Coastal Paradise Bridal Shower

32 Ideas for a Coastal Paradise Bridal Shower

Are you ready to feel as if you are already on your honeymoon? When you are planning to throw a bridal shower for your family and friends, the idea of a coastal paradise bridal shower may be the right idea for you. Here is a list of the best “Coastal Paradise” themed bridal shower party ideas for you to bring this idea to life. All of these ideas will surely create a memorable shower that your family and friends will remember forever. 

Coastal Paradise Bridal Shower: Decorations 

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1. Wooden Boat Steering Wheel

This boat steering wheel decoration will surely knock your party guests socks off when they see this sign. It is a great decoration that ties in the beach theme along with being a cute item that you can keep long after your party. 

2. Sea Shells

Having fake sea shells to place on your tables is a perfect way to bring the beach to your party without having to go to the beach yourself. 

3. Fish Net

Using fish net as a form of decoration is another way to add the coastal theme to your party. It can be placed on either the corner of a wall or be hung from the ceiling. You can also place items, like seashells, in the fish net as well. 

4. Banner

This banner adds a special way to commemorate your day by using the theme of the coast along with the idea that you are getting married soon. 

5. Blue Flowers

Adding flowers to any party makes everything look so much better. The blue will help to further the theme by being the color of the ocean and other nautical items. 

6. Wooden Decorated Anchors

Anchors are very typical with the theme of a coastal paradise. Adding these decorations around your house will make it feel like your right on the coast. 

7. Themed Wine Charm Set 

When your guests put little wine charms at the bottom of your glass, this can help determine whose glass is whose. This adds the touch of the theme while also being helpful for a purpose.

8. Blue confetti 

Putting different color blues and sparkly blue confetti on your tables will further decorate any table that you put decorations on. Blues work well with the theme and also work well with bridal showers in general.  

9. Tropical straws

Using straws for your drinks that have different beach themes on them are a great way to decorate any drink. 

10. Inflatable beach cooler 

Having a beach cooler in the shape of a palm tree is a fun way to store your drinks outside if the weather is nice and you want to have your bridal shower outside. 

11. Decorative napkins

When eating at a bridal shower, having decorative napkins are an easy way to have decorations for during your meal. 

Coastal Paradise Bridal Shower: Party Favors

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12. Mini Bottle of Champagne

Giving your guests little bottles of champagnes when they leave is a great party favor that all your guests will love. 

13. Personalized wine cups 

Creating personalized wine cups for your guests to take home will allow everyone to have a memento from your bridal shower. 

14. Wine bottle stoppers 

These cute wine bottle stoppers are beach themed and are a useful gift that everyone can use for long after the bridal shower. 

15. Seashell soap 

There are lots of stores that create soaps that are in the shape of seashells. You can place these soaps in little bags so it is easily transportable for your guests. 

Coastal Paradise Bridal Shower: Entertainment 

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16. Who Knows the Bride to be Best 

A fun game to play with all your friends and family is who knows the bride to be best. You can ask questions and whoever gets the most questions right can win a special prize. 

17. Photo Area

Having a big photo banner on a wall is a great way for your guests to take pictures. This acts as decoration and can entertain guests by taking fun photos in front of it. 

18. Guess How Many Seashells are in the Jar

Putting seashells inside of a jar and asking your guests how many seashells are in the jar is a fun way to involve the theme of the party while keeping your guests entertained. 

19. Musical Bouquet 

Musical bouquet is sort of like musical chairs by exchanging the bouquet between everyone and then when the music stops if you have the bouquet you are eliminated. The last person standing wins. 

20. Decorate Your Own Wine Glass

Buying plain wine glasses and then painting them with your friends and family is a great activity that is something that they can take home when they are done. 

21. Paper Wedding Dresses

Creating wedding dresses from toilet paper is a fun way to compete with your guests by splitting up into teams and competing for the best dress. 

Coastal Paradise Bridal Shower: Menu Items 

22. Cupcakes

Cupcakes are a baked good that is everyone’s favorite sweet. They can be decorated to include the blue tones to stick with the theme. They can also have a beach theme as well. 

23. Tropical Drinks

Tropical drinks are a great way to quench everyone’s thirst while bringing all your guests to the beach. 

24. Cookies

Cookies are another baked good that everyone loves. These can be any flavor that you want and can have different designs that reflect the coastal paradise theme. 

25. Cheese Board

Having a cheese board is something that is very trendy right now and allows for guests to have a variety of cheeses to enjoy. 

26. Roasted Salmon 

Salmon is a great main dish especially for a coastal theme. 

27. Raw Bar

Since the theme is reflective of the coast, seafood is a great food to serve. With a raw bar, it gives guests the options of having different types of raw seafood. 

28. Bacon wrapped shrimp

Bacon wrapped shrimp are everyone’s favorite appetizer that will excite your guests. 

29. Salad 

Salads are a great side for any party and will go great with any main dish. 

30. Pasta salad 

Pasta salad is everyone’s favorite type of salad. It will accompany the main dishes perfectly.

Coastal Paradise Bridal Shower: Invitations

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31. Boardwalk Invitation

Having a boardwalk invitation, is the perfect way to showcase the theme of the coast while having an unique spin on your typical invitation.

32. Seashell Invitation

Utilizing seashells on your coastal invitation is a great interpretation of the theme of the coastal paradise bridal shower. This can show your guests the theme before they even attend the party.


The coastal paradise bridal shower is a theme that anyone can do. This list of themed bridal shower party ideas can help to transform any boring party. It will create a memorable party that your family and friends will remember forever. 

Written by: Ariadna Louer

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