Ceremony-Only Wedding Venues

Affordable Ceremony-Only Wedding Venues – 7 Tips to Save

Wedding ceremonies are the most important part of any wedding. In fact, without them it wouldn’t be a wedding. Though these events are fun and exciting they can also be costly and stressful. How much food should we provide? What’s our budget? Will Aunt Margaret start a fight if she’s next to Aunt Suzy? One trend that is becoming more popular, especially these days, is having a ceremony only wedding. We are here to help you with our ceremony-only wedding venues list fit for any bride.

Whether you want to have your reception later when it is safer or just don’t want one at all, this may be a way to save a decent amount of money. In this article we’ll go over even more ways to save money by having a ceremony only wedding and discuss potential venues for this exciting day! 

Tips to Save Some Cash 

Tips to Save Some Cash

1. Skip the City Venue

Venues in the city are typically a lot more expensive than venues in a smaller town. You can get more bang for your buck if you have the ceremony in a more rural setting.

2. Say “I Do” in the Morning

Nights are the most common time to have a wedding making them also the most expensive time. Many people look past morning weddings because they hear horror stories of ceremonies beginning at 7:30 a.m., but it does not need to start that early. 10 or 11 a.m. are great wedding times that allow people to get there without having to lose too much sleep.

3. Read Contracts

Reading the contract may show you some hidden fees that you did not know about. If you’re nice enough and have the right negotiation skills you may be able to get some of these fees waived. So get your dad, or any other intimidating figure, help make these changes!

4. Avoid Summer Weddings

Summer time is the peak of wedding season which means the peak of venue prices. So unless getting married in the summer is a priority for you, look into a different season. Avoiding summer weddings means there’s less of a chance of your wedding date being the same as someone else’s. Avoiding the summer is cheaper and may make more guests available to attend.

5. Avoid Empty Venues

Venues that don’t come with chairs, decor, etc., may seem like not a huge deal, but the costs add up. Think of the cost of buying a seat for each guest and the money needed to add some decorations. The bill racks up fast. It is both easier and cheaper if your venue provides the majority of what is needed for your ceremony.

6. Skip the Saturday Wedding

Saturdays may be the most convenient day for a wedding ceremony but that also makes them the most costly. Save a few bucks (or more) and pick another day of the week. If your guests really want to celebrate the day with you, they’ll be able to take a day off of work or miss their Sunday golf.

7. Pay with a Credit Card

Some finance people may disagree, but depending on what credit card you have this could make you some money. Some credit cards give a certain percent of money back that is spent using their cards. Even if this number is a small percentage it could make you some big bucks when you are using it for a costly event such as a wedding. Do this wisely, as this option may not be the best for everyone.

Now that we discussed some minor details to consider to save money, let’s look at some affordable venue options for ceremonies. 

Affordable Ceremony-Only Wedding Venues

Affordable Wedding Ceremony Venues

National Parks

Most people would think that a venue with this great of views would be a pretty penny, but they would be wrong. National parks offer permits for a reasonable price to have a ceremony in an unforgettable setting. These priceless views do have a cost, but it’s a cheap one!

City Hall

You can get married in city hall without it being an elopement, and you can get married for very cheap. This is great for intimate wedding ceremonies. You can always bring a couple of decorations to make the space that much more special.


Untraditional venues are usually the most affordable options because not many people take advantage of these venues. A nightclub is a perfect example that falls into this category. This unique location will save you some cash and provide an unforgettable wedding venue. This is a place that is sure to get the guests excited!


Another great choice to save some money. Restaurants aren’t usually the go to wedding venue so you’ll be sure to get a reasonable price, and maybe they’ll provide some finger food before the ceremony begins. Some small restaurants have certain days of the week that they are closed. These days may be the perfect day to say your vows as the restaurant will not be worried about losing business.


This is a great idea that many don’t think of. It provides a beautiful venue, especially at those old fashioned theaters, but won’t break the bank. Imagine having the new couples name outside on the theater sign? It’d be perfect.


If you want something on the more traditional side that is also affordable, a church, or any other religious place of worship, is a great choice. These can be very beautiful, rich with history and great for holding a larger number of attendees.


Another option for something not too untraditional. Backyards have hosted multiple wedding ceremonies and, with the right decorations, can become a beautiful space. Whether this is your own backyard or a friend’s, it is a great option to save some money. 


A wedding should be a happy time, not a time to worry about the financial burden. Hopefully our list has given you lots of thought on how to save money on your wedding, as well as ceremony-only wedding venues that may be on the cheaper side. The only thing that really matters is two people celebrating their love, and that can be done basically anywhere at any cost. You don’t need to break the bank to have a magical and unforgettable day!

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