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Engagement Party Ideas

Engagement Party Ideas

Updated on: Feb 23, 2024

If you are here then you have probably popped the big question! Or had the big question popped to you! We are so happy for you and your new fiancé! We're so happy that we wanted to help you out with planning an amazing engagement party. We have all sorts of engagement party ideas to help you out as well as some useful tools that are FREE as well. We make party planning fast and easy!

30 Unique Engagement Party Ideas

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After you're engaged, it is time to plan a fun and exciting engagement party. We have beautiful decorations such as diamond accents and romantic lights to set a beautiful scene. Having some party favors such as candies and some seed packets will be something nice to send home with your guests to thank them for coming to your engagement party. We have all sorts of fun and creative engagement party ideas for you to choose from!

15 Beautiful Engagement Party Favors

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We are so much more than just engagement party ideas, when it comes to party favors you can really go all out, or you can keep it to something simple and practical, we have you covered. Either way, we put together 15 of our best engagement party favor ideas. These ideas range from a simple sweet treat to send with guests home all the way to a bottle of wine or champagne. This of course all depends on your budget but no matter the budget we have something for you!

15 Useful DJ Hiring Tips

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You may want to hire a DJ for some entertainment at your engagement party. You don't want to have to ask one of your guests to spend the whole party taking music requests and managing music through their phone and a speaker. We can help you find the perfect DJ by giving you 15 helpful tips such as average costs and what equipment your DJ should have!

Easy Engagement Party Budget Worksheet

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We want you to have the best engagement party ever, but we also want you to do it on a budget and not spend a whole arm and a leg! We have created a budget sheet for you to use and the best part of it is that it is FREE! Our budget sheet will download onto your personal google drive making it easy to view and shareable with whoever you need to share it with. It is also event-specific that way you know exactly what you may or may not need to spend money on!

4 Key Steps to Renting Party Supplies and Questions to Ask

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A great way you can potentially save lots of money is by renting your party supplies! This is probably one of our most favorite engagement party ideas! Some venues may not provide everything you will need for your event, so rather than spending money to buy everything else you need just for it to sit in storage, rent it! We have four important steps to help guide you to renting your party supplies so it can be a painless and easy experience for you.

Engagement Party Checklist

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There is so much that goes into planning an engagement party. With all our engagement party ideas, the best one we can give you is to use our FREE engagement party checklist! Our checklist is customizable and interactive that way you can really make it yours and as specific as you want it to be. We even include some helpful links that you can use as well to find possible vendors or just make your life easier!


We want to help you celebrate your engagement accordingly which is why we have provided you with all sorts of engagement party ideas, tips, and tricks! Planning an event does not have to be hard, let us help you make it easy and breezy. Don't see any engagement party ideas on here that work for you? Don’t stress, check out our website, we update it often to keep up with all the latest trends!

Written by: Lauren Bolt