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Wedding Entertainment - 50 Fun Ideas to Liven Up the Mood

Wedding Entertainment (research to confirm)

Updated on: Feb 19, 2024

50 Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas

Take these 50 fun ideas of how to spice up your reception that'll send everyone home with a story and experience. Let's be honest, everyone knows the best part of the wedding is the reception! It's that time when your guests can really talk with you and your spouse and congratulate you. It's also when everyone has their gifts and your family wants all the pictures they can get to remember your moment. You've spent so much time wondering how you'll make it entertaining for everyone. You don't want a night of people just dancing and drinking, they'll get burnt out and go home!

Wedding Entertainment

1. Photo Set or Photo Booth

It's your special day! Don't let all the wedding pictures be formal, show you had fun! Setting up a photo set or renting a photo booth is a great way for your friends and yourself to let loose. Add some colors with balloons with a vibrant background, maybe some glitter? It'll also give your guests personal pictures they don't have to wait on receiving!

2. Fireworks

Fireworks can celebrate anything. Your spouse and you will have the most romantic time looking up at the stars and watching colors light up the sky celebrating your love. It'll also leave your guests in awe.

3. Art

Have a room for everyone to release their inner child. This could be hiring a professional painter to paint your guests or a professional sketch artist for caricatures. Have displays of sculptures and rental art installations. You could also have pre-made coloring books with pictures of your spouse and yourself. After all, everyone's here for you!

4. Giant Games

Have your guests participate in an unusually large and life-sized game of Connect Four, Jenga, or another board game like Chess. You could play against other couples and see how well you and your spouse work together.

5. Dance Battles

There's nothing wrong with a little friendly fun competition with friends and family. See who has the best rhythm and moves! This is a good chance to impress your spouse and show them what you got.

6. Shoe Game

This is a game specifically for your spouse and yourself. The newlyweds will hold one shoe from each other and sit in chairs facing back to back. The game is simple, a bridesmaid or best man will ask the newlyweds questions about each other. Whoever the answer applies to the most they will raise their shoe.

7. Ferris Wheel

Are you planning on a festival-themed reception? Tend to your guest's thrill-seeking thirst with a far-out view of the scenery on the top of a Ferris wheel! Perfect for gorgeous views and romantic gestures.

8. Las Vegas Vibes

If your theme is going for glitz and a glamorous party in Las Vegas you'd want to consider setting up Poker and Casino tables. Who doesn't love a little gambling? Some food and fine drinks for the final touches. You'll feel like you're there! What happens at the reception stays in the reception.

9. Table Games

Set out some fun games like Mr & Mrs quizzes or bride and groom mad libs on reception tables. It's a great way for guests to stay entertained between courses and have fun talking points throughout the night. Set out a box at the exit so you and your spouse can have a blast reading the responses when the night is over.

10. Karaoke

Find a mic, your favorite song, and sing! You don't have to be Beyonce to get up and bust out the vocals. Your friends will have fun singing old favorite songs with you. Sing a song to your partner too! It's the thought that counts right?

11. Music Video

Get trendy and fun with this one! Different apps like TikTok and various video makers make it easy to create your own content. This is a unique idea to use in the future to post on all your social media and show off the cutest outfits and how much you were enjoying yourself. Your friends will appreciate capturing the moment. Take some time to party it up for a music video!

12. Date Night Idea Jar

A cute way to start your marriage is to go on lots of new dates you never thought of. Make a date night DIY mason jar filled with paper slips of your guests' suggestions. A surefire way to start the spark of marriage.

13. Kids Plans

The chance of having children at your reception is high. It's a smart idea to have something for them to keep them occupied. Have kids tables, a kids menu, and maybe a play area while the adults have their own fun. If you know there will be babies, have a quiet space for them and the mother.

14. Parade

Parades are fun for any event. Get in touch with your local officials and arrange to show off your new love around the town with floaties and a marching band.

15. Arcade Games

Are any Gen-Z or millennials attending? Do you have a throwback theme to the 80s? Maybe your spouse has a nerdy side for vintage games and the like. Make it retro and fun with a few games of Ms. Pac-Man and Asteroids. This one is great for the kids too because you won't have to worry about them running around. Your younger guests will think you're the coolest for having them!

16. Bounce House

A bounce house is a great way to get outside and play in the summer heat. They're affordable if you rent one for your event so you won't have to worry about buying one and setting it up yourself. Just because kids play on them doesn't mean adults can't bounce around and have fun too. Get some great in-action pictures while you're at it!

17. Chinese Lion Dance

Chinese New Year celebrations use the Chinese lion as a symbol of good luck coming to the new year. As a new marriage begins a Chinese lion show can be used to bring good luck for a happy healthy future.

18. Piñata

Piñatas are typically associated with birthday parties, which is why it twists your reception. It's unique, and you can add your own flair to it. You can make your own or buy a piñata shaped like a wedding ring or champagne bottle. It doesn't have to be filled with candy either. Be creative and put in confetti, or have guests fill it up with money and take a swing!

19. Beer Pong

You don't have to still be in college to enjoy a game of beer pong. Beer pong can be reinvented to fit your wedding. Forget the cheap beer; use Rose champagne with painted pink ping pong balls or a Prosecco pong set. This game is a classic for anyone looking to party.

20. Family Fun Outside

There's no time like quality time. This can be good for small weddings with the closest ones around you. You can set out croquet, corn hole, horseshoe, ring toss, bocce, or any classic BBQ family games you and your guests will love. The kids will love these activities as much as the adults too! They need easy and fun games to keep them busy.

Family time doesn't have to be centered around just games. You can set up a movie projector and make a movie theater in the backyard. You can have a bonfire and s'more when things get dark. Maybe your family has a traditional wedding activity they like to do. Whatever serves your family's interest they'll have a great time at the reception.

21. Glitter bar

If you are having a festival-themed wedding, a glitter bar is a must-have. It's like face painting but with glitter, and guests of all ages will love it! Just make sure to protect the environment by using biodegradable glitter.

22. Toasts to Newlyweds

Toasts are given. Everyone has something to say about how happy they are for the new couple. Some people pray or share funny stories. Doing something different like handing out numbers so everyone gets a turn can speed up the process and it'll run smoother.

23. Scavenger Hunt

Much like an Easter egg hunt and it gets everyone involved! Encourage your guests with prizes. Make the list full of places and things that are between you and your partner. Places like where you first met and where your first date was. Hide their favorite shirt or sweater. Whoever finds the most places and items gets the prizes.

24. Wish Lanterns

Wish lanterns are used around the world for several events. Your reception may not be a world-famous lantern event but building DIY lanterns and having everyone make a wish before release can be sentimental. The sky will light up and they'll fly off looking like bright beautiful stars.

25. Silent Disco

Jump around the dance floor among your friends and family with a silent disco! It's also a great idea if your reception venue has a noise curfew or if it's past some of the younger guests' bedtimes.

26. Lounge Area

A lounge area outside of the reception may not seem all that exciting, however, for guests that need some air, this is convenient and quiet. This can be used for conversations that can't be heard over all the excitement or for kids to lay down and rest when they tucker themselves out. You also don't want your guests that are partying too hard to overdo it for themselves. Provide a space for them to wind down.

27. Personalized Prosecco Bar

Take your open bar a step further by including a Prosecco pimping station. Guests can add fresh fruits, flavor bubbles, and more to create personalized beverages!

28. Mini-Golf Course

If your wedding is during the summer and you have an outdoor reception venue, set out miniature golf course holes for all of your guests to enjoy. Create teams and have a tournament or go head-to-head with your new spouse.

29. Confetti Cannons

Set out confetti cannons on your reception tables for your guests to shower your first dance in colorful confetti. Confetti cannons are also a great, affordable alternative to fireworks that your guests will have a blast popping.

30. Doughnut Wall

Do you want your wedding reception to be really unique? Swap the traditional wedding cake for a doughnut wall. It can be an eye-catching feature that your guests won't be able to stay away from. Hang up an assortment of flavors and glazes to meet every guest's craving.

31. DIY Cocktails

If you're already having an open bar, set up a DIY cocktail stand for your guests to create their own concoctions. You can even have a virgin cocktail stand for those under 21 to enjoy!

32. Snazzy Venue

Think about hosting your reception in a unique location. If you're near a body of water, charter a party boat. If your wedding is in the summer, host your reception at a vineyard and do some wine tasting. The possibilities are endless!

33. Party Favors

Party favors can be at the beginning or end of the reception. There are thousands of ideas all over the internet that tells you what makes a good party favor. You want to be thoughtful with these. After all, your guests probably had to find babysitters and time off their busy schedule to be there for you so you want to show your gratitude. Use DIY sites like Etsy or Pinterest to make homemade goody bags full of candy, mini drinks, and a thank you card. You can also go shopping around and find some party favors to place around the tables. Whatever you decide to do, keep it sweet and cute. Your guests will appreciate it.

Entertainment You Can Hire


34. Live band or DJ

Maybe your guests have a mix of interests when it comes to music. A playlist off Spotify can't accommodate all of your guests and your and your spouse's intimate songs. Hiring a live band or DJ not only supports a local group but it gives your guests the time of their lives! A wedding can be a dinner and a show!

35. Professional Dancers

Remember America's Got Talent and Dancing with the Stars? Professional dancers can provide your guests with entertainment that's pleasing to the eyes. There is a wide range of dancers to choose from like Hula dancers, break dancers, and ballroom dancers. The possibilities are endless!

36. Harpist

A harpist will make all your fairytale dreams come true. Try adding a touch of soft elegance while people wine and dine. It's low enough that people can have conversations but still entertaining enough that people will be able to hear the melody in the background. It'll create a beautiful 5-star restaurant atmosphere.

37. Caricaturist

Hiring a caricaturist can be an excellent addition to your reception that supports local artists and gives your guests a unique keepsake to remember the day by.

38. Professional Fire Performers

Fire performers know how to put on an extravagant over-the-top show. Guests of all ages will love watching the dancers breathe like dragons and move swiftly across the dance floor with something so dangerous!

39. Pianist

Appreciate the sentiment of a traditional ceremony with a pianist. Use this as a way to find your voice and sing with your spouse. It is a magical musical moment straight out of a movie. Your guests will fall in love with the music and have something to talk about.

40. Acrobats

Yes, you read that correctly, acrobats can be sneaky and exciting. Catch your guests off guard and watch them fly through the air with their beautiful silky ribbons! Everyone will leave in amazement.

41. Bartender

Think about the setting of your wedding before you get a bartender. Is it classy and elegant with fancy champagne or is it more relaxed with wine coolers and soda cans? Hire a professional bartender that knows their crowd. You will also want to consider a roll-out bar station. Keep the drinks moving at convenience without having people wait for their orders.

42. Circus Act

A circus act is probably the most peculiar and unique reception entertainment. If you're going to have a circus act you have to go all out! Jugglers, clowns, dancers, acrobats, animals, and a popcorn stand! An entire circus act will provide your guests and yourself with the entertainment you'd never forget.

43. Professional Chef

Want to set your reception apart from everyone else? Add in a dessert bar or hire an artisan! Hire a master sushi maker or a teppanyaki grill and chef! You still want your guests to be entertained while enjoying their meal.

44. Light show

Turn down the lights and hire professional dancers to perform with lights. They'll have lights on their clothes and look like crazy colorful stickmen. Sit back and watch the visuals of 3D dancing in real life! This is fun for all ages.

45. Artisan Stations

Hire local artisans to have small work and display stations like a cigar or gin bar. If you're looking for more kid-friendly options, chocolate making, and face-painting stands are also crowd favorites!

46. Magician

Bring in a unique act of a magician. Smoke and mirrors will lead to a spectacular illusion you can't wrap your head around and you can't look away. Professional magicians never show or share their secrets. Can your guests figure out how they did it? An act like this will stir up debates and nonstop conversations about how they did it. How exciting!

47. Singing Waiters

Why hire waiters when you can hire singing waiters? This has become a popular addition to wedding receptions and is a perfect way to surprise your guests or your spouse!

48. Food Truck

Instead of the usual catering of trays and a menu get a food truck. Food is supposed to be eaten, not just looked at! Food trucks can give a nice festival feel and will feed all your guests without hassle. Not only thinking about a dinner menu this can be a dessert truck also. A truck full of all flavors of ice cream or pastries freshly made, yummy!

49. Mixologist

First, what's the difference between a bartender and a mixologist? A bartender is exactly what it sounds like. Someone who tends the bar mixes popular drinks like Old Fashions and coke and rum cocktails. A mixologist is like an artisan, but for drinks. They have a passion for trying different flavors and understand the “chemistry” of alcohol and juices mixing. This can be fun for trying out new drinks and maybe finding a new favorite recipe.

50. Petting Zoo

If you have a farm wedding venue, consider hiring a company to bring in some fluffy, pettable animals like llamas. Just watch out for the white dress; they're known to spit!

Wedding Entertainment: Conclusion

You only get married to the love of your life once, so celebrate! Whether it's confetti cannons or giant Jenga, there are numerous ways to create a wedding reception that you and your guests will never want to end. Incorporating any of these top 50 wedding reception entertainment ideas will make for an u

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