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15 Noteworthy Ideas for Your Own Wedding Hashtags

Has your significant other finally popped the big question? Is it time for wedding festivities like bridal showers, bachelorette parties, and rehearsal dinners? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then it’s most definitely time for you to start looking at wedding hashtags that will represent your wedding and other bridal events online. The following ideas are perfect for creating your own personal wedding hashtags that will keep everyone connected and making memories.

Wedding Hashtags: Make it Personal

wedding hashtags

1. Use Your Names

It might be obvious to say, but use your names. Combine first names and last names, even mash you and your significant others’ names together to create a cute combination of the both of you. By creating wedding hashtags that include your names, it not only makes them personal, but it makes them more memorable to your guest and more likely for them to use it. A great example is, #HarryAndHarloGetHitched

2. Incorporate Your Wedding Month

If the month of your wedding has great importance to you, or not much importance at all but makes for a great wedding hashtag, use it! Maybe your names didn’t make for a great hashtag, but you still want your wedding hashtag to be personal, include your wedding month in the hashtag to keep it personal to you and memorable to your guests. For example, having your nuptials in September and your last name starts with an “S” like Swartz? Create the wedding hashtag #Swartzember.

3. Personalize it With Numbers

Try to add your wedding dates or even your engagement dates into your wedding hashtags. By using these dates you are minimizing the chances of your hashtag being used by someone else. Numbers also help people to memorize things better. An example of a catchy wedding hashtag that uses numbers is #SayingIDoOnJune22.

Wedding Hashtags: Laughable

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4. Make it Punny

If you or someone you know are good with plays on words, make a laughable hashtag that the guests will love. Try to find words that rhyme and look up different idioms on the internet to help you get some ideas. Here are a few punny examples… #HappilyEverAdams, #McBrideToBe, #LoveAtFirstSites.

5. #BrokenBride

Sometimes we can’t always plan for life’s twist and turns, especially when they happen a week before the big day and now you are stuck with a cast for the wedding. Incorporate the misfortune into your wedding hashtags for some shareable laughs. #BrokenBride would be the perfect caption for guests to place on their image with the bride. It would be such a unique and memorable hashtag to use for your wedding.

6. Not Your First Wedding?

If this isn’t your first go around at getting married, then you might feel some unintended pressure to address the elephant in the room. Try a silly but sweet hashtag like #ThirdTimesACharm to laugh with the guests and create a quirky inside joke with them. This can help to make the celebration of the day more memorable.

Tips for Wedding Hashtags

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7. Avoid Hard-to-Spell Words

Say your soon to be husband has a difficult last name and your side of the family might struggle to spell it. Try sticking to first names in your hashtag to help save it from being misspelled. This will also help prevent guests from mistagging their photos and posts from the wedding and other bridal events.

8. Make Cuts

It’s important to make cuts during the creation process of your wedding hashtags. Generating lots of ideas is important, but cutting out the definite nos will help you to focus on the options that are still in the running. Just place a quick slash through the idea so that you can see what you wrote and avoid using that wedding hashtag idea again.

9. Make Sure to Capitalize the 1st Letter of Each Word

The readability of a hashtag is easily improved by capitalizing the first letter of each word. This helps guests see where each word begins and ends. The capitalization will also provide guests with clarification, as it will be easier for the wedding guests to get the hashtag whether it be a name combo, or a funny pun.

10. Wedding Hashtag Availability

Before making final prints of your wedding hashtags, always do a quick search to make sure your hashtag isn’t already tagged to something else. If there is substantial content attached to the hashtag, it would be smart to switch up your hashtag. It’s not ideal to use other wedding hashtags that are already in use. If the results of the hashtag availability show that not much is connected to it, it’s perfect for you to use!

11. Try A Hashtag Generator!

There is no shame in using a wedding hashtag generator, but don’t expect anything more than basic quality. A hashtag generator is a great place to start brainstorming. A generator may not create your final wedding hashtag, but it may spark some ideas that help you get to your final wedding hashtag.

12. Brainstorm Wedding Hashtags

Write down some ideas, however nonsensical and goofy they might seem. This can lead to more elements to incorporate into your hashtag: the names of your children or pets, your shared favorite red wine, the restaurant you both met. Brainstorming always lead to the best ideas in the end.

Wedding Hashtags: Make it Memorable

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13. Guests Like Catchy

To ensure that guests will use your wedding hashtags on their photos and other posts, the hashtag needs to be memorable; it needs to be catchy. Try using alliteration or rhythm to help guests remember the hashtag. A good example for a couple getting married on July 11th is #ThankHeavenFor711.

14. Get The Word Out!

Now that you have created the perfect wedding hashtag, the next goal is to get your friends, family, and other guests to use it. If you don’t make your guests aware of the hashtag they won’t know to use it. Try incorporating the hashtag into different areas of the event so that your guests have easy access. This also helps to limit misspelling and improper tagging.

Some good areas to put wedding hashtags  to get the word out there are on place cards, ceremony programs, cocktail napkins, chalk boards and other items of the like. Send out your hashtag on your wedding invitations. Promote early use, this will help invite guests to not only use, but also remember the hashtag on wedding day.

15. Talk to The Pros

Try a service that specializes in creating hashtags just for you and your wedding. This is a great way to get the job done right. Oftentimes with help from a professional a wedding hashtag can last a lifetime. Use it at future events like anniversaries, or when you have a new baby or get a new pet.


Now that you’ve made it to this point, I hope you feel more confident in creating and choosing your own unique wedding hashtag. Wedding hashtags are not always the most easy to come up with, and its always important to give yours your own personal touch. These ideas should guide you to creating your own awesome wedding hashtag! For more wedding related ideas check out some of Easy Event Plannings articles and checklists.

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Written by Erica Eberly