1920s party ideas

16 Exciting 1920s Party Ideas

The 1920s was a memorable and noteworthy time. Known as the “Roaring ’20s” and the “Jazz Age,” this decade was known for people letting loose, and we have a few 1920s party ideas so you can recreate it! Many characterize the era by its defiance of Prohibition laws, abandonment of restrictive styles of clothing, and adoption of new styles of dance and dress. Celebrate this unique era using some of our exciting 1920s party ideas!

One of the most iconic symbols of this decade is women known as flappers. Flappers redefined womanhood and challenged societal norms. They wore loose, short clothing so they could show off their legs and dance the night away. They did whatever they could to guarantee that they could have a carefree, fun night.

As we’re all aware, COVID-19 is still affecting our daily lives. It’s best to ask your guests to bring a mask to cover their mouth and nose and abide by social distancing rules. These steps are good precautionary measures for not only yourself but for others, too. The party can still live on, but things will have to change. Here are some great ideas for throwing the best socially distanced Roaring ’20s party. Get ready to channel your inner flapper using some of our 1920s party ideas!

1920s Party Ideas – Decoration Ideas

1920s Party Ideas - Decoration Ideas

1. Follow a Color Scheme

The 1920s are often associated with the colors black and gold. For your 1920s decor, you can use gold metallic tinsel curtains and black and gold balloons. Another idea is to use gold beads wherever you can.

2. DIY Centerpieces

Line the tables with a black tablecloth to make your 1920s centerpieces pop. One suggestion is to try making a fun, eco-friendly DIY centerpiece. You can use any recycled bottle but paint it in gold if you’re using a black and gold color scheme. For decoration, you can wrap the bottle with pearl garland and place white feathers inside of the bottle.

3. Snap a Pic

A photo booth can be a wonderful addition to your 1920s party. Your guests can have a lot of fun taking photos with a 1920s backdrop.

Even a century later, photo booths are still a party staple. With this feature, guests can take their pictures home as a party souvenir or save their photos to post on social media. If you decide to go with this photo booth idea, make sure you place plenty of 1920s props!

4. Jazzy Jams

It wouldn’t be a 1920s party without some good jazz music! You can play some jazz music in the background. Some artist to think about are Louis Armstrong, Duke Ellington, and Red Hot Peppers. The jazz music really adds to the 1920s aesthetic.

5. Play A Silent Movie

Silent movies were very popular in the 1920s. Try showing a silent movie from the 1920s in the background of your party for ambiance. You can also try playing the 2013 film, “The Great Gatsby,” if you want to give your party a more modern twist.

1920s Party Ideas – Activities

1920s Party Ideas - Activities

6. Make it Realistic

It’s the little things that make the difference. One option is to find a company that makes the best, customizable party invitations. In your invitations, include a secret password that grants them entry to the party. You could have the password be “COVID” just to remind people to be careful when entering the party. Another thing you can do is station someone at the door to ask for the password and let them in. This will help create the same atmosphere for your guests as people had in the 1920s when they went to speakeasies during Prohibition. 

7. Costume Contest

Everybody loves an excuse to go all out and dress up! Let your guests know in the invitation that they should dress up in 1920s themed costumes. You can find plenty of 1920s costume ideas online. An important piece of every costume should be a mask to avoid contracting the virus. Who knows, the mask could even spice up your costume! 

8. Dance Contest

Open the dance floor to a dance-off. Play a video of people doing the classic Charleston or the Lindy hop and have a contest of who could best recreate it. This gets your guests up and moving to energize the party. Just be sure the audience is sitting at a distance from each other to ensure people are social distancing. 

9. Card Games

Since most casinos are closed down because of the pandemic occurring, bring the casino to the party. Gambling was such a huge part of the roaring twenties with the likes of blackjack and poker, and there are plenty more 1920s card games to choose from. There will be an added twist however, be sure to have everybody bring their own cards and poker chips to ensure minimum contact.

10. Tik Tok

Who doesn’t love TikTok? TikTok is best known for people sharing fun short dances for others to try. Have people create some 1920s TikToks and share your moves with the world! 

1920s Party Ideas – Drinks

1920s Party Ideas - Drinks

If you know anything about the roaring ’20s, then you would know that they loved parties – parties and drinks that is. Here are a couple of exciting drink and cocktail ideas that you can serve at your 1920s party.

11. Martini

The martini is a classic cocktail and great for a 1920s party since they loved to drink cocktails during that time. The ingredients include gin, dry vermouth, and a lot of olives. A fun idea is to make sure you serve your martini in an authentic martini glass so your party really feels like the 1920s.

12. Mint Mojito

This drink is fresh and clean. All you need is some fresh mint leaves, white sugar, rum, some soda to top it off, and lastly, 3 drops of bitters. Everyone will surely enjoy this mix!

13. Piña Colada

The Piña Colada is very topical and sweet. To make this drink, you will need coconut rum, pineapple juice, and a lot of ice. It’s recommended that you use a blender to get a slushy consistency. 

14. Gin and Tonic

This drink is a bit self-explanatory. Literally, all you need is gin and tonic water. If you’d like, you can switch the tonic out with a flavored seltzer. 

1920s Party Ideas – Food

1920s Party Ideas - Food

15. Pigs In A Blanket

Pigs in a blanket were very popular appetizers in the 1920s, and were called, “Pastry Pigs.” To make these delicious hors d’oeuvres simply wrap some sausages in puff pastry, cook, and serve.

16. Shrimp Cocktails

Shrimp cocktails are delicious and easy to make. They were also very popular at the time. Just take some cooked shrimp and place them on the edge of a glass with cocktail sauce inside. This recipe is also Covid-19 friendly, as each one of your guests can have their own glass.


The roaring ’20s was a lively time filled with beautiful dresses, fun parties, and amazing jazz music. Luckily, you can recreate this time by hosting a wonderful 1920s party. We hope these 1920s party ideas make the planning process easier for you and help you generate some great ideas for your party.

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