Bridal shower food ideas on a budget

15 Bridal Shower Food Ideas on a Budget

Bridal showers can be a great way to celebrate a soon-to-be bride, however, they can be stressful and expensive. If you are planning a bridal shower, but are making sure you don’t hurt your wallet, get ready to find plenty of bridal shower food ideas on a budget that your guests will love!

Ask guests for help

Shower Food Ideas on a Budget = Asks Guests for Help; H2s: Potluck

1. Potluck

If you are having a large bridal shower and are stressed about feeding so many people, get some help! Ask guests if they would be able to bring something to the event. This way there will be a little bit of everything for the guests, and it will help your wallet as well.

Classic Bridal Shower Food Ideas on a Budget Choices

Classic Bridal Shower Food Ideas on a Budget Choices

2. Shrimp platter

This is a great option if you want your party to seem classy, but you also want to stick to a budget. All you need for a shrimp platter is shrimp and a cocktail sauce. This is a popular option for any party and will not cost too much. You can buy a medium back of shrimp for under $10.00. Whether you are throwing a small or large party, making a shrimp platter will save you time and money!

3. Caprese Salad Skewers

This is a fun way to make normal salad more exciting! All you need is cherry tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. Just stack these ingredients on a toothpick and you are ready to go. For even more flavor you can drizzle these skewers in oil and sprinkle them with salt and pepper. This is an easy way to take a classic salad and make it into finger food that is easy to enjoy by everyone!

4. Cheese and Cracker board

This is a go-to for any occasion. You can make a cheese platter with different varieties so that guests can choose whatever they like. A cheese and cracker board can be set up in five minutes and is extremely simple. You can make these as fancy as you like by adding nuts, fruit, chocolate, tomatoes and more! Whether you are going for a simple party or a large luxurious party, a cheese and cracker board can be made to fit any occasion.

5. Vegetables and dips

This is a staple at any party! You can use any vegetables such as carrots, broccoli, and celery. These vegetables are relatively cheap from most grocery stores, and can be used for any sized party. Varieties of dips can be put out such as french onion, ranch, and blue cheese. The vegetables and dips can be bought for just a few dollars each, and does not need much preparation. Just put the vegetables on a platter alongside the dips!

6. Fruit bowls

This is a healthy and delicious option for any occasion. You can buy fruit relatively cheap, especially at a discount grocery store. You can get pineapple, grapes, watermelon, and berries for just a few dollars each. This option looks elegant and will satisfy everyone’s tastes!

Food Bars

Shower Food Ideas = Food Bars; H2s: Dip Bar, Pasta Bar, Smoothie Bar

7. Dip bar

Most people like eating a variety of food when they go to an event. With a dip bar you can allow the guests to have more options! This is a very affordable way to go as well. A bag of pita chips is about $4.00 and a bag of tortilla chips or even pretzels can be even cheaper. All you have to do is buy as many chips as you need for the size of your event and buy or make different dips. Examples of great dips for parties are guacamole, hummus, queso, salsa, and french onion dip. These are all cheap to buy in most stores, but are also very simple to make yourself!

8. Pasta Bar

Pasta is simple to make, and is very cheap. A single box of pasta can be as cheap as $0.85. One box has about four servings, so to cater to an entire party it would be relatively cheap. You could also allow for the guests to decide what sauce they want, from tomato sauce to Alfredo sauce. There are endless amounts of different types of pasta and different types of pasta sauce that can cater to all guests! A pasta bar is an affordable party food that can work for all guests.

9. Taco Bar

Taco bars are relatively easy and budget friendly. All you need are tortillas or shells, and other countless options such as beef, shredded cheese, lettuce, guacamole, and more. This is a great option for guests because it can cater to most diets such as vegetarian and vegan depending on what options are available. A taco bar is a perfect way to include all guests and give them customization!

10. Smoothie Bar

This is a great option to allow the guests to customize the menu to get exactly what they want. All you need is a small blender, cups, straws or spoons, yogurt, and fruit. Bags of frozen fruit are available at most grocery stores for around $5.00, and yogurt is only a few dollars as well. This is an easy way to let the guests decide what they want and it takes the stress off of you to prepare and cook different meals. This is a unique and simple idea that will make your bridal shower modern and classy.


Shower Food Ideas = Sweets; H2s: Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Punch, Cupcakes

11. Chocolate covered Strawberries

This is a classic choice for any occasion. You can buy these pre-made so that all you need to do is unpackage them, but if you want a more affordable route all you need is strawberries and your preferred chocolate! This is a great dessert that is delicious and still makes you feel good.

12. Sherbet Punch

This drink is a great choice for any occasion! It is super simple with only three cheap ingredients. You will need Hawaiian Punch, Sprite, and Sherbet. This will cost under $10 and be fast and easy to prepare, even if it is for a large party.

13. Cherry Cheesecake Dessert Cups

This dessert is a bit more complicated than the others, however, it does not require any baking at all. For this dessert all you need is graham crackers, cream cheese, heavy whipping cream, sugar, and cherry pie filling. Mix the cream cheese, sugar, and heavy whipping cream until it is thoroughly combined. Fill the bottom of a cup 1/3rd of the way with gram cracker crumbs, then layer your cream cheese mixture to fill another 1/3rd of the cup. Lastly add your cherry pie filling to the top of the cup and you are ready to go! This is a dessert that is fairly cheap and will wow your guests!

14. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a great dessert for any party. At most grocery stores you can buy any cupcake mix for around $1.00-$2.00. These mixes are about 12 cupcakes per package, so even if you are having a large get together this is a cheap dessert. Grocery stores carry countless flavors as well so you can mix it up and have multiple options for everyone!

15. Cookies

Cookies are an easy dessert that works for any type of party. You can buy cookie packages at the store that are already made for about $3.00 for 12 cookies. Another option is to buy a cookie mix that way you can have a variety of flavors for all of your guests. This is also a cheaper option since one package of cookie mix is around $1.00 which is 12 servings. If you want to put in more work and save a little bit of cash you can simply use a boxed mix and have more customization.


There are plenty of bridal shower food ideas on a budget that are attainable and customizable for everyone to enjoy. No matter what dishes you decide to choose for the celebration, the guests will love them.

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