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9 Ideas for a COVID Baby Shower that are Fun for All

With cities beginning to open up, events are starting to take place again. If you are planning a COVID baby shower, there will be various changes with socializing that you need to incorporate into the baby shower theme. Don’t stress! Easy Event Planning has put together some baby shower ideas for where to host your shower, how to social distance at your shower, and how to supply other health-conscious resources at your shower. We also have helpful tips about keeping organized and also staying within your budget by outlining some helpful tips for saving money.

COVID Baby Shower Venues


Whether your original venue is currently not hosting events or you’re looking for a safe venue, these venue ideas are a great way to host a shower that’s both affordable and special. No matter the venue, it’s also a great idea to have all of the must-have decorations for your baby shower too!

1. Backyard Venue

With the summer and fall providing great weather for outdoor events in most places across the country, a backyard can make for the perfect venue whether it’s your own, a friend’s, or your family’s. Finding and contacting local rental companies or purchasing party tents to set up throughout the backyard will help shield all of your guests, gifts, and food from any weather conditions.

You can keep the windows or openings to the tent open for health reasons for your guests to get fresh air flowing throughout the tent. If the weather is beautiful, feel free to go without the tents! It might help your guests feel safer even if they’re removing their masks to eat food.

2. Inside Venue

If outdoor venues are not your style or the weather doesn’t look promising for your shower, indoor home venues also make for a great option. If hosting it at your home isn’t ideal, don’t be afraid to reach out to family members or friends to see if they would be up for hosting your baby or bridal shower.

Another benefit of hosting your shower somewhere that you’re comfortable with is that you can thoroughly clean the areas of the house that will be used, and you’ll know for sure that it’s safe since you did it yourself. Make sure you take some time to read up on how you should go about cleaning your space and always be thorough. Tell your guests this, too, so they know they are socializing, eating, and drinking in a clean place. Make sure to clean the areas that your guests were at once the shower has ended.

3. Virtual Venue

If there are still restrictions in your area, or if you are choosing to be as safe as possible, a virtual baby shower is a great option. Platforms like Zoom or Google Meet make virtual gatherings simple. This is also a great way to connect with friends and family members who live far away. Virtual quizzes like Kahoot and Google Forms are fun activities to engage guests and test their knowledge!

You can also mail out activities with invitations, for guests to complete during the shower. Online templates for baby word scrambles, baby word searches, and baby bets (where guests guess the baby’s hair color, eye color, weight and height at birth, and due date) can make virtual showers feel normal, even during these crazy times.

4. Drive-by Shower

Another way to interact with guests in person, while limiting close contact, is through drive-by baby showers. You can decorate your front yard and have guests visit throughout the day. This gives friends and family the opportunity to deliver gifts in person, give their good wishes to the family, and collect any potential party favors, all while preventing the spread of COVID.

COVID Baby Shower Social Distancing Ideas


While it may take a little extra effort, social distancing can make your guests feel more comfortable at your shower. Make sure to include in your invitations how you will be social distancing at your shower.

5. Guest Tables

Once you know your guest count for your baby or bridal shower, try to put as few guests as possible at tables, which might depend on the number of tables you will be using for the shower. Then, try to separate the tables at least six feet apart. The size of your event space will determine how far you can distance your tables from one another, so the bigger the event space the better, especially if you plan on including various baby shower games as well.

6. Food, Beverage, and Dessert Tables

The same goes for your food, beverage, and dessert tables. Try to separate each table with food items or beverages on it from each other by at least six feet if possible. Hiring a server to serve your guests so they can stay at their seats is your best option. Otherwise, have your guests go up one at a time to get their food, beverages, or dessert. Using single-serve foods, like sandwiches or cupcakes, is also a great way to eliminate the spread of germs amongst guests.

7. Gift Area/Opening Up Gifts

Have guests place their gifts or party favors at a table that is six feet away from all other tables where guests are seated. A common routine at both baby and bridal showers is that the mother (and if he’s there the father) of the baby or the couple getting married open the majority of their shower gifts in front of their guests. Although gift unwrapping has to be socially distanced, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get some of the best gifts for the expecting mom!

Usually, the mother (and father) or the couple getting married are a good deal away from their guests (more than six feet) since they need to open their gifts where all the guests can see. If your venue space is a little more compact, try to be at least six feet away from your guests’ tables when opening your gifts.

Opening gifts on Zoom is also a great way to connect with friends and family who cannot travel, or are unable to attend. This will also ease the concerns of any guests who are worried about attending an in-person party.

COVID Baby Shower Health-Safety Resources


Supplying your guests with other resources to make them feel comfortable with their health in the party setting will show how thoughtful of a host you are. 

8. Masks

While most people have their own masks, there’s a chance they may forget theirs or not bring them but change their minds once they get to your shower. You can order disposable face masks online or get them at most stores near you. Place the masks at the entrance of your party or at the guests’ seats for them to use. Personalized face masks can help guests remember the event, and is a thoughtful touch that will make your guests feel appreciated.

9. Hand Sanitizer 

Place hand sanitizers throughout the venue or at the tables, your guests are sitting at. The best idea for hand sanitizers would be to place travel-sized hand sanitizers at each guest’s seat so that every guest has their own small bottle. Personalizing hand sanitizers with simple quotes or drawings is also a great way to add a creative touch to your baby shower.


Easy Event Planning wants to make your experience with planning events as easy and safe as possible, especially your COVID baby shower. COVID-19 may have changed the way we socialize, but don’t let that stop you from planning or hosting an event that is important to you. For more ideas and tips for planning events, including social distancing, check out other blogs by Easy Event Planning!

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Written by Natalie Davidson and Hannah Mayo

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