Bridal Shower Activities No Games

7 Enjoyable Bridal Shower Activities – No Games Included!

Picture that you’re at your sister’s or friend’s bridal shower and you’re excited to travel and show your love and support their newfound marriage. If you know anything about bridal showers, you know there’s food and those corny games that you simply don’t have any interest in participating in. You’ll even be dreading them. Not to say you wouldn’t like a relaxing family game on a Saturday night, but a bridal shower is to be both impressive and fun!

Some people have cultural bridal showers. Every culture has its own way of expressing their excitement for a wedding ceremony. In most American western culture we play games and have an entire day of fun. You wish everyone involved right? You don’t want to run around in your nice outfits with kids, you figure your guests will want more than food and games all day too. 

The traditional bridal shower games have no originality and most are played out. It seems like we’ve heard them all, pinning the tail on the donkey, scavenger hunts, even guessing games. Now you’re planning your own and you remember how it felt to not want to play those games, but still showed up for your loved ones. You want your old friends and new friends to get along and get to know each other. That’s kind of hard to do when the only conversations they have are for a game. Take these 7 Exciting Bridal Shower Activities No Games included

Ideas for Bridal Shower Activities

1. Wine Tasting 


A cute concept that ladies will love is to go wine tasting. Whether you go to a restaurant or have everyone bring a bottle, you and your friends will have the best time drinking and catching up. If you’re hosting the wine tasting grab some complementary foods with it like cheese and crackers or small triangle sandwiches and fruit. This event is classy, fun, and you don’t have to pretend to enjoy a game (unless you turn wine tasting into a drinking game!) You could even take it a step further and have your girls bring wine as gifts.

2. Advice Book 


During this point, everyone will seem to have this secret to a perfect marriage and what you should and shouldn’t tolerate. This is often not to mention all the ideas they have about what makes a wedding a good one. There’s also the do’s and don’ts during your “firsts” while married. It’s all love, of course, they care about you! Although it can be overwhelming trying to keep track of everyone’s opinions. Make a DIY advice book and have your friends put thoughtful advice on them. Who knows, they may come in handy one day. 

3. Date Night Jar 

You and your significant other will have a lot to celebrate after everything is done. You’ll have your hands full with your new life and figuring out your new normal. Another activity that isn’t a game is creating a date night jar. It’s exactly what it sounds like, a jar full of date ideas. Tell your friends to fill up the jar with what they think would be cute and thoughtful date nights! Make it creative with a pink jar and pink popsicle sticks or secret folded pieces of paper so you never know what the special night will be.  

4. Scrapbook Decorating 


Instead of playing a game ask your guests to decorate pages of a scrapbook together. It’s an activity that brings friends together and can take a trip down memory lane. It’ll be interesting to see how your friends have different creative and artistic styles. Scrapbooking is also a great way to break the ice for new guests that are in your social circle. It can be a time to share stories and laugh together.  Grab some drinks, get the arts and crafts, and get creative! Go all the way with stickers, stamps, and colorful backgrounds to make your pictures pop. 

5. DIY Recipe Book 


Looking for better activities than a game? Make a DIY cookbook! Any notebook will work. Make sure it’s big enough to include pictures of your meals if you want to go the extra mile. It doesn’t just have to be dinner meals. You can include desserts that your family made up, makeup kids meals, add in family holiday traditions. Your guests could help in making it too! Find out what your friends are eating. Make a snack section for kids and adults also. Making your own recipe book is a better ice breaker than a game. Food always makes a great conversation. 

6. Anniversary Wishes


Much like the advice book, make an “anniversary wishes” book. How to do it; Get a notebook and title it anniversary wishes. Write a number on each page and have your guests make a wish for you and your spouse. Each number represents a new year for your marriage. Have your friends write things like “Hope you have a baby by now!” Your friends are manifesting milestones for your new life!

7. Beauty Station 


Serve your guests pampering with a beauty station! Hire a beauty guru (Mary Kay vibes) or get a few friends that are skilled in all things hair, makeup, and fashion. You and your girls can get your manis and pedis, style your hair with a new style and boost confidence, and nothing says girl time like makeup! End it all with a completely new look. Your friends will love it. A beauty station will make a positive ‘girl power’ environment for your friends! Way more enjoyable than a typical bridal shower game.


There is nothing like throwing a bridal shower to celebrate an upcoming marriage. You want to have a good time and no doubt that will happen with these bridal shower activities. From a simple wine tasting to the classic anniversary wishes, this is a party that you will not forget for a long time.

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