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17 Charming Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Wedding centerpieces are a very important aspect of the wedding reception. Here we’ll provide you with some basic tips and ideas for DIY options as well as store-bought pieces that you can include for the table. However you decide to create these decorations, they’ll be a spotlight on your big day!

Top Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

Top Wedding Centerpieces Ideas

1. Talk to a Professional

Need some help getting started? Lookup a wedding decorator near you. These decorators can provide you with ideas to help make your dreams a reality. They’ll help you stick to your budget and offer solutions to problems you might encounter. Be sure to look at a few different decorators and their prices to find the right one for you.

2. Go to a local Antique Store

Local shops have many great wedding centerpieces to choose from. Most of them are inexpensive and thrifted. Some options that a lot of antique stores have are candelabras or silver platters. 

3. Flowers and Vases

Flowers are traditionally used as wedding centerpieces in receptions. To add some creativity to the tradition, try experimenting with different styles and sizes of vases and containers. Try long and thin, short and fat, or a curvy vase. These will add a whole new look to the flowers you’ve chosen. Additionally, consider how these flowers will be placed to create the perfect wedding centerpieces. For example, use shorter vases on dining tables. This allows guests to chat with those on the opposite side without having to crane their neck around a towering arrangement! 

4. Balloon Time

Consider using balloons in your centerpieces. You can have a balloon cluster sitting on top of vases or have it mixed in with flowers. You could also create a hot air balloon using flowers as the “basket.” Then, simply attach a small balloon filled with helium to it with a ribbon or string. Make sure to coordinate the color combination of the balloons and flowers. Try to choose complementary colors.

5. Visit your Local Wood Shop

Many carpenters will cut circular wood bases for your centerpieces. This is great for an outdoorsy couple or a woodsy theme. 

6. Table Numbers

Have some wine bottles lying around? Use ‘em! Take some empty wine bottles and paint designated numbers on them. Place colored stones and pebbles at the bottom of each bottle. Nestle a tea light in the decorative stones to mimic a real candle. This serves as a beautiful way to number the tables for guests.

7. Candles

The combination of candles and flowers makes for an aesthetically pleasing and sophisticated pairing! Candles should match the main color (or serve as an accent) of your wedding. Additionally, you can place them on antique or handmade candle holders. Simply pick up some plain candle holders from a nearby craft store and paint the exterior with fun patterns. You can also surround the candles with a wreath of flowers that match the bouquet to tie in the color scheme!

8. Birdcages

Something that has become more and more popular as of late is shabby chic weddings that sport birdcages. You can paint these cages, which can be found at craft stores, whatever color you like. They can match the theme of the wedding, add a pop of color, or be used to hold flowers. 

9. Coasters

Everybody’s played the game Scrabble! Take some pieces from the game and glue together 5-letter words that spell out themes from your wedding. Possible phrases might be “bride, groom, rings, guest, lover, etc.” This will create a square that can serve as a coaster and be taken home by your guests after the wedding.

10. Ornaments

If you’re planning a winter wedding, get festive! Either make your own glittery and white ornaments or use ones you already have. Place them in a bowl together and let the sparkles make the table shine. These can also be used on non-winter weddings by painting the ornaments to match your wedding colors.

11. Lanterns

Lanterns are perfect for an evening reception. They create a romantic setting for every table. You don’t have to use real lanterns. Battery-powered lanterns can be bought in bulk online. 

12. Mason Jars

Mason jars are one of those classic table wedding centerpieces. These can be bought in bulk and dressed up. Buy some twine and some small stones to wrap around and fill your mason jar. Place a small candle in them and they look perfect. You can either do this yourself or commission someone to do this for you. 

13. Flowers

Flowers are a classic centerpiece. Real flowers can be pricey and hard to keep fresh so opt for fake flowers. You can make these yourself at a local craft store or commission a professional to do this. Pick flowers that go with your theme. 

14. Favors

Have your party favors be your centerpiece. Some couples have little personalized candles or bottles of maple syrup for their guests to take home. Have these out on a platter. When your guests get up to leave they can take it with them. This helps with clean up as well.

 15. Glassware

Thrift stores will often have many different sizes, shapes, and colors of vases or glassware. This might be perfect for a wedding on a budget. If you place these glasses in the center of the table, it will create a perfect eclectic aesthetic for your wedding. 

16. Dessert Platter

A dessert platter can be placed in the center of each table for guests to enjoy throughout the course of the night. Consult your local bakery for cookie platter options. If you’re ethnic, express your background with ethnic treats. Italian weddings often have biscotti and coffee served after or before the main meal. 

17. Food

Guests will love something to snack on while sitting and conversing at the tables. Event coordinators might even encourage this to ensure your visitors don’t get hungry while waiting for dinner. Fill colorful bowls with fruits, snacks, or one of your favorite munchies. Make sure you take into account the number of people at each table and offer 2-3 different snacks. Don’t forget to be mindful of allergies/dietary restrictions and carefully label each treat!


Now that you have been given 17 fantastic ideas for wedding centerpieces, you will be able to wow your guests with your creativity. Be sure to stay true to you and your style, after all it is your wedding. Good Luck!

Written by Chelsea Muzar/CoWritten by Caitlin Connell

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