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9 Captivating Balloon Centerpieces

Want to add a whimsical element to your party that will really wow your guests? If you are not a fan of traditional floral centerpieces, consider making them out of balloons. Easy Event Planning has compiled a list of tips and tricks for creating the perfect balloon centerpieces. 

Balloon Centerpieces Ideas

Balloon Centerpieces Ideas

1. Bouquet

To create a balloon bouquet, tie inflated latex or mylar balloons to craft pipe cleaners. Inflate four balloons and tie the ends around the pipe cleaner to create one flower. Once you have a collection of different colors and sizes, twist the pipe cleaners together. You can place your balloon decorations in vases or large bowls filled with sand, rocks, or shells. You can also use them as wall embellishments or anywhere else you would like to place them.

2. Mini Towers and Arches 

Create mini arches or towers with smaller balloons and shorter wire. Attach the end of each balloon to the wire. Then attach balloon weights or mini sandbags to both ends of the wire. Place them in the center of your table, or place them above another type of centerpiece to make it stand out.

3. Characters and Sculptures

Professional balloon artists can create fun sculptures for your centerpieces. You can have large characters of the bride and groom, or the party guest of honor, established in balloon form. The artists can also entertain your guests by creating personal sculptures for each guest at the party or event.

4. Candles Shine

Attach a few small balloons to the bottom of a large candle. Ensure the candle is sitting on a small plate or in a candle holder so that the wax won’t harm or pop your decorations. This adds an unexpected twist to traditional candle decorations.

5. Glow, Glow, Glow

Set up a tall skinny vase on your table and fill it with water beads. Activate several glow sticks and place them inside the balloons before you inflate them. Attach the end of the balloon to a pipe cleaner or craft stick and place your glowing creations into the vase. 

6. Don’t Blow Up

Start this centerpiece with a large styrofoam ball, a large package of balloons (at least 40-60), and a bunch of pins. Just start pinning the balloons to the ball in any pattern you want and keep going until you cover the entire ball. Stick the ball onto a stick or in a pot, and you have created a unique centerpiece that your guests are sure to love.  

7. Vegas Theme  

For a Vegas, or dramatic, party theme, try this colorful centerpiece. Buy some oversized latex balloons, some large faux feathers (at least 8), and a thin, tapered plastic vase. Put small, round candy or marbles in the bottom of the vase for weight and color. Then, layer the feathers across the top of the vase. You can put them inside of it too, but be sure to leave enough of a splay outside of the vase to hold the balloon. Then blow up the balloon and put a penny or some small weight in it to keep it from floating away. Set it, or glue it, on top of the feathers, and you’ll have a classy yet crazy centerpiece.

8. Dazzling  

For a centerpiece that can be easily matched to the party colors, take clear balloons of any size and use a funnel to pour confetti or glitter inside of them. Then, write a table number on the balloon before placing it on the table. You could also put a piece of paper or cardstock inside the balloon, but be careful to place it so the corners will not pop it. Be creative with the string and use fringe, tinsel, or lace to attach it to the balloon weight of your choice. 

9. Adventure is out there  

Turn your guests’ thoughts to travel and adventure with a hot air balloon centerpiece. Regular latex, not Mylar balloons, are necessary for this centerpiece. You’ll need small baskets, clear plastic netting, some ribbon, and whatever you’ll want to put in the basket (candy, flowers, rocks, etc.). Blow up the balloon, place the plastic netting over it and tuck the netting into the basket. Then you will staple or tape the netting to the bottom of the basket.

Finally, fill the basket with the objects you have chosen. If you would like, you can also nestle a table number card in the basket. For a more realistic effect, string ribbon through the netting around the middle of the balloon and another small ribbon section around the balloon’s actual bottom. It will create the shape of an actual hot air balloon.


Although balloon centerpieces are often very extravagant and made of florals, that doesn’t mean they can’t be fun and entertaining. If you love balloons and would like to include them in your centerpieces, don’t hesitate to do so! There are many ways you can incorporate balloons into all areas of your party decorations. Hopefully, this list inspired you in your search for balloon centerpieces. For more party or event planning ideas, check out the other blogs on 

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