Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

23 Best Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

Being in charge of a bridal shower is a lot of responsibility. There are so many bridal shower theme ideas to choose from! The bride should carry the memory of this party with her forever. The goal is to choose a theme that resonates with the bride as well choosing something that is special to her. There are several concerns that should be taken into account, such as the kind of guests that will be attending and making sure not to insult the bride-to-be’s family. Thankfully, there are plenty of amazing themes that are sure to get the party going for everyone and allow the bride to have an incredible celebration she will remember forever. 

Here are 23 great bridal shower theme ideas to get you thinking!

23 Bridal Shower Theme Ideas

1. A Fruity Brunch

You can never go wrong by laying out an event with a variety of fruit! Some common food to add to this brunch includes blueberries, strawberries, grapefruit, waffles or pancakes, peaches, bagels, and mimosas.

2. A Tropical Takeaway

Depending on the season, this theme could be perfect for a summer bridal shower. Adding palm tree decorations and drinks served in coconuts or pineapples can give a feeling of being at the beach.

3. Wonderful Wintertime

Instead of having a spring or summer theme, add a little bit of a snowy surprise into the bridal shower. Pine cones, snowy décor, and some red, white, or green lights can bring in the spirit of a winter wonderland. 

4. All Around the World

One way to have a bridal party is to make the theme travel-related. There are so many ways to decorate this event whether it be with signs, maps, and more. International food is a must for this event.

5. Food Truck Fun

There are so many options when deciding to choose food trucks. Great choices include pizza, ice cream, smoothies, pretzels, tacos, and funnel cake! Some trucks even offer several of those options.

6. Color Coordinated Foods

If you want to go with a certain color for the bridal shower, play around with that color. For example, if you decide to go with pink, add dye to make funnel cake, shrimp, cupcakes, wine!

7. Candy Kingdom

Add sweet spin on a bridal shower by having an assortment of candy and other treats. Adding the traditional chocolate fondue fountain will be sure to bring excitement to the guests. With M&M’s, Reese’s Cups, and any other preference you may have, the possibilities are endless!

8. It’s Game Time

Whether you decide on an indoor area or outdoor, there are numerous games that guests can enjoy. Some common games are Can-Jam, Cornhole, and Ladder Golf where everyone can get engaged.

9. Make It A Movie

Popular movies often make great themes for a bridal shower. Some common movie themes include Harry Potter, The Great Gatsby, and F.R.I.E.N.D.S. These themes would include wizardry décor, formal and fancy attire, or 90’s props respectively. This personal touch will mean a lot to the bride-to-be.

10. Tea Party

Having all the women dress up in magnificent dresses will be a huge hit. The level of fancy attire can be determined by the bride. Having antique and unique cups for guests also adds to the theme and specialty of the event. Food options can include, but are not limited to, finger foods, sandwiches, and an assortment of pastries.

11. Pajama Party

Getting comfortable for an event is always a great option. You can never go wrong with wearing pajamas, eating pizza, having a few drinks, and watching a movie. This kind of party is extremely relaxing and easy to plan.

12. Hoedown Throwdown

It’s as simple as bringing some flannel clothing, a cowboy/cowgirl hat, and having the surrounding area covered in hay bales and horseshoes.

13. In the Backyard

Another simple but great bridal shower can be thrown in your own backyard! By having a picnic area set up as well as floral decorations and lights, this event can even make the guests feel at home. Transforming the backyard into a wonderful escape can even be a fun activity.

14. An Out to Sea Experience

Even if the bridal shower can not be had on a boat, having certain decorations such as an anchor, ship parts, and sailor’s hats can make the event feel like one!

15. Some France Romance

What better way to celebrate a bridal shower than have the theme represent the city of love. An addition of French cuisine and drinks would appeal to the nature of the bridal shower.

16. A Sporty Situation

Although this theme is very situational and should only be considered if the bride-to-be likes sports. Further, the theme could be narrowed down to her favorite team and the color of the event can reflect that team’s colors. Décor would also vary, for example, if she is a New York Rangers Fan, the plates could represent hockey pucks, and there could be hockey sticks as décor.

17. All Together Now

Although bridal showers may favor an event only having women. Having men invited as well is always an option. This theme leaves a lot in the air where décor could represent more of a coed and basic theme with floral designs.

18. Rustic

Add a rustic vibe to the shower by incorporating driftwood and small lanterns. These modern décor items will add a unique style to the event.

19. BBQ

An outdoor event with burgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, and more will be sure to satisfy the guests. There are so many other food options, guests won’t know where to start when it’s time to pick something to eat!

20. A Bridal Breakfast

Who said breakfast just needs to be eaten in the morning! Regardless of when the bridal shower takes place, a light environment mixed with pancakes, croissants, and eggs just to name a few, sounds like a great time for everyone to have something they enjoy.

21. Balloon Palooza

Adding balloons can even be its own theme! Whether the balloons are added to a backdrop for pictures or tied to tables, the shower will be filled with this inflatable décor.

22. Create-A-Drink

To add a little more fun to a bridal shower, finding a recipe for various drinks could be a great idea. Guests can also make their own drinks with certain ingredients adding customization to the event.

23. Old School

Go back in time by changing the decade of your bridal shower. Choose a specific time period, such as the 1950s adding some rock and roll music to the playlist. Adding vintage décor is an added bonus!


There are so many other great bridal shower theme ideas to pick from. Whatever you decide, make sure that the bride-to-be is really going to like it and feel free to add your own personal touches!

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