2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife 25 Unique and Romantic Ideas

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife - 25 Unique & Romantic Ideas

Second Year Anniversaries can be just as important as any other anniversaries. Although it may not be thought of as being as special as the first anniversary, it is still a special day that you can celebrate with your significant other and brighten up her day with 2 year anniversary gifts for your wife as something special that’ll show her how much you care.

Traditionally, a 2nd anniversary is referred to as a cotton anniversary with a symbolism of cotton to represent strength and resilience in a relationship. Since it is another year that a couple has made it through their relationship and marriage, it is something to commemorate and celebrate a small milestone as a special occasion. 

Hitting the two-year mark might not be a big deal, but choosing the perfect gift can be difficult. We picked out our favorite items on Amazon below to give you some fun ideas to consider with a mix of traditional cotton gifts and modern gifts for 2 year anniversary gifts for your wife.

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Personalized, DIY & Custom Gifts

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Personalized, DIY & Custom Gifts
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1. Personalized Couples Throw Blanket 

Snuggle up, keep warm, and stay cozy with a personalized couples throw blanket* for two. Love never fades, just like this blanket won’t and it’ll always be a reminder of your loving relationship with her. 

2. First Dance Song Cotton Print 

Think back to the wedding and your first dance…what was that special song that was played and tugged both of your heartstrings? Show her how much you care with a heart-shaped first dance song cotton print* to the lyrics of your first dance as a remembrance of the night you swept her off her toes and danced the night away. 

3. Holographic Photo Engraved Crystal 

Add an image of your favorite memory with your significant other to be displayed on a holographic photo engraved crystal* with an LED light that comes with a keepsake gift box. It’s a memory with you that she’ll never forget. 

4. Hand Casting Kit 

Send your love in the shape of two with a DIY hand casting kit* that you can preserve your love with her in permanently. It’s a treasured keepsake gift that molds two lovebirds’ hands together that is great to commemorate your second anniversary in. 

5. 2nd Anniversary Card 

Nothing is sweeter than a handwritten 2nd-anniversary card* that shows how much you care for her and how these two years have been the best years spent together. Pour your feelings and heart out by sending a personal message that’ll make her heart melt. 

6. Customized 2 Years Key Chain 

Mark the two years down with a customized 2 years key chain* with a penny that says two down and forever to go. A one of a kind gift that is a great addition to her keys and she’ll be sure to take that with her wherever she goes! 

7. Keepsake Journal Album 

With this special cotton anniversary keepsake journal album*, she can treasure all the memories and the little moments you’ve shared. This beautiful scrapbook contains illustrated pages and comes with stickers. 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Games

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Games
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8. Couples Conversation Starter Game 

Give a gift of a couples conversation starter game* that’s meant to spice up a couple’s relationship and to reconnect two hearts together. Spend some quality time and learn something new about each other with thought-provoking questions. Communication is the key to having any great relationship. 

9. Metal Date Night Dice 

Are you not quite sure what to do for your 2nd anniversary date night or any other date nights? Fear not, this gift includes two metal date night dice* that come with 36 date night ideas. Just roll the dice with your date and let fate choose what you both will do for date night tonight.

10. Date Night Idea Cards 

What’s on her bucket list? If she’s feeling adventurous, give her the gift with a box full of 100 date night idea cards* with three categories to pick from. The box comes with three dividers to keep it organized for Things to Do, Doing, and Done to help you both keep track of the progress. 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Home Gifts

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Home Gifts
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11. Fleece Robe 

For someone special who is so hardworking, you can’t go wrong with giving the gift of relaxation. She deserves as much relaxation she can get with a fleece bathrobe* in her favorite color that keeps her warm and comfy after a long day. 

12. His & Hers Bath Towel Set 

Celebrate your cotton anniversary with a new pair of black stitched monograms of His & Hers bath towel set* that is 100% cotton. A thoughtful way to keep the two of you much closer! 

13. Engraved Cotton Jewelry Tray 

If she loves jewelry, an engraved cotton jewelry tray* might be something for her as a reminder of the loving two years that brought you both much closer together. A gift of cotton can’t go wrong to represent the comfort and strength in a two-year marriage together that’ll have her think a lifetime together isn’t so much further away.   

14. Cotton Pillow 

Nothing says I love you more than this cotton anniversary pillow* since day one, although you’ve been married for 730 days. Tell her how much you’ve loved her ever since for every day and time spent together. 

15. Coffee Mug 

Keep that humor up with a unique and funny gift with this 2-year anniversary coffee mug for her* that she can use daily to show her how much you appreciate her in your life. 

16. Kitchen Apron Set 

For a couple that cooks together or attempts to cook together, this matching Mr.Right and Mrs. Always Right kitchen apron set* will keep things spicing up in the kitchen. They say a couple who cooks together stays together! 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Decor 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Decor 
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17. Gold Dipped Rose 

Give her a gift that lasts for a lifetime with a gold-dipped red rose* that represents forever love that’ll never wither. This rose comes with a stand for her to put on display and it will be something she won’t get tired of!    

18. Potted Silk Desk Rose with Cotton 

For the wife who loves receiving flowers each year, a potted silk desk rose with cotton* may just be the one she’ll love for her second-anniversary gift. With this rose, it’ll strengthen the relationship and she’ll never forget a gift that’ll last. 

19. Moon Lamp 

Show how much you love her by loving her from the moon and back with a gift of moonlight to brighten up her day or night. This moon lamp *can be adjusted to fit the perfect setting in brightness and color.

20. Crystal Sculpture 

Express your love to your wife with this 2nd-anniversary crystal sculpture keepsake gift *and let her know how you can’t wait to continue enjoying a lifetime with her. 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Music Gifts

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Music Gifts
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21. Portable Record Player 

If she’s a total music lover, she’ll love this portable record player* in a vintage suitcase that she can take with her wherever she goes! With multiple colors and pattern options, there is one designed for her to fall in love in. 

22. Preserved Rose Musical Box 

The gift of three forever roses in a musical box represents eternal true love. A preserved rose music box* that plays a beautiful melody that will last for over several anniversaries will make her feel super special! 

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Other Gifts

2 Year Anniversary Gifts for Your Wife: Other Gifts
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23. Compact Mirror 

A compact mirror* that she can take with her anywhere she goes that she’ll never forget how much you love her no matter what or where she is as a reminder of the good and the bad days. There are two mirrors in the compact mirror, one regular and one magnifying mirror that is perfect to use at any time. 

24. Compass Necklace 

Get the woman in your life a compass necklace* to show her how much she means to you and let her know that you wouldn’t know what you’d do without her in your life. 

25. Teddy Bear 

Feeling romantic? Gift her a cute teddy bear* with cotton rose to cherish your relationship with her for your cotton anniversary. 


A second anniversary has a meaning behind it just like any other anniversary does. To celebrate your cotton anniversary with your wife, find perfect 2-year anniversary gifts and ideas for an anniversary party for your wife to strengthen your relationship with her while cherishing the time together. Whatever you decide to give her to commemorate this anniversary, she’ll be sure to love it and appreciate it. We wish you congratulations on reaching a milestone for your 2nd anniversary and the best for what’s to come! For more ideas for the best gifts for any occasion, check out EasyEventPlanning.com.

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Written by Stephanie Tse