Best birthday party places

20 Best Birthday Party Places

Your birthday is approaching soon, have you thought about where to celebrate it? Come on, it can’t be at your house again! Don’t know where to go for this special day? Let us share with you a list of the best birthday party places you can go to throw a celebration and fully enjoy yourself with your friends and family!

Best Birthday Party Places


1. Restaurant

The restaurant is a common choice for people to celebrate on any occasion. Instead of making a big meal and getting super tired before the party even started, why not go to one of your favorite restaurants and comfortably enjoy your favorite meal? Plus, all of your guests can then pick their own food of choice, saving you the trouble.

Nowadays, a lot of restaurants even offer special deals and services on guests’ birthdays. For example, Olive Garden offers free appetizers or desserts when you come on your birthday. Sometimes, if you don’t like how a restaurant is a public place where you will not have your private space, try asking if there is actually a private room option for the restaurant you would like to go to. 

2. Bowling Alley

Bowling Alley

A bowling alley is a place where you can hang out with your friends and actually do something together. If you want to spend some quality time with your friends on your birthday, go bowling! Most bowling places also sell foods like pizza and beverages. Instead of just purely playing, you and your friends can actually enjoy a decent meal here. Not just friends, going bowling with your family can also be very entertaining.

Maybe you will be able to find out that one of your family members is actually very good at bowling! Learn from your family member and show off your skills in front of your friends next time! If you would like to have your cake there, some bowling alleys actually have a dining room area, so you can actually celebrate there too.

3. Swimming pool

Swimming pool

If your birthday is on a hot summer day, isn’t the swimming pool one of the best options to have fun? You can find a swimming pool with safeguards inside and enjoy the fun without worrying for safety issues. Of course, you should avoid doing anything dangerous! Activities like chilling in the pool, water gun games, rafting, water volleyball, and swimming matches are all examples of how to have fun there! Inform your guests beforehand to apply sunscreen if the swimming pool is outside of a building. Remember to prepare some drinks so no one gets dehydrated by having too much fun!

4.Bounce House 

Bounce House

What’s a classic place for people of all ages to enjoy lashing out by jumping around without consequence on their special day? A bounce house! Bounce houses are a great way for party goers to burn off some energy from obstacle courses to simply jumping around all evening long. Races could be held through the obstacle courses or a simple game of catch. The time and energy spent in the bounce house will leave you primed to enjoy sweets such as cake, soda, and other typical party treats. The fun a bouncy house brings to a party is remembered by all, from little kids to even adults. 

5.Public parks 

public parks

If you are low in budget, why not go to a public park and have some fun there? For public parks like Central Park in New York City, there is actually a good amount of spaces for you to have a picnic day. Bring a blanket, prepare some food, and call your friends and family to join you at a sunny picnic birthday party! Well, of course, it can only happen if your birthday is on a good weather day. You will be able to take some beautiful pictures along the day!

Also, if a picnic is not fun enough, plan some other fun activities that you can do in a park! I bet physical activities are the best to do in a big park! For some reference, you can do sports like football, frisbee, and volleyball! If sports don’t interest you, bring some games to the park! Simply running around in the park can be a good way to create memories! So give it a try. 

6.Public gardens 

public garden

Public gardens are somewhat very different from public parks. Public gardens are more scenic and you wouldn’t want to do any sports in the garden! If you are a person who loves plants and flowers, holding a birthday party in a public garden will definitely lighten your heart.

One recommendation for this kind of party is, you can actually make the theme a Fairy Party. Fairies in a garden! Isn’t it cute just by the name? Just up to match the vibe and take some good photos with the most beautiful flowers in that garden! Some fairy party games can add a little spice to make it even more special! I recommend games like Fairy Freeze Tag, Pixie Dust Relay, Musical Mushrooms, Earn Your Wings, and so on. 

7. Campgrounds


Sometimes you want your party and a special day to be away from commonly frequented places. Choose a campground to spend your birthday party! Surrounded by nature and fresh air, the area can be decorated to suit a fantasy Alice in Wonderland type theme. Campfires can be lit near the end of the night to make for typical camping treats such as s’ mores and other roasted treats. Tables are usually already set at campgrounds, needing only some cloth so food items such as cake may be placed on them. However, remember to clean up when done celebrating! 

8. Karaoke Bar

Karaoke Bar

Talking about Karaoke Bars, it’s actually one of my favorite places to go! If you are someone who loves to sing and loves music, it’s definitely worth a try. Get along with your friends on your birthday and start a mini-concert of your own! Most karaoke bars offer food and drinks, so don’t worry about having nothing to eat on your birthday. Also, if you bring your birthday cake there, pick the birthday song from the karaoke machine, you will have such a good birthday song just for you.

9. Amusement Parks

Amusement Parks

A little bit more on the pricey side, however extremely exciting for birthdays! Many amusement parks offer special packages and discounts for birthday parties. Supplying items such as cake, ice cream, and more. After the extremely exciting roller coaster and thrill rides, you and your party and wind down with these delicious treats. Memorable and suited for people of all ages. 

10. Party Boat/Cruise  

party cruise

If you are able to afford a high-quality luxury birthday, renting a party boat or cruise can be so much fun. Not just throwing a party on a boat is special, but the scenery itself is beautiful and extremely unique. The sea can be a very healing and serene thing to look at, and you will definitely enjoy that chilling wind blowing through you. Remember to dress nicely so you can take some amazing photos on the boat!

11. Bar/Lounge


A classic and ideal location for birthday celebrations for adults. Go to your favorite bar with some friends and order your favorite cocktails. Depending on the bar/lounge, some may offer discounts or special accommodations for attendees’ birthdays. An intimate, fun night to remember amongst friends. Drink responsibly! 

12. Spa


For your birthday, go to a spa and treat yourself! All other days, you’ve been very busy and hardworking, so a good spa with massages, thermal pools, and facial masks should come in place to wash away the stress. Why not also call your best friends to go with you and book a private room? Then, besides just enjoying the spa, you can actually have some time with your favorite people and talk about anything and everything.

13. SkyDiving


Typical cake and social gatherings, not your style? Prefer a good thrill and the adrenaline boost of a lifetime? Skydiving definitely an option for you. It is certainly on the pricier side, being around $200 per person. However, the memories from this shared experience will last a lifetime. This option is on many people’s bucket list, one of the best times to cross it off is on your birthday. 

14. Concert: 


If you are a person who loves music, besides going to a karaoke bar, going to a concert by your favorite artists can be also very exciting! For this venue, be sure to start planning for it earlier. Check if the concert will be around your town this year and start looking for it. If the concert is not going to be around your area, then maybe you can book for a little trip! This will also make your upcoming birthday even more special. It’s one of the best things to see your favorite singer live.

15. Vineyard Tour and Tasting

Vineyard Tour and Tasting

If you love wine, you should try to spend your birthday in a vineyard. If book ahead of the time, vineyards can actually prepare a nice spread of cheeses, fruits, and crackers for you. Then, the staff can take you and your friends to a tasting experience! They are usually at a very reasonable price. So, this is actually something that fulfills your stomach and provides you new experiences. 

16. Weekend Getaway 

weekend gateway

Life can bog you down sometimes. There’s no better way to unwind and get away from it all then a weekend away from the hecticness of life with good friends. A location such as the Poconos is ideal, with accommodations and a comfortable house to stay in for all. Locations such as these typically have multiple varying activities for all to enjoy. Your birthday as a mental health reset can be a great gift from you to yourself.

17. Tea parties

Tea parties

If you are someone that loves tea and desserts, a tea party can be very suitable for your birthday. When you go to book a tea party, sometimes the store has additional services that you can actually add on. You can have different options for themes, and sometimes you can actually rent a princess for your party! Enjoy your elegant day!

18. Apple picking farms

Apple picking farms

Depending on your location, usually not a long commute to arrive. You can get your week’s supply of fruits and pick up some cider along the way! Such locations typically may have a petting zoo for animal lovers to enjoy and unwind with nature’s beauties. Apple picking farms are also a great backdrop for photos to remember your special day in fall. 

19. Escape rooms

Escape rooms

Have you ever been to an escape room? It’s actually a very fun and unique experience to have. Go with your friends or family, and you can actually establish some good teamwork during the process of trying to solve problems and escape! You get to choose one of the different themes they have and pick one that actually interests you. Then go ahead and start your experience. 

20. Paintball venues

Paintball venues

An action-packed place that also fosters bonding between friends. Heavily athletic and thrilling for people of all ages 13 and up to enjoy. However, wear clothes that cover your skin to minimize pain from paintballs!


As you can see, the best birthday party places mentioned in our list are fun and unique ideas that will get you out of your house to create fantastic memories with the people you love. Find what works best for you, and maybe, if the day allows, you can go to more than one party place to celebrate.

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