear-shaped cake would be an awesome showstopper and would be adorable. If you’re a creative baker you can even make a teddy bear cake yourself or have a bakery make one for you. It’s also an option to have a picture of a teddy bear printer or piped with icing on a cake. Make sure to tell the baker what your colors are so they can incorporate them and ensure it fits your theme perfectly.  

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Games 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Games
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15. Diaper Race

Blindfolded teddy bear diaper race. For this game, you will need a couple of baby-sized teddy bears, diapers, and some blindfolds. Have your guests put on a blindfold and race to put a diaper on the teddy bear. This is great for the teddy bear theme and allows the guests to get hands-on. 

16. How Long Is the Animal Pregnant?

Another game idea is the animal gestation game. You can make this by creating a list of animals and having your guests guess how long each animal is pregnant. I like this game idea for the teddy bear theme because it involves animals and you can incorporate bears easily. 

How Long Is the Animal Pregnant?
Source: Etsy

17. Guess the Number of Gummy Bears

For this next game idea, put some gummy bears into whatever container you want. Then have your guests guess how many gummy bears are inside. This is a take on a fairly common baby shower game but using gummy bears ties it into the theme and makes it extra cute. 

18. Pin the Tail On the Bear

Pin the tail on the bear is such an adorable take on the common baby shower game “pin the tail on the donkey.” This game is really easy to put together and can be played by anyone in the shower. It’s a fun way to incorporate teddy bears into your party game. 

19. Baby Shower Game Bundle

A perfect way to get all the games you will need in one package is to buy a baby shower game bundle. While these aren’t as customizable as making them yourself, these game packages give you everything you will need and are so cute! They also help with saving money.

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Favors
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20. Gummy Bears

What’s a teddy bear baby shower without gummy bears? A tasty favor you can give your guests is a little bag of gummy bears and it fits perfectly with the theme. You can buy gummy bears and put them into clear plastic bags and tie them off with a ribbon. Add a cute saying on a small piece of paper and tie it to the ribbon for an even more customized favor. 

21. Honey Jars

Going along with bears is honey*! Purchase some honey jars and add a cute customized label and hand them out to guests as they leave. This fits with the teddy bear theme and is something everyone can actually use. For an even more colorful honey jar favor, add a piece of cloth over the top of the jar and tie it on with twine or ribbon. 

Honey Jars

22. Candy In Baby Bottle

A simple but adorable baby shower favor is putting candy into a small baby bottle. You can put whatever you want into the baby bottle and add a ribbon that matches your colors. Search around for fun or colorful baby bottles that will go with the theme. This favor idea is easy and can be made quickly. 

23. Soap

Soaps are a favorite baby shower favor because they can be used and enjoyed by everyone. The fun part is that you can actually purchase soaps that are shaped like teddy bears. With this party favor idea, you can have the practicality of giving a soap while easily incorporating your theme. 

24. Candles

If you are a candle fanatic and want to give them as favors for your teddy bear-themed baby shower, you’re in luck. Buy some teddy bear-shaped candles and hand them out at your shower for a gorgeous looking and smelling baby shower favor that all your guests will love. 



For all book lovers out there, give away some teddy bear bookmarks. This favor is something the guests can use for a long time while also giving them something to remember your baby shower by. You can purchase different bookmarks online or you can make them yourself and save some money while you’re at it. 

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Party Supplies

Teddy Bear Baby Shower Party Supplies
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26. Tablecloths

One way to make your table pop is to have a tablecloth that stands out and incorporates the theme. You can go with a tablecloth that has your theme colors on it or one that has teddy bears*. There are plenty of options to choose from and you are sure to find one that matches your style.

27. Confetti

If you want to add some confetti throughout your shower don’t worry, they make teddy bear confetti. You can add this to your table by scattering it over your runner or around the centerpieces. It’s just a small but adorable detail that can be added to incorporate the theme a little bit more. 

28. Cake Topper

If you want to add your own cake topper, there are some great teddy bear cake toppers that would work perfectly for a baby shower. Cute teddy bear cake toppers can help customize a cake and tie in the teddy bear theme. A cake topper makes it so you can use a fairly plain cake and add some decoration so that it looks amazing at your party. 

29. Easy Photo Booth

One thing that can make your baby shower memorable is a photo-booth setup. You don’t need anything fancy for this if you don’t want it, you simply need a backdrop and someone to take pictures. There are so many sweet teddy bear-themed backdrops *that are great for baby shower photos. Using a backdrop will allow you and your guests to get pictures that you can look back on and remember the baby shower by. Try adding some twinkle lights* for an even more magical feel! 

30. Photo booth Props

What’s a photo booth without cute props? A simple idea is to have teddy bears that your guests can pose with but you can also buy or make baby shower signs and props to hold. You can usually purchase photo booth props online that will come in a set with everything you will need, making it very easy to create the perfect photo booth setup.


Having a teddy bear baby shower is such an adorable idea that you can do so much with. There are a million different decorations, gifts, and favor ideas along with so much more than you can incorporate into your party. It’s a great idea to create a checklist that will help you stay on track! Using these ideas will ensure you have a memorable party that will absolutely stand out and impress your guests. Have fun planning!

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