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Want to serve something fun and different for dessert at an upcoming event? How about a candy buffet? They've become popular in recent years, as you can easily incorporate a great theme. Check out area old-fashioned candy stores if having a retro-themed event. Chocolate shops can often make custom designs with enough notice and truffles are always a hit. You can even have customized wrappers made. You can submit a quote request and we can reach out to find the candies you're looking for at no charge.


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Where to Find Candy and Chocolates

Want to serve something fun and different for dessert at an upcoming event? How about a candy buffet? They've become popular in recent years for both adults' and kids' events, as you can easily incorporate a great theme with them. From chocolate shops to specialty candy shops, these locations can often make custom designs and even custom wrappers. You can submit your fast and free quote request and Easy Event Planning will match you with the best shops within your particular budget!

Chocolate Flavor Ideas

Who doesn’t love chocolate? There are a million great ways to customize chocolate into the perfect party favors. You could try something a little more homemade and give out custom chocolate cake pops, chocolate-covered fruits or nuts, or even some hot chocolate kits. There are also an array of customizable chocolate candies like M&Ms, Reese’s, or Hershey’s that you can order for your event. You can change the image on the foil of these candies or even the printing on M&M’s to match your event! Another personalized option is to engrave a message or design into chocolate bars or design personalized packaging for chocolate boxes. You can even customize the chocolate to your wedding colors. A simple yet delicious option is also to have an assortment of candy bars in a range of milk or dark chocolate.

What Is the Most Popular Candy at an Old Fashioned Candy Store?

There aren’t very many old-fashioned candy stores left nowadays, but if you do happen to find one, the most popular candy will probably vary greatly. Popular candies can depend on factors like the candy store's location, prices, and more. Some great contenders for the most popular candy sold at old-fashioned candy stores would be candies like Abba Zaba, Big League Chew’s, Good & Plenty, and Hershey’s Chocolate Bar. These candies have been around forever and help add to the vibe of visiting an old-fashioned candy store.

Where Is the World's Largest Candy Store?

 The world’s largest candy store is commonly known as Sweeties Candy Co. This candy shop is located in Cleveland, Ohio, and is approximately 40,000 square feet. Sweeties Candy Co. is not only the largest candy store in the world, it also includes a mini-golf course, a huge variety of soda pops, and cool retro candy that anyone can enjoy.