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15 Beautiful Garden Wedding Venues

15 Beautiful Garden Wedding Venues

Updated on: Feb 26, 2024

Are you planning a wedding, and want to be surrounded by nature? There are plenty of gorgeous garden venues from luxurious rose-filled gardens to rustic woodlands. No matter what venue you choose, you cannot go wrong with these beautiful garden wedding venues. We strive to make planning your wedding easy. Whether you need help finding a caterer near you or creating beautiful wedding vows, Easy Event Planning is here for you!

Botanical Garden Wedding Venues

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1. New York Botanical Gardens

Located in Bronx, New York this venue offers 50 acres of forests, hills, and a wide variety of plants and flowers. This venue is in a convenient area not far from Manhattan and offers numerous amenities for guests. Not only is this a great spot for weddings, but it is also booked for photoshoots and countless other social gatherings. For those looking for an elegant garden wedding, the New York Botanical Gardens is a highly recommended choice!

2. Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This venue offers both indoor and outdoor spaces that suit any themed wedding. Whether a couple is looking for a wedding that is sophisticated, or traditional, this venue can cater to any event. With space for a large wedding, the guests can enjoy the different types of trees, flowers, and plants that are on display at the botanic garden. There are also two indoor options as well, The Palm house with a capacity of 250 guests, or The Atrium, which has a capacity of 125 guests.

Both options have open-concept layouts as well as floor-to-ceiling windows to see the gorgeous view of nature. Whether the couple is looking for a wedding surrounded by nature, or just a beautiful view, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden is the perfect place.

3. The Botanical Gardens Buffalo, New York

This wedding venue offers indoor and outdoor options for any type of weather. When the weather is warm the outdoor gazebo is a great option and can seat 200 guests. There is also an indoor space that is a Victorian glasshouse inspired by the Crystal Palace in England and can be utilized in any season. The indoor option can seat 120 guests. Either option is surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers.

4. Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden

The Arboretum is made up of 66 acres of land and is located on the shores of White Rock Lake. There are more than enough options at this location. For Daytime ceremonies and receptions, there are 27 different venues to choose from, and for nighttime ceremonies, there are up to 22 different venue options. If you are looking for beautiful flower backdrops or a rustic wedding encompassed by trees, you can definitely find what you are looking for here!

5. Missouri Botanical Garden

The Missouri Botanical Gardens protect plants and their ecosystems. The 79 acres are full of plants from all around the world. They have 6 international gardens that give a wide variety of plants, flowers, and shrubs as well as stone walkways and statues. If you are looking for a unique setting for your wedding this is the place for you.

6. Chicago Botanic Garden Illinois

The Chicago Botanic Gardens is made up of 27 different types of gardens spanning 385 acres, the biggest location of all. In the garden, there are lakes, woodlands, and gardens full of plants and flowers. There is a massive variation between the 27 gardens. One example is the Japanese garden which is 17 acres and is full of flowering plants and large rocks which reflect Japanese culture.

This widely contrasts the Model Railroad garden which is a 1 7,500 square-foot mini railroad that displays more than 5,000 different types of greenery and flowers. The differences between the gardens and the size of this location have a little something for everyone. If you want an exciting wedding that can appeal to everyone, this is a perfect choice!

7. San Francisco Conservatory of Flowers San Francisco, California

Located in Golden Gate Park, this conservatory is full of rare and beautiful plants from all over the world. This conservatory has 7 different available facilities that can seat from 50-200 guests. With all of the different options, this venue is great for a small and simple wedding or even a large luxurious wedding!

Unique Historical Garden Wedding Venues

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8. Morikami Museum and Japanese Gardens Delray Beach, Florida

Rich in history, this venue is known for its unique background. One might not connect Japan with Florida, however, Japanese farmers migrated to Florida and created a small community. In this area in Delray Beach Florida, the Morikami Museum has been dedicated to displaying Japanese artifacts and culture since 1977. The Japanese architecture gives this venue an original setting for any event.

There are two Museum buildings that are bordered by 16 acres of Japanese gardens, lakes, and bonsai trees. There is also a 200-acre park full of trails and picnic areas for the guests to enjoy as they take in the scenery. A couple looking for a unique and beautiful wedding surrounded by history and nature would have a great time here!

9.Audubon House & Tropical Gardens Key West, Florida

If wooded forests are not what you are looking for, this venue offers a tropical experience instead. Packed with rare tropical palm trees, orchids, and bromeliads, this venue can cater to up to 250 guests. Not only is there a beautiful tropical garden surrounding the Audubon house, but inside there is lavish architecture and furniture from the 1840s that can take you back in time.

This house shows off the history and art of John James Audubon, an American ornithologist, and painter. This venue is perfect for a luxurious wedding surrounded by history and tropical views.

10.Dunaway Gardens

This rock and floral garden have beautiful landscapes perfect for any wedding. The 25 acres of land consists of hanging gardens with stone staircases connecting waterfalls and arrowhead pools. There are also moss-covered paths winding throughout the garden. Whether you want to have a large outdoor wedding surrounded by flowers and cascading waterfalls, or a cozy wedding in a historic 1850’s cottage, this place can cater to any style.

11.The Gardens at Heather Farm

If you’re looking for a gorgeous view of acres of nature, this could be the spot for you. These gardens are packed with thousands of roses, tree-lined pathways, and a reception hall at the top of a hill for a breathtaking view. Available wedding venues at this location all hold up to 150 guests. This includes The Gazebo & Rose Garden, Meadow Lawn, and the Camellia Room.

The Gazebo and Rose Garden is a simple yet romantic backdrop featuring thousands of roses and fountains. Meadow Lawn is surrounded by trees and shrubs rather than roses and flowers. If you are going for more of a rustic wedding, this spot would be for you.

For an indoor layout, the Camellia Room is an open concept room made of hardwood floors and ceilings, as well as floor-to-ceiling windows that let in light. This is a great option for all seasons and gives a great view of the surrounding nature as well!

Rustic Garden Wedding Venues

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12.Carmen’s Country Inn and Gardens

If you are looking for a rustic country wedding surrounded by nature, look no further! Located in Pennsylvania, this venue can hold up to 500 guests and offers indoor and outdoor ceremony options. The couple can choose from the event center, rustic barn, garden, private estate, or completely outside.

Whether you want a small chic country wedding or a large wedding surrounded by plants and flowers, this location can work for any couple looking to be closer to nature on their big day.

13.The Secret Gardens

Located in Miami Florida, this venue spans 2.5 acres which contains waterfalls, lagoons along with trees and shrubs. Stone bridges and waterfalls are perfect for a romantic outdoor wedding ceremony, however, there are also indoor spaces with a beautiful view of nature as well. If a couple is looking for a smaller wedding than the rest of these locations, this is an amazing spot.

14. Garvan Woodland Gardens Arkansas

This venue has everything a couple could want. From an elegant glass chapel to the woodland gardens, this is the perfect setting for any type of wedding. Not only are there woodlands, but there are also waterfalls, year-round blooming flowers, and beautiful bridges.

This spot also offers something unique: A treehouse fantasy wedding venue. Although it can only hold up to 20 guests, this venue is something special. If you want a wedding like no other, a treehouse in the heart of nature is the perfect setting.

15. The Ruins at Kellum Georgia

This location consists of 10 different wedding venues. From rustic woodland weddings to chic country weddings surrounded by greenery, this place has something for everyone. One feature that stands out is the 19th century stone ruins that run throughout this space.

The stonework gives this location character and makes it stand out from other locations. Surrounded by woodlands and an overlook of the Georgia mountains, this venue is luxurious and unique, and a great choice for a wedding in nature!

If you are looking for a beautiful garden wedding venue for your big day, these options are a perfect choice. From a small rustic wedding surrounded by close friends and family, to a large luxurious wedding with amazing views, these venues are the best way to go! If you're looking for something else, check out these popular reception venue ideas on our website!

15 Beautiful Garden Wedding Venues: Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed these beautiful garden wedding venues. There are different types of gardens to consider and many places to choose from but we are happy to provide assistance in inspiring where your wedding can be. If you liked these ideas, you may be interested in having a destination wedding. If so, we have the best advice for you! Easy Event Planning has everything you need to have the perfect wedding; from dessert ideas to invitations. We can make planning your dream wedding easy!

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