19 Creative Dog Theme Party Ideas

A dog theme party should be exciting, interactive, and fun – and that’s exactly what these puppy party activity suggestions are for! From petting zoos to piñatas, this creative list has been carefully thought out and has puppy party ideas for every canine lover to enjoy.

Dog Theme Party Games and Activities

Dog Theme Party

1. Puppy Petting Zoo

Bring in real puppies! Set up a playpen* with your own dogs and your neighbors’ or friends’ dogs! Have food, water, toys*, and some shade available to all of the animals. This activity works best outdoors, so plan ahead according to the weather. Make sure to clean up after the activities.

2. Doggy Relay

Two separate teams will each fill a basket* (that is suspended on hanging rope tracks) with ten dog biscuits*. Guests on either team must crawl on all fours and guide their baskets to the other end of the rope and back and then tag the next team member. The main rule of the game is that kids must crawl like dogs and no bones can fall out of the basket.

3. Dress-Up Contest

Have your guests arrive dressed up in themes like dogs or provide several dog costumes* and accessories for them to wear. Host a contest near the end of the party, awarding “Cutest Dog” “Fluffiest Dog” “Most Realistic Dog”, “Best Bark”, etc.

4. Canine Course

Host your own backyard obstacle course* for your parties, complete with tunnels*, mini trampolines,* and much more! Award first, second and third places to the respective puppy winners. For a funny twist, have participants complete the obstacle course crawling on all fours.

5. Frisbee

A classic game for people and dogs alike. You can use one Frisbee* or several at a time for a zany twist! You can set up different minigames with Frisbees and use traffic cones* for zoning.

6. Playful Piñata

Hang up a bone*, paw print,* or dog-shaped piñata* outside for guests to crack open! Fill it up with Smarties candies, bubbles, party blowers, and Hershey’s Kisses.

Dog Theme Party Favors (for People and Pooches!)

7. Stuffed Animal Surprise

Stuffed animal dogs* are a crowd pleaser for younger guests who love to care for their very own furry friend. Personalize each one by adding name tags* inscribed with each guest’s name.

8. Puppy Stickers

These are super easy to find and are sure to please guests! Puppy stickers* come in a variety of breeds and sticker types. Give each guest one sheet of each kind so that no one is disappointed with his or her assortment.

9. Wonderful Whistles

Purchase metallic whistles*. These look like dog whistles can be useful at home, and are just fun to blow. Tie small, colorful ribbons around each whistle and write “Your Name’s Party” on them as well. There are other fun gifts that kids can use for the puppy that is safe to use!

10. Tennis Balls

A tennis ball* is a basic prize but will bring hours upon hours of joy and excitement to a pooch! Instead of the traditional yellow color, try to find balls in other bright and appealing colors*.

11. Treats in a Jar*

Buy doggy biscuits* or cookies from a specialty pet bakery and arrange them in a nice mason jar* and use them as a giveaway. Decorate the jar with ribbons or bows, and paint “Your Name’s Party” on it. This makes a great favor because jars can be used continually in the future.

12. Custom Collars*

These are the perfect idea with which your dog can leave the party. Personalize custom dog collars, of course, and make sure each one is the right size for every dog.

13. Squeaky Sensation

Dog-friendly *squeaky* toys* that match your theme or color scheme are ideal for this occasion. Give them out during the party so that guests can play with them and let them take the toys home.

14. Bow Wow Bowls

Personalize dog bowl*s* for each canine! Include their name on one side and “Your Name’s Party” on the other.

Dog Theme Party Decorations

Dog Theme Party Decorations

15. User Fire Hydrants as Centerpieces!

Whether you use paper cutouts or plastic novelty hydrants*, the pop of red colorful supplies will certainly add a festive look to the room. Surround the bases of the hydrants with decorative shredded Easter grass* or even decorative picket fences* for added drama.

16. Dog Houses

Place your dog houses along with the room with stuffed animals* inside of each. Write goofy, made-up names on the houses or name them after your guests. Encourage guests to (size-permitting) crawl inside and take pictures.

17. Squeaky Toys*

Find squeaky toys* that best match the color scheme of the party. Strategically place them on top of tables or tie string around several and hang them along the edge of the table or in doorways.

18. Balloons

Draw paw prints or phrases like “woof woof” and “bow-wow” on bright and festive balloons*. Attach paper ears and tails on them, and draw puppy faces as well! Balloons are also perfect for any themed party you want for your dog!

19. Quick and Easy Decorations are Wall Decals!

Images such as paw prints or bones of all shapes, sizes, and colors, as well as blown-up images of dogs, are ideal to hang up on walls. Dog decals* are typically inexpensive and easy to apply and peel off.


Having the perfect dog theme party is pretty easy when you have the perfect activities and treats to accompany it. For that, we made this list so your furry friend gets the best birthday celebration and you get all the love from your loyal companion. Make sure to check out our budget worksheet and our checklist to make sure your party goes right!

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