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Winery and Vineyard Results


A vineyard is a land where grapes are grown. The plantation produces grapes and sells them to wineries for wine-making. Some vineyards have wineries on-site but not all of them. If they don’t have a vineyard on-site their main function is to grow grapes. Other purposes include growing table grapes, raisins, and making non-alcoholic grape juice. Some vineyard activities include pruning the vines, picking the fruit, and planting new vines, along with a lot more tedious work.

A winery is a licensed place that produces wine. The term winery is meant to encompass the property, winemaking equipment, warehouses, and bottling facilities. It is much more than just what ordinary customers see. There are three types of wineries; micro wineries, urban wineries, and farm wineries. Some wineries may have tasting rooms, restaurants, or conference rooms. Wineries typically also have bottling lines, tank farms, and laboratories. Most wineries have tours, tastings, and even events.

You may be wondering what the difference is between a winery and a vineyard. At a vineyard, the grapes are grown to make wine. A winery is a property that makes the wine and there isn’t always a vineyard at the wineries. Often vineyards sell their grapes to wineries to produce wine out of them. You can drink wine at wineries whereas you most likely cannot at a vineyard. Most vineyards refer to the plants on hillsides or vast open land, while wineries are typically warehouses and event spaces.

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Winery wedding venues are very popular today, especially among the millennial generation, and there is no one answer as to why winery wedding venues are trending. Often a couple will want a winery wedding for the picturesque views. Winery weddings usually have social media in mind among the younger generation, with the wow factor being extremely important. Sometimes a couple will care more about how much the guests love the setting and romance of the venue rather than the quality of the wine. In general, wineries hold aesthetic, attractive scenery to host a wedding. Also, winery wedding venues are trending to others because of the great food and wine. Delicious wine is guaranteed at a winery wedding, so for wine lovers, a winery wedding is a perfect option. A winery wedding allows a newlywed couple and their guests to connect to the unique atmosphere a winery offers and to the incredible wine. Overall the stunning views and quality food are both factors to why winery weddings are so popular today.