80th Birthday Party Themes

13 Best 80th Birthday Party Themes

Are you getting ready to celebrate the big 80? This is a pretty significant milestone, and it deserves to be celebrated with the hippest party ever! Whether you’re planning for a family member, friend, or special someone, you’ve come to the right place. If you want this party to be memorable, you’ll need to wow everyone with a unique theme that brings the whole event together. Feel free to simplify any of these 80th birthday party themes for a more relaxed and casual celebration. 

Top 13 80th Birthday Party Themes

Top 13 80th Birthday Party Themes

1. 1980’s Throwback

What’s a more perfect theme than to revive the iconic 80’s for your party? From Back to the Future to neon leg warmers, this theme is sure to bring back familiar memories from the past. 

Decorations: A quick search of the top trends of the decade will be sure to provide you with the perfect decoration ideas. Ask the guest of honor what their favorite memories from the 80s were as well to make sure they are wowed by the party. An easy idea would be to order some movie posters such as “The Goonies”, “The Breakfast Club” or “E.T.” and hang them on the walls.

Other simple decorations include neon balloons, streamers, and tablecloths. If you have any vintage cameras or Rubik’s cubes, decorate your space with them by showcasing them as props. If you have a polaroid camera, perfectly capture the moment by taking pictures during the party just like in the 80s. Use old cassette tapes as DIY decorations by stringing old pictures of the guest of honor underneath the tapes and write captions on the tape such as “Linda’s go-to 80’s outfit” or “Robert’s family photos- 1985”. 

Food: Sloppy joes are a fun party food that will be sure to bring back memories of the 80s. Serve snacks such as Famous Amos cookies and Cool Ranch Doritos. Of course, don’t forget to include the favorite food of the guest of honor! For the grand finale, bring out a beautiful neon cake for everyone to enjoy. 

Games: A fun game for guests of all ages but especially the younger ones is to guess the meanings of slang from the ’80s. “What’s your damage”, and “Gag me with a spoon” are sure to challenge the youngins and leave your older guests laughing with amusement. 

2. Great Gatsby

For a more formal event, this theme is sure to wow your guests and make the guest of honor feel extra special.

Decorations: This theme is perfect for wowing your guests with a little bit of effort. The most creative way to bring the gatsby atmosphere to the party is to decorate your space with plenty of black, white, and gold. Sprinkle gold confetti around the tabletops and floor.

Fill centerpieces with either candles or flowers surrounded by gold beads and ostrich feathers. Showcase the guest of honor with photos encased in golden frames and place them around the party venue. Make sure to complete the gatsby theme with captivating jazz music. 

Food: Make sure to serve champagne or cocktails as your guests walk into the party. Hors d’oeuvres are the way to go for a gatsby party, as it allows everyone to mingle easily and enjoy the party. Devilled eggs, shrimp cocktail, and tomato bruschetta are simple and easy to make. Finish off with a cake with gold dust and edible pearls draped over it. 

Games: Set up a DIY photo booth with a sheet background and give out fun props for photos such as big feather headbands and pearls. Entertain your younger guests with card games and your older guests with poker games. In order to assure and encourage guests to dress up as much as possible, let everyone know that there will be a costume contest! 

3. Classic Movie Night

For a more chill and relaxed event, set up a cozy movie night to celebrate the big day. Choose the guest of honor’s favorite movie, and use that as the theme of the night or stick to the classic popcorn and camera reel concept. 

Decorations: For an outdoor event, set up a cozy DIY theater with a projector to play the movie. Set up chairs and make sure every seat has a blanket. To celebrate the birthday of the individual, create movie posters with pictures of them to hang up. Title the poster and add captions to the photos of who is starring in them and what is happening in the picture. 

Food: Serve classic movie theater snacks such as hotdogs, pizza, nachos, pretzels, and Raisinettes to enjoy throughout the movie. Let your guest of honor choose their favorite snacks to serve as well. For a fun dessert, get an edible picture cake with the birthday boy/gal’s picture on it and the words “Starring…” or “Featuring…”. Another fun option would be to decorate a tall cake in white and red frosting in vertical stripes to look like a popcorn bucket, and then pipe round swirls on top to look like popcorn.

Games: Test your guests with movie trivia for entertainment. Create a fun party souvenir by setting up a stand that says “My Favorite Scene” or “My favorite Quote in ___’s movie” and let your guests write their favorite memories and sayings from the guest of honor in a booklet, which will be sure to make them smile as they read it after the party

4. Favorite Holiday

Who says you can’t celebrate your favorite holiday more than once a year? Bring your guest of honor’s favorite holiday to their birthday party. Christmas in July, Halloween in March, or Thanksgiving in February is sure to be a fun theme that your guests will not be expecting. 

Decorations: Whatever the holiday is, make sure to include lots of balloons, streamers, and wall decor to set the tone. Make centerpieces with flowers and ornaments from the holiday, and include pictures of the guest of honor in the centerpiece to emphasize their special day. Simply bring out all the decorations from the attic and decorate your space however you normally would for that day. 

Food: Bring in the generations-old family recipes and make sure to celebrate with the finest cooking for the special day. For your Christmas theme, make the famous Christmas ham, green bean casserole, and peppermint bark. For Thanksgiving, include the turkey, mashed potatoes, and stuffing. For Halloween, serve pizza, caramel apples, and pumpkin bread. 

Games: If you have any fun traditional games that your family plays during the holidays, make sure to bring them out for the birthday party! White elephant, Pin the Feather on the Turkey, or dress up contests will be sure to entertain guests of all ages.

5. Cheers To 80 Years

For this simple theme, the emphasis is on the special occasion– the celebration of 80 years of life! Choose to make your occasion boozy with personalized champagne or beer bottles, or simply use the number as the center of your decoration ideas.

Decoration: Choose a color scheme that fits the birthday person, and decorate with balloons and colored tablecloths. Make streamers and banners that have the number 80 on it. Hang up plenty of pictures of the birthday boy/gal throughout their lives on the walls, or even hang them from balloon strings around the room. 

Food: Serve champagne, beer, wine, or whatever the special person’s favorite celebratory drink is for the exciting day. Customize the bottles to say “Cheers to 80 years” or their names. Serve typical party snacks and finger foods such as chips and dip, crab cakes, or stuffed mushrooms. End the event with a delicious cake garnished with a big 80 cake topper. 

Games: 80 years is a long time to create memories. Challenge your guests with a trivia game about the guest of honor on things such as their favorite childhood movies, their happiest moment, or their longest friend. Have your guests come together to write 80 things they love about the celebrant or memories, and write them on pieces of paper. Put them together in a big decorated mason jar and let the guest of honor read them as they please for the next few days. 

6. This Kid Is 80

Is your guest of honor still young at heart? Celebrate with this theme that doesn’t make them feel old, but rather remind them how much life they still have left to live!

Decorations: Keep this party fun and lively with bright and happy colors. Tie-dye, polka dots, and neon colors will do. Make a photo booth with fun props such as feather boas and huge sunglasses for a silly decoration that guests can use as party memorabilia. Hang streamers from the ceiling and attach pictures of the special guest, including fun pictures from their youth. 

Food: Serve a mixture of food such as fruit, veggies, and nuts mixed with junk food like chips, cookies, and cupcakes. The secret to a good and healthy life is balance! Let the special person decide their favorite foods to serve at the party. Fill a jar with some punch and label it “Fountain of Youth”. Every party needs dessert, so serve up some delicious cake decorated with the celebrant’s favorite things and a cake topper that says “Forever Young”. 

Games: Keep the party energetic and lively with fun games that will be sure to make everyone laugh. A simple game is to write the names of well-known characters on pieces of paper, and then tape them to each person’s back. Have each guest figure out which character is on their back by asking other participants for clues and hints. 

7. Tea Party

For the classy birthday gal(or guy), a tea party is a classic theme for their special day. Set up elegant decorations and serve chic snacks and beverages. 

Decorations: Layout simple white tablecloths over the tables, and decorate with beautiful vases and flowers for centerpieces. Layout your nicest china and dishware for this special occasion. Fold napkins in fun ways to add some flair. Pastel balloons and streamers will add to the simple and dainty theme.

Food: The star of this party will be the menu. Make sure to serve different kinds of freshly brewed tea and other drinks such as lemonade. Cut up different types of sandwiches into triangles, make scones with clotted cream and jam, and serve lots of small yummy desserts such as mini cupcakes or shortbread cookies. 

Games: While waiting for food or during dessert, serve a flight of tea and have your guests try and guess the flavors of the unique brews. 

8. The Wild West

For those who grew up watching Western movies, this theme might be a fan favorite. Celebrate a big 80th birthday with a Wild West bash, sure to be full of fun. 

Decorations: Bring the Wild West to the party by covering tables in red and white checkered tablecloths, using cowboy boots as centerpieces, and wanted posters of the guest of honor. Pin a banner at the entrance of the party that says “Saloon” and hang signs up around the space with sayings such as “Yee-haw” and “Howdy, Partner”. Cut out large pieces of cardboard or paper and create a silly photo station where you can take pictures that look like you’re standing behind jail bars. 

Food: Serve cornbread, chile, and bread pudding. Get creative and decorate cupcakes to look like yellow and red sheriff stars or cowboy hats. Serve snacks and beverages in cups covered in cow print paper. 

Games: Grab a pair of cowboy boots and beanbags, and invite your guests to participate in a beanbag toss! See who can get the most beanbags in the boots from different distances. Have a dance party and see who can two-step the best!

9. Hollywood Bash

Host an elegant awards show for the special birthday person. Dress up and spoil the guest of honor with a party that will leave them feeling like a winner. 

Decorations: Of course, decorate the entrance of the event with a long red carpet for guests to make a spectacular entrance. Use gold balloons throughout the venue, and gold stars hung from the ceiling. Create a photo booth with a banner that says “Lights, Camera, Action!”.

Food: Serve casual snacks or a full meal. Some fun ideas are star-shaped cookies, popcorn, or mini sliders. A cake with an Emmy or Grammy award cake topper would perfectly satisfy the theme. 

Games: To really celebrate the guest of honor, have them brought to the stage, and have friends and family award them with their awards of choice- it could be “Best Grandfather” or “Best Storyteller”. Have them accept the awards and make a short speech.

10. Outer Space

For the NASA fanatic, this theme is sure to get them excited and feel special on their big 80th birthday.

Decorations: Cover your event venue with plenty of cutout space theme items such as planets, spaceships, and aliens. Buy galaxy and star balloons to accompany. Use silver tablecloths and place settings to accent the space theme.

Food: Cut out sandwiches, fruit, and cookies in the shape of stars and moons. For the big dessert, decorate a cake with white and grey frosting to look like the moon, and stick an astronaut figurine on top with a mini American flag. 

Games: For the younger guests, have each of them draw out their own new planet and vote on who comes up with the most creative new idea. 

11. Through The Years

Celebrate this important milestone with a trip down memory lane. Bring back memories from the past while making your guest of honor feel special in the present. 

Decorations: Find as many decorations as you can from the past 80 years. Dedicate a section of your venue for each decade, and include plenty of pictures of the celebrant and the milestones they went through in that decade. Have guests dress up in whichever decade they want, and enjoy watching guests in pin-up dresses, disco attire, and leather jackets

Food: Ask the guest of honor what their favorite foods were in each decade of their life, and make a timeline of food at the food station. Start by serving their favorite childhood snacks and candies, and move down the table to their current favorite foods.

Games: Bring out lots of old photos and have the guests try and guess which one is the guest of honor! This is a fun challenge, especially for younger guests. Have the guests make predictions on what the fads and trends of the next decade will be. 

12. Tropical

Give the birthday celebrant a lovely vacation brought right to their home! Nothing will make them feel more special than this enjoyable theme. 

Decorations: Make sure to put up those tiki lights to set the tone! Make sure everyone wears a lei and flower crown. Decorate the venue with plenty of lush green leaves and beautiful hibiscus flowers. Hula music is sure to put everyone in a happy mood.

Food: Serve up some delicious cocktails and fun beverages like pina Coladas, mai tais, and malibu sunsets. Cut up some fresh tropical fruit and toss it all together to make a big fruit salad. Hawaiian meatballs and pineapple fried rice are sure to keep your guests happy and full. Make a large coconut cake and decorate with plenty of tropical cocktail umbrellas.

Games: Have a hula hoop contest, to see who can keep their hula hoop up the longest. Play pass the coconut– pass a coconut around the circle and play music, and whoever has the coconut when the music pauses is out of the game. 

13. Gardening Party

For the nature lover, they are sure to love this theme for their big day. Surround them with plants and flowers, and let them enjoy the sunshine. 

Decorations: This party works betters with an outdoor venue. Set up white tables and chairs, and set up light green tablecloths. Make fun centerpieces by setting fresh flowers into watering cans. If your outdoor venue lacks some greenery, set up beautiful vine decorations and green balloons and streamers. Set up some garden gnomes for silly decorations, and hang up string lights if the event will run into the evening. 

Food: Classic picnic food will steal the show for this theme party. Make sandwiches, pasta salad, fresh fruit, and veggie trays. Beautiful charcuterie boards with cheese, fruit, and crackers are sure to be a hit. Cookies or macaroons will be perfect finger food desserts for this party. Finish off the meal with a lovely floral design cake. 

Games: Backyard lawn games such as cornhole, ladder toss, or croquet. Everyone of all ages can participate in these fun activities, including the guest of honor!


No matter how old you get, this 80th birthday will be one to make you feel as young as ever. Complete with all of the ideas you need to make this party a success, hopefully, you found one of the 80th birthday party themes to inspire you, unlike the rest.

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