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30 Easy Donut Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on: May 09, 2023

30 Easy Donut Birthday Party Ideas

Throwing a donut birthday party but not sure where to begin? Donut worry. Easy Event Planning has gathered a list of donut birthday party ideas for when you are ready to plan a donut extravaganza. If you intend to hire a decorator to assist or DIY, we are here to help!

Donut Birthday Party Decorations

1. Themed Balloon Garlands

Balloon garlands tend to brighten the room of any party. Surprise your guest with donut-themed garlands. Try to uncover balloon garlands with donut shapes, sprinkle designs, or confetti, as they might do the trick to add color to the tasty setting. 

2. Themed Banners and Danglers

Try themed printable banners, garlands, or hang swirly donut danglers if you have a creative spirit. These decorations will add a delicious accent to your donut party. 

3. Donuts Float to

Remember to incorporate balloons at your party. Don't use any old balloons. Try donut-shaped foil balloons as they are a cute addition to the sugar-induced coma of assorted decor. Confetti balloons are a great option to resemble the accent colors that embodies a colorful donut pallet. Take themed balloons to your local party shop or inflate them using a helium tank.

4. Personalized Donut Sign

Personalized decoration exudes detail to your donut birthday party setting, especially if you have a donut sign. A personalized donut sign will give your party a donut shop feel, providing your guest and particular birthday person a memorable experience.

5. Sprinkle Lanterns

Party lanterns are versatile and add a unique flare to your party room. Seek out party lanterns that complement your theme, such as a sprinkle adorned lantern representing the donut sprinkle.

6. Donut Pool Floats

Who said pool floats only serve a purpose for pool use? I'd say no, especially if your pool floats are donut-themed. You can decorate the back of party chairs by using donut pool floats. String the pool floats on the chair with twine. This added touch will give your party chairs a unique and fun detail with little effort.

Donut Party Supplies

7. Donut Straws

Enhance said party by incorporating silly straws with assorted colors and attached donuts to set cups apart from one another. Choosing reusable straws is ideal for guests and great for the environment. Plus, guests can take their cute donut straws home as a reminder of their great time at your party.

8. Donut Birthday Party Tableware

Consuming a donut on a plate that looks like a donut is an excellent added detail to your party. Be aware that some guests might bite into their party plates as some themed plates resemble an actual donut with sprinkles to boot. Purchasing a themed party plate set with essential supplies like plates, cups, and napkins would be a great idea if buying separate party supply pieces is not your thing. Don't forget your cutlery, as some tableware sets do not include them.

9. Tablecloth

Cover your table with a delectable tablecloth that has donuts throughout the design. However, If you are generously decorating your party table with themed tableware or decoration, a solid colored tablecloth may be a great fit.

10. Party Hats

Providing party hats for guests and the celebrant with donut elements or a cutesy donut headband with sprinkles is a nifty way to sport a festive look at one's party.

11. Reusable Themed Cups

Kill two donuts with one bite by using reusable cups. A recyclable cup and donut decal design can make a great addition to one's tableware. A bonus to using reusable cups is that they can be a party favor and are environmentally friendly, mainly if it recyclable. Some cups may come with paper straws which is a plus.

Party Favors

12. Themed Lolipop

Consider including a donut shaped lollipop as a party favor gift. Donut shaped lollipops are a great way to thank party attendees for celebrating your special day. Its delicious appearance will bring joy to your guest as they enjoy such a sweet treat.

13. Tasty Tattoos

Indulge your guest in the temporary tattoos with colorful sugary foods and donut designs, or only donut designs to stay on theme. The best thing about these tattoos is that they can easily be applied and removed. Children and adult attendees can enjoy this party favor gift as it ignites fun.

14. Favor Bag

Bestow guests a donut birthday party paper party favor bag, donut bags with a message, or a box to carry home treats and gifts. A party favor bag or box that embodies the theme of your event will surely bring smiles to attendees' faces and ensure that they don't forget anything. Not to mention guests will leave the party in style, toting their priced possessions around.

15. Donut Away

Why stop the donut celebration? Consider packing extra donuts or donut holes and apply a custom favor label on a small plain donut box for attendees to take home. 

16. Sweet Necklace

Who said accessaries cant be glazed to perfection? A stylish favor gift could include a donut necklace and donut key chain or earrings. Guest can accessorize anywhere, especially in places where Sweat tooths are warranted.

Donut Birthday Party Menu

17. Themed Cupcakes

Try cupcakes if you are not interested in a cake or are looking for extra desserts. Cupcakes covered in sprinkles and a decorative cupcake donut topper will spice up any donut buffet table. Are you thinking of making your cupcakes? Seek out sprinkle designed cupcake toppers and wrappers. Whatever you choose, ensure you display the cupcakes on a cake stand.

18. DIY Krispy Donuts

Rice Krispies shaped like donuts would make for a creative dessert idea. Before you begin, ensure you have chocolate melts, colorful sprinkles, and rice Krispies. To construct your yummy rice Krispy donuts, you must first shape them into donuts. Once that is done, dip the top part of the rice Krispy donuts into chocolate candy melts and finish by adding sprinkles on top.

19. Donut Cake

A flavorsome donut cake may be just what your party needs. Donut cakes come in various options where the cake topper is edible as it is a donut, and some cakes have a drip effect. Sprinkles are also an element that is common in donut themed cakes.

20. Wafers and Sprinkles

Another delectable treat is simple to make. All you need is a vanilla or chocolate wafer sandwich, whipped icing, and sprinkles. Slather icing on half of a wafer, then apply the colorful sprinkles to the icing.

21. Donut Birthday Party Pops

Savory donut hole pops or donut cake pops are a stick away from wowing said guest. Donut cake pops are fun desserts and look like donuts. Fortunately, donut cake pops can be purchased online. However, for a DIY dessert, donut hole pops can be made by dipping the top part of a donut hole in chocolate melt and drizzling the sprinkle on top of the chocolate. Showcase donut pops in a cake pop stand for guests to self-serve.

22. A Hole Donut Tower

Build a donut tower out of donut holes or pile donuts on each other to make a smaller tower. A donut tower can resemble a cake if you plan on excluding a cake from your donut bar. Donut be afraid of the tower, as it can be a creative way to display donuts. Speaking of showing donuts, grab a serving tray to set your donut tower on.

Games and Activities

23. Donut Pinata

Have a blast by incorporating a donut pinata and filling it with assorted candy and treats. A pinata is an exciting activity for adults and children at your donut birthday party.

24. Fishing For Donuts

Fishing does not always involve fish but sometimes donuts! Enjoy fishing for donuts using a ruler, string, and a large hook, minus the sharpness. A miniature fishing pole may also aid in donut fishing. Place a pile of donuts onto a linen cloth in the center of the table. Then, time the players for a minute. The participant that catches a donut within the timeframe wins.

25. String that Donut

A flavorful yet fun game to play would be donuts on a string. You can string up a donut per person on a lengthy fishing line. To play, ask all players not to use their hands and only use their mouths to eat the donut off the string. The person who eats their donut the fastest wins the game! It's an amusing game that even adults may be eager to play. For this game, you can use large or Small donuts.

26. Aim the Donut and Shoot

Acquire a large bowl and donut holes for a fun game of aim and shoot. Position a bowl at the table's edge and get a player to stand at the opposite end. The player will receive a bag of donut holes to shoot into a bowl. The champion is the lucky player to land the most donut holes in the bowl. Make sure to cover the table with a tablecloth to gather the donut holes that did not make the shot as they make for a snack later.

27. Toss the Donut Float

Have you ever played ring toss? This game is a ring toss with a twist as the bottle will be a player and the ring a donut pool float. Players can be split into two teams: the receiver and the tosser. The tosser aims to secure the float around the receiver with their arms upward while spaced 10 feet apart. After one turn is up, the new play is to switch. Once a team successfully launches the ring around their partner ten times before the opposing team, they win the game!


28. Donut Shaped Invite

A mouthwatering invite like a donut shape invite is a sure way to entice your guest's sweet tooth, and possibly an immediate RSVP will be on the way. No worries, these invites include envelopes.

29. Colorful Donuts

The assorted donut design invitation will add a pop of color. These digital invites provide the option to print or send out digitally. Also, customers can edit the text on the invites as desired, and donut disappoints.

30. Sprinkled Invites

A cute printable and digital invite drizzled in sprinkles may be the invite for you. The great thing about these 1st birthday invites is the editable feature and the demo option to try out different designs if you are shopping around. You can also add an image to the invites.


No matter your choice, these fun and exciting ideas will help enhance your donut birthday party. Party ideas like these are unique and could leave a lasting impression on said guests. If you are seeking more adult party ideas, click here. We also have articles on gift ideas for that special someone!

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