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34 Adult Birthday Party Ideas 

Adult Birthday Party Ideas

Updated on: Feb 22, 2024

When you hear the phrase “birthday party,” you may think of kids, candy, and clutter, but birthday parties are so much more now. Because of its versatility, you may be clueless about how to plan for it. After all, with things like themes, budget, and venue to consider, where would you even start looking? Luckily, this article will outline for you a wide variety of things you need to think about when party planning. Here are 35 of the best adult birthday party ideas for you!

Adult Birthday Party Ideas: Decorations

Every birthday party needs appealing decorations to be great. If you're worried about finding decorations, you've come to the right place! Here are eight easy decoration ideas that will elevate any party.

1. Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands are an amazing way to decorate any adult party! A garland gives a nice pop of color to the venue and can serve as the main area of the celebration. Garlands also can act as great backdrops for party pictures. While setting one up may sound daunting, there are many balloon garland kits that are available for purchase, and they provide you with everything you need to create a beautiful balloon garland. If done properly, these balloons will surely be the highlight of your party!

100pcs Pastel Balloon Garland Kit – Pastel Rainbow Balloon Arch – Small and Large Pastel Balloons for Pastel Birthday Decorations – Unicorn, Spring, Macaron, Easter, Donut & Ice Cream Party Balloons

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2. Streamers

Streamers are one of the most versatile decorations you will ever come across. Because they come in all types of colors, materials, and lengths, you can decorate by shaping them in a large number of ways. Allowing this decoration to drop straight down from the ceiling is a classic, but it is also somewhat boring. Try mixing it up. Move them around, tape them together, and twist them to create unique designs that everyone will love!

3. Birthday Banner

Banners are great additions to any birthday party, since they fill empty spaces and have the potential to convey any type of message. If you want, you can even customize the banner to fit a particular theme, address a specific person, and spread a personalized statement. No birthday party is complete without one!

4. Pom-Poms

Pom-poms are a great way to decorate any space, particularly birthday party venues. Due to their round shape and floral design, they can fit in almost any type of birthday party, no matter the style. Best of all, you can make them yourself! All you need is wire, colored tissue paper, and scissors. Rest them on your tables and hang them on the ceiling to create a truly beautiful birthday celebration.

5. Butterfly Lanterns

Another great way to decorate a party is by hanging up butterfly lanterns. These objects are a great way to refresh a space and make it much more appealing to guests. These lanterns come in many different colors, and the butterflies can have many different designs and form different shapes. Choosing lanterns with the perfect colors and designs will enhance any party.

6. Chalkboard Coasters

Are you looking for something easily customizable? Then these coasters will be perfect for you! These stylish decorations allow you to write on them with markers and add a more personal touch to any party. These ornaments also can serve a practical purpose by labelling certain foods and drinks.

7. Cardboard Letters

Cardboard letters are a great addition to any party. Not only do they have the potential to spell out messages, but they can also be arranged and customized to make any party more stylish. These letters come in a variety of sizes and colors, which allows them to accommodate parties of all types.

8. Paper Fans

Do you feel like your party needs pops of color? If so, try these paper fans! Their simplistic and round designs make them a great way to add personality to the party. Just hang these from the ceiling or on the walls, and watch your event come to life. They come in many colors and sizes, so there are many different ways to arrange these pieces.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas: Party Favors

To make the party memorable, you need to provide the guests with creative party favors for them to take home. It is important that these gifts aren't an afterthought. Careful consideration needs to be put in these favors to make sure that your guests will enjoy them.

9. Succulents

Succulents are sophisticated gifts to give your guests that will leave them with a positive lasting impression of your party. Additionally, these are very easy to buy and package! Simply buy a few potted succulents and add them in a gift bag. Finally, what is great about these types of favors is that it requires continual care. Every time a guest waters their succulent, they will think about your party.

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10. Donuts

Do you want to leave your guests with a tasty treat? If so, donuts may be the way to go. Not are donuts easy to both store and consume, they are also widely appealing, so it is likely that most of your guests will enjoy their treat. Donuts come in a wide variety of flavors, so make sure to pick a few that you think your guests would enjoy.

11. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are an amazing gift to give guests that frequently take baths to relax after a long week. These items come in many different colors and smells. Try your best to pick characteristics that you know your guests like, so that they will use the gift.

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12. Jelly Jars

Jelly jars are a great way to add a heartwarming and personal touch to your party. Simply buy small jars and fill them with some homemade jam! This may take some more work than simply buying a gift from the store, but it will be sure to impress your guests a lot more.

13. Shot Glasses

If you know that your guests like to drink, giving them shot glasses may be a great way to end the celebration. This will allow them to remember your party, as they will most likely feel inclined to use these shot glasses from time to time.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas: Games and Activities

In order for a birthday party to be fun and memorable, activities need to be planned throughout the event to keep guests engaged. Here are six different games and activities that are appropriate for parties and will allow attendees to have a great time.

14. Karaoke

If you have a big group and are looking for a fun way to start off the night, host a karaoke event. You can buy a karaoke machine beforehand and enjoy singing along with your friends, while possibly having a few drinks along the way.

JYX Karaoke Machine with Two Wireless Microphones, Portable Bluetooth Speaker with Bass/Treble Adjustment, PA System with Remote Control, LED Lights,Supports TF Card/USB, AUX IN, FM, REC,TWS for Party

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15. Watch Some Movies

A movie night with friends may not seem like an appropriate party activity, but it is perfect for someone who wants a chill night in. Having a party is about celebrating with the people you love, and there are many ways to do this. You can put together a collection of fun movies that you all like and splurge on the snacks and candy to replicate a movie theater experience.

16. Host a DIY Activity

Doing a DIY activity with your friends is a wonderful way to spend time throughout the party laughing and making memories. This activity could be painting something on the floor of your living room or making bracelets for each other to wear.

17. Tea Time

Looking for a more formal activity? No worries! Tea is great for garden parties and backyard gatherings. Tea time is an elegant, classy activity to include at any party. Grab your favorite tea, choose your favorite teacups, make your favorite tart or open-faced sandwich, and sit outside on your porch or back deck and have a tea party with friends.

Truly Scrumptious Floral Tea Cup Set- 12 Pc. Blue

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18. Board Games

Game nights are a great way to have lots of fun with a big group of friends while staying at home. Provide a mix of board games to play. These board games can range from more competitive games to more interactive ones, like Dungeons & Dragons. Have prizes too! You can host a card-based trivia game about the birthday person, and whoever wins gets a prize to take home. This can be a lot of fun with a big group.

19. Twister

Want an easy-to-learn game that encourages interaction amongst guests? Try Twister! This game is a fun way to make people move around and is guaranteed to create laughter. All you need is a Twister mat and a spinner. With only these two items, you have what you need to host a fun party activity that all your guests will love! Does this idea seem unappealing to you? That's fine! We have many more birthday party game ideas for you to look through.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas: Food Ideas

Food is a fun aspect of a party that, if used correctly, could really create a fun activity for your guests too. Here are a few ideas that are simple yet creative:

20. Punch

Punch is perfect for a large group. To make the perfect punch, it is all about what juices you put into it. You can mix a cranberry and ginger ale, or a lemon-lime punch bowl. Cut up some fruit to let float in the punch bowl and soak up the punch itself. Adding fruit really dresses up the punch bowl and can make it a fun-looking option for drinks.

21. Taco Bar

A Taco bar is set up in a buffet style. After buying a taco serving tray, all you need are the quintessential elements to building a great taco. Get ingredients like ground beef, refried beans, corn, black beans, cheese, soft and hard taco shells, and lettuce. This way, you and your friends can build your tacos in many different ways.

22. Cocktails

Cocktails can play an important role in your birthday party. You don't need to drink to have a good party, but the pairing of a cocktail and some appetizers or desserts can be a simple and classy way to feed your guests. You don't need to hire a mixologist, just provide some cocktail cups and a signature drink or two for people to choose from. Try drinks like margaritas, whisky sours, sangrias, or simple mix-in drinks such as cranberry juice and vodka. These can be made in bulk so that you don't have to take time away making drinks for all your guests.

23. Cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake! Because of how common it is, picking the perfect cake is vital to creating an amazing celebration. With this being an adult birthday party, make sure to pick a more mature-looking cake. Because there are just so many different flavors to choose from when ordering one, determine your celebrant's favorite flavor and make that the main flavor in the cake that you choose. If you want the cake to stand out, buy a cake stand!

24. Waffle Bar

A waffle bar is great for a brunch-themed party, but there is no wrong time to eat a waffle! Buy a waffle maker and pre-make waffle mix with flavor variations, like chocolate or red velvet. Get toppings like sprinkles, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, and maple syrup. Make a spread on your dining room table and share a breakfast delight with your friends and family.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas: Party Supplies

Beyond food, games and decorations, all birthdays need party supplies to allow for everything to run smoothly. While it may be fun to think of creative games and decorations to entertain the guests, party supplies are still essential to think about when planning a party. Here are a few ideas.

25. Tablecloths

While birthday parties are a great time for celebration and bringing people together, things can get quite messy, especially when people are grabbing and eating a wide variety of foods. To help with the cleaning process and add some extra decorative flair, tablecloths are a great thing to buy when planning a party. They come in a wide variety of colors and designs, so choose carefully.

26. Candles

On just about any birthday cake, candles are an essential element. Connected with long-standing traditions of wish-making, cakes, and birthday parties as a whole, cakes just feel incomplete without this simple topper. Like with most party supplies, there are many shapes and colors to choose from, and those designs will help your cake come to life.

27. Plates

Of course, with all the food that is needed for a party, plates are also required. It would be easy to buy paper plates and call it a day, but try and be creative! Reusable plates come in a wide variety of fun and colorful designs, and while they serve a practical purpose, you can allow them to enhance a party's overall aesthetic by making it match with the overall color scheme. Since these kinds of plates are quite cheap, there is no reason not to make them colorful!

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ERFECT FOR ANY OCCASION:These purple party plates are best for parties, whether with friends or family, it can bring you a sense of beautiful. It’s also a perfect choice for holidays, family picnic, birthdays and more.
ELEGANT DISPOSABLE DINNERWARE SET: These purple party plates are pair perfectly with colorful table linens and other solid-color or hammered gold silverware. Impress your guests with a stunning table setting that’s both disposable and affordable. This purple plastic plates set is a definite hit!
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28. Cake Knife

Like with most events with food, offering an appropriate amount of cutlery seems like a no-brainer. However, with a birthday party in particular, some may forget to buy a cake knife to create smooth cake slices that can be served to your guests. Of course, there are many types to choose from. However, the color and design, in this instance, do not matter all that much. Just make sure to buy a cutter that can get the job done!

29. Napkins

What is a party without napkins for guests to wipe their mouths of the cake they've been eating? While the standard white paper napkins are always a go-to for birthday parties, you also have the option of getting a bit more creative. Try and think of ways to coordinate the color of your napkins with that of the tablecloth. This way, you can maintain a cohesive style.

Adult Birthday Party Ideas: Invitations

Contrary to popular belief, the party experience doesn't start at the party venue. In fact, it can start in the guests' homes! When crafting invitations, make sure that they coordinate in style with the design of the overall party. This is a great way to improve the aesthetic quality of a party without changing the event designs themselves.

30. Movie Party Invitations

If you're planning on a movie-centered party, these movie invitations are a creative way to give guests an idea of what to expect! With a dark background and pops of red and yellow, these invitations are sure to excite guests and make them more likely to come to the party.

31. Rustic Party Invitations

Do you prefer a party that is less bold and more toned down? Try to use rustic party invitations to go along with that kind of party style! These stylish and classy invitations will definitely appeal to the guests and give them a good first impression, which is important for all parties.

32. Watercolor Invitations

Are you an artsy person? Will the party be centered around arts and crafts? Look no further! These watercolor invitations are not only pretty to look at, but they will allow guests to look forward to an arts-centered party. And with such a creative and artsy invitation, you are guaranteed to wow your guests from the jump.

33. Black-and-Gold Invitations

If you are planning a more sophisticated party, then these black-and-gold invitations may be the way to go! The contrast in colors, as well as the fancy font, creates a striking invitation that is sure to catch peoples' eyes. This will help convey to your guests that the party will be refined, and it will encourage them to dress more fashionably.

Black and Gold Invitation, Black and Gold Agate Invitation, Black and Gold Birthday Invite, Instant Download, Self Edit Digital Templett

This Black and Gold Invitation features a beautiful black and gold faux glitter agate design! *Envelopes not available, display marketing purposes only. PLEASE message us with questions or notes - we may not see your notes in the "notes to seller" for instant downloads due to high volume of orders. THIS DIGITAL FILE WILL BE INSTANTLY EDITED BY YOU, USING TEMPLETT. EVENT DETAIL TEXT AND COLORS CAN BE EDITED. All text CAN be edited to fit any event Graphics can NOT be changed TRY BEFORE YOU BUY Follow this link to demo this invite: Templett items can NOT be edited via mobile/Tablet device OR on Internet Explorer. Full directions on how to edit & download are available under the "seller instructions" when you hover over your templett in the side panel of the web program. •••• Item Details •••• All of our Invitations are standard 5x7 print size - please let us know if you need a custom print size. •••• HOW IT WORKS •••• 1. Add this listing to your cart OR click "buy now" 2. Checkout 3. Check the email you have on file for Etsy. Look for an email from us through Etsy with a download for Templett Instructions and also an email from TEMPLETT. Inside of the Templett email, you will find a link to edit your digital file(s) within your web browser. 4. Double click the editable text to change it to your liking 5. Click the "DOWNLOAD" button to save your customized item. If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. ***WE CAN EDIT FOR YOU TOO!*** Simply add this listing to your cart in addition to this purchase: If you choose for us to edit please provide relevant details in the notes to seller at checkout with the above purchased add-on. •••••••• TERMS OF SALE •••••••• Feel free to ask all of your questions about the product before purchase. If you are unsure and require further clarification, please ask, once a digital file is purchased we cannot provide refunds due to the nature of the product. © 2016 Little Ham Collection. All rights reserved. SINGLE PERSONAL USE ONLY. This material may not be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. For permission, contact [email protected] [id:6641403]

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34. Galaxy-Themed Invitations

Does your party have more of a subliminal vibe? These galaxy-themed invitations may be the perfect choice! The color scheme and overall design are meant to elicit awe from viewers. These fun invitations will allow your guests to look forward to an impressive, out-of-this-world partying experience.

Space Theme Birthday or Zoom Invitation | DIGITAL DOWNLOAD | 5"x7" | Galaxy

► MATCHING ITEMS: ( SPACE FOOD SIGNS ) ► ITEM DESCRIPTION If you are having a Space Theme Birthday look no further than this out of this world invitation. Whether you are having an actual party or a zoom call you can fully customize all of the text on this Invite. Your little astronaut will be over the moon when they see this invitation! We are also able to print this invite if you would like them to be printed. Inquire about our printing services! DEMO ( TRY IT BEFORE YOU BUY IT! ) This listing is for a 5" x 7" Digital Download of a super fun, birthday invitation card. This space galaxy design can be emailed or printed in your home to distribute to your guests. You can also send it to a professional printer like kinkos, staples, shutterfly, etc... You can edit your name, date, time and location or add any additional information you need. This is a DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, no physical Item will be shipped! Customize name, date, time and location and download instantly! **Listing only includes 5 Downloads** HOW IT WORKS... After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email from 'Corjl' with login info to customize and download your files. You do not need special software. You edit and download your files in your web browser on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. It's that EASY! Let us know if you have any questions at all! WHAT TO DO AFTER YOU DOWNLOAD... After editing your files, you can save or download in PDF, JPEG, or PNG format. You can print on your home printer or send your files to an online or local printer. Let us know if you have ANY questions at all!!

Adult Birthday Party Ideas: Conclusion

Celebrating another year of life is always a special thing. It doesn't have to be a milestone to be a big deal. This article includes many different adult birthday party ideas to take the stress out of party planning. With these tips, you are sure to create an amazing party that will make memories lasting a lifetime. We make it easy to plan birthday parties. If you desire more specificity, we even have ideas for different types of parties as well as birthday parties for different ages! Whether you are in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s, or even 90s, we have the perfect party ideas for you! Additionally, if you are now wondering about event costs or finding a venue, we can help guide you through that process.

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