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Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

Gender Reveal Party Food

Updated on: Feb 15, 2024

Easy Event Planning makes hosting any party, even a gender reveal party, fun! Starting a family with someone you love is an exciting time. Why not find out the gender in grand style with the ones you love? Below you'll find some fun and unique gender reveal party food ideas to add a splash of fun to the festivities.

Finally getting to find out what gender your baby is, can be one of the most exciting moments in your life, up until the baby comes that is. So why not take a look at this list of the cutest foods and treats that you can have at your gender reveal party, that can either be part of revealing what gender your baby is, or just be another colorful treat to enjoy during your party. You could have a theme for your party and base the food around that.

Top Gender Reveal Party Food Ideas

gender reveal decorations saying its a girl

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1. Cotton Candy Toast

To celebrate this new baby, you can make a drink even the mommy-to-be will enjoy. Use some sparkling grape juice and some simple syrup, either raspberry or blueberry depending on the gender, and you have a nice mocktail for the gender reveal. Or you can just get a raspberry or blueberry flavored sparkling juice, so then your guests have to figure out the flavor to figure out the gender.

2. Colorful Cake Pops

Who doesn’t enjoy a good cake pop? Not only are they trendy but they are also super cute and easy to eat. You can even have fun decorating them for the party. To make them so that they can go with the theme better than just the icing having the color of the baby, you can dye a white cake with either red or blue dye, to make the pink and blue colors you might need to announce your gender. Make the cake pops even more adorable with some white chocolate drizzled on them as well, and pink or blue sprinkles on top.

3. Bright Popcorn

This trend is a little less common but what other way to announce your baby’s gender than with a snack meant for entertainment. A gender reveal party is an entertaining time so why not die some popcorn or have popcorn candied in some way, to announce the gender. Adding in some food coloring to a popcorn machine will make for an interesting show of watching the popcorn pop to see what the gender is. It will help add that entertainment factor that many other foods just won’t already have.

4. Surprise Cookies

Every gender reveal has cookies, but why not take a twist on the cookies with Surprise Cookies. These cookies have a colored candy filling in the middle, that when cooked makes the candy melt, which will show the gender to everyone once they bite into the cookie. It will be a nice little surprise to everyone as they enjoy the treats on the dessert table. It will surprise them with the gender, and with the fact that there is a filling in it.

5. Word Cake

One of the most popular gender reveal treats is a cake, but this cake has a twist just like the surprise cookies. This cake instead reveals the baby’s gender with actual words inside. The inside of the cake is dyed to read either boy or girl. If you add a cute little topper that read’s “It’s a” you can create a cute picture of cutting the cake to find out what it is. Plus, no one will see it coming when they see the cake. They will think it is the classic color cake that other gender reveal parties have.

6. Ice Cream Cones and Bowls

For a summer gender reveal party, many people might want the ice cream to cool off with. So why not add some color and be able to celebrate the new baby’s gender with ice cream cones and waffle bowls that are dipped into some dyed chocolate to create a nice dipped look, add some sprinkles or toppers and it will be ready to have ice cream scooped into it. It will be a yummy addition to the sweet treat that everyone will be sure to enjoy. After all, there is a rhyme that goes a little like “We all scream for ice cream.”

7. Buttercream Filled Donuts

Looking for an even more unique food reveal idea that has cream filling to reveal the gender? Then let's have some donuts! Who doesn’t love donuts? Get some buttercream-filled donuts, blue or pink, obviously, and enjoy this delicious treat. It works even better if you are having a brunch or breakfast theme gender reveal party. Or you know, even if it’s not a breakfast theme who’s going to stop you. Donuts are delicious all the time so who’s going to complain?

8. Snow Cones

Another fun treat for a summer gender reveal party is snow cones! With raspberry and blueberry syrups you can enjoy the icy treat while adding some more color to your party. Plus, what better way to announce the baby’s gender, than with a childish treat like a snow cone. That is the plus to having a kid, you get to enjoy all the childhood treats you loved when you were younger, and no one can judge you because you have a kid. So this special treat can get you excited for getting to have all those childhood treats again, with your kid this time. You just have to hope they like the same foods as you did.

9. Cupcakes and Cakes

Obviously, on this list, we have to include cupcakes and cakes. The most popular form of gender reveal food, this has to be put somewhere on the list. With the options of cutting into the cake to see what you are having, or biting into a cupcake and seeing that you are having a boy or a girl, it’s a classic. Just don’t forget to display the cake during the party before you cut it, that way you can build the anticipation of when you finally cut into it. You can also add all of your other foods around it on the table to decorate the table a little more. It will help draw the eye into the cake even more.

10. Drinks

When it comes to planning food for a gender reveal party, people tend to forget all the options they can do with drinks. You could go with basic water bottles, that just are decorated with a blue or pink label, or you could go with some cans of pop or juice boxes or pouches. Just make sure the cans, bottles, and pouches are pink and blue. Honestly, you can have any type of drink, just make it match your theme or your gender and you are all set for the party. Although just because you can do an endless amount of different drinks, doesn’t mean you have to. Three or four options should be plenty to satisfy almost everyone.

11. A Candy Bar

Do you really like the idea of keeping with the colors of your gender? Then have a candy bar that is filled with your colors. You can have M&Ms, jelly beans, or even skittles, blue or pink. If you want candy that has wrappers, what’s nice is a lot of companies allow you to special order candies, so that way you can design them to look however you would like. That way they can also match your party theme. On top of this, this candy bar will help everyone be satisfied with the different candies offered, and their sweet tooths won’t be disappointed.

12. Cotton Candy

Let’s get festive with the party and have a cotton candy stand with blue and pink colors. It will be a fun little stand that everyone, especially the little kids will love, and it will remind everyone of their own childhood at their local fairs. Bright side too, since cotton candy is so light it won’t make your guests too full to eat all the other delicious treats you might have at your party. But it will still be fun.

13. Dipped Oreos

Oreos. They are some of the most well-known and popular types of cookies out there. Some people are strictly classic Oreo type people, but even those people need to admit that Golden Oreos dipped in chocolate or frosting that is dyed pink or blue. Add some sprinkles and it makes them that much cuter. Plus, they are so delicious who would want to say no to them. You just might want to make sure that you have some milk on hand in case there are some cookie dippers in attendance at the party.

14. Cookie Dough M&M Truffles

This is a really unique idea that I found. Truffles are a very fancy treat that most wouldn’t think about having at a gender reveal party. What makes these truffles even better is that they are both cookie dough and have M&Ms in them. They are really easy to make too. Just make some cookie dough, add in some pink or blue M&Ms to announce whether it is a boy or if you are having a girl. After that dip the cookie dough in chocolate and drizzle white chocolate and dyed chocolate to make them even fancier. The nice thing is too, that even though they sound complicated they are actually easy and quick and delicious!

15. Chocolate Bars

Another really cute candy idea that you could do, without special ordering them, has to do with Hershey bars. All you need is Hershey bars, a blue sharpie, and a pink sharpie. Just color in the He at the beginning of the word Hershey with the blue sharpie, and then color in the She, in the middle, with the pink sharpie, and viola. You have a cute candy bar that goes along with the theme of revealing the gender at your party.

16. Chocolate Covered Cupcakes

If you like the idea of cupcakes, but want one that also has a twist, like our surprise cookies, and word cake, then you should try chocolate-covered cupcakes. All you do is bake whatever cupcakes you want, and then frost them with the color frosting that you need. After that, you dunk the top of the cupcake into melted chocolate and let it harden. Now the gender is easily hidden until it is time to bite into the cupcake and see if you are being blessed with a little boy or a little girl.

17. Easy-Peasy Crispy Treats

Crispy treats are always a kid’s favorite. Anyone who ever brought a sack lunch to school, probably at one point or another had a rice crispy treat in it. If you dunk one into some melted colored candy and put a skewer in it, you have some cute crispy treat pops. Don’t forget some sprinkles and maybe drizzle some other chocolates on it and you are all good to go. Again, these are one of those childhood treats that you can look forward to having and sharing with your child once they are born.

18. Fortune Cookies

When you find out what gender baby you are having, you hope that you have good fortune in raising the child. So why not lean into that and get some fortune cookies. Go even further though, by ordering fortune cookies so that the slip in the middle reveals if the baby is a girl or a boy. Just don’t open your fortune too early, otherwise, you might not be able to keep the secret from everyone else until they open their fortune cookies. Plus, how much more fun is it if you all get to open your fortunes at the same time to read the gender?

Gender Reveal Party Food: Conclusion

A gender reveal party is an exciting first step for preparing to welcome your new baby into the world. We’re here to assist in all your planning needs and wants for this special event, even during this time of COVID-19. For more ideas and tips for planning a gender reveal party or any other event, check out our other blogs!

Written By: Felicia Bucholz; Contributor: Jack Leduc

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